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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 14 > Continuing Series > What a Krawk: Part Two

What a Krawk: Part Two

by lilcyndaquil

As Kargupi lay in his bed later that day, he thought about what Greg had said. "If this Krawk's so cheap, some rich person will have bought it by now." Sigh. But it was just being selfish. Kargupi knew there were much poorer families than his, and those rich Neopians had worked for their money. It was no good. Still, thinking of that little blue Krawk, he still felt sad.


The next day, Kargupi was the first up for once, and immediately his mind zoomed back to that Krawk, and he sank back into depression. He decided to to go out for a walk, to cheer himself up. He went out to Neopia central, where it was still quiet, and not many people were to be seen on the streets.

When he went on shopping trips, he always needed money, so on his way to the market, Kargupi stopped at the machine outside the bank to pick up some cash. 100,000 in cash as a matter of fact.

Kargupi walked on down the market, looking for food and battle items as he normally did. But he did come to the shop he had been in yesterday, and surprisingly it was open. The shop with the Krawk. I never actually looked around properly, thought Kargupi to himself. I'll just take a look, not to see the Krawk.

Kargupi went in the shop and looked though the shelves, yet not really looking. His eyes simply passed over the items. He finally got near to the run, and walked over, just for a peek, he assured himself. He looked through the PetPets, hoping the Krawk had been bought. No, he was being silly, a bargain like that goes fast, he thought to himself.

He looked in and watched the PetPets, most of them asleep. But then, he saw the blue Krawk, awake and waddling around. He gritted his teeth and looked away.

A Kacheek walked up behind him. "Looking for something buddy?" he asked.

"Oh, um, no, not, no." said Kargupi. "But, I was looking at that Krawk, and I was wondering if I could take it out for a minute, just for a closer look"

"Sure, these things are strong though, you gotta be careful," said the Kacheek

The Kacheek lifted off the top of the run, and Kargupi reached in for the Krawk. It looked surprised as Kargupi lifted it up and looked at it, his heart beating fast. He made the decision in a second.

"I'll buy it," said Kargupi.

"OK, you got enough?" said the Kacheek

"Yeah," said Kargupi.

Kargupi carried the Krawk to the counter, where he paid more money then he'd ever paid over to the Kacheek Trembling, he took the heavy box off the counter, with the Krawk rustling about inside, and left the shop. And then he felt incredibly nervous, what would he do now? Tell Greg? Keep it a secret? Greg was sure to notice 100,000 NP disappear suddenly from his bank account.


Kargupi came out of his daydream, and HydroFrosto was standing in front of him.

"What-what-what are you doing?" said Hydro. "You DID NOT BUY THAT Krawk DID YOU?!"

"YES I DID!" yelled Kargupi back. "YOU HAVE A PROBLEM?"

And with that Kargupi took to the air before Hydro could stop him, and flew off with his heavy package.


Kargupi sat in his forest spot, where he usually trained. There were scorch marks around the trees where he had practiced his fireball technique.

"It's gonna be impossible to tell Greg..." said Kargupi to himself, sitting on the dry grass. "This is the first time I've done something really bad..."

The Krawk jumped about in it's box, rattling it around the floor.


Back at home, Hydro told Greg about what happened.

"....O-o-one h-h-hundred thousand Neopoints?"

"Uh, yeah. Ummm, shall I just leave you here?" said Hydro.


Hydro walked out.


Kargupi had made up his mind. He grasped the box firmly, and took off towards his NeoHome. He would tell Greg. He would apologize. If Greg was a good owner, he'd understand.

Kargupi neared his house, just on the edge of the forest, and on the edge of Neopia central. He descended to the front door, wondering whether Greg already knew.


A little rainbow face peeped out of the door.

"Hey Kargupi! What's in the box?"

"Nothing," replied Kargupi

"Hmm..." said Rakugi, very confused.

Kargupi stepped inside, and found Greg.

"Come with me" said Greg, and he walked off to the lounge. HydroFrosto was resting on a chair, but when he saw Kargupi and Greg walk in, he dashed out.

"HOW could you spend my savings like that!?!?" Greg asked.

"I...." Kargupi was so ashamed, he couldn't speak.

"Well, your grand lightning beam is gone," said Greg.

Kargupi opened his mouth to protest, then thought to himself, I deserve it.

"You can still sell that Krawk, Kargupi."


"And don't expect any frost cannons or anything over the value of 1000 NP."

"You mean I can keep it?" said Kargupi.

"I understand. But NEVER EVER EVER do that again," said Greg.

"Oh, thank you!" said Kargupi excitedly. "A Krawk is better than any weapons! And I can train it to fight with me, Greg! I won't let you down."

The End

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