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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Hunting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 13 > Continuing Series > Scalliwag: Part Four

Scalliwag: Part Four

by princess_zelda38

The warm lump was our guard. He started mumbling. "But mom…had…take…job. Wanted…Tyrannian Usuki…" I covered my mouth to stop laughing as we crept out onto the deck. We all ran toward the telescope, and I grabbed the papers I knew were hidden inside it.

Suddenly, the boat hit land and we lurched over the side, to have the sand cushion our fall. Sand? It had to be Mystery Island. Then we heard the voices on deck, and ran into a nearby cave for cover.

We must have dozed off, because when I woke, it was daylight and we were surrounded by dozens of little coconut men.

"Urga ungh!" one shouted at me. I realised they were pointing their spears at my eye patch I took it off and handed it to the one who looked like the leader. He stared at it and grunted, and then they all went away.

"Well I say we track the ship on foot," said Hiteru.

"Yes, we should," Nova agreed. I found no fault with this, so we found the ship not that far away from our hideout.

We followed it halfway around Mystery Island, till be saw it disappear into the whirlpool of Maraqua! Since only Nova could breathe underwater, and she didn't want to go alone, we had to wait for help.

Meanwhile, I looked at the papers. By the tone of them, I could tell that even Vile didn't know who his master was. I looked through some more of the reports. Smuggling Mystery Island artifacts? Stealing Coltzan's crown (I knew about that one)? Making off with large Money Tree donations? These guys had done it all.

I turned to the more recent files. It had reports of taking Maraquan artifacts found in the whirlpool and holding the surviving Koi ransom, making their owners pay!

Disgusted, I flung the papers down and decided to go back to the cave. Ari was already there, talking to the Faerie Queen. She came out joyful. "Zelda, the Faerie Queen healed my face! She said I'd proven myself true and loyal and courageous and brave!" Ari scampered off to tell her siblings, and I talked to the Faerie Queen.

"So why can't you guys do this job?" I asked her.

"Well, Vile and his gang have managed to put extremely high anti-Faerie defenses on everything they own. That's why we needed you. And now we'll need Ari more than ever. You see, we have found out that the ringleader of the Organization has a cup bearer that is a Gold Uni. Some of our other agents have captured her, and we need Ari, with you there to help, to take her place. Oh, and if you hadn't guessed, those anti-Faerie defenses are what have stopped us from undoing the whirlpool. We believe because of the defenses it is Vile's hideout."

I nodded. The Faerie Queen gave us scuba packs and we all put them on.

"I understand the descent into the whirlpool is very dangerous, but I have faith that you can do it."

As the Faerie Queen flew off into the distance, we dove into the water, and soon saw the whirlpool. It was a fearsome sight. When we began to get near it, it sucked us in and a rock hit my head.


When I came to, we were outside a huge building. I realised it could only be the Organization's headquarters. I had just enough time for us all to put on Invisihats before a guard came. We followed him into the complex, and soon found Ari's room.

At first, we were disappointed to learn that Ari never saw the ringleader, only a gloved hand in the shadows. We also learned that the ringleader had an Angelpuss it liked to stroke and that the ringleader was old, and no-one was sure how long it would be before he was destroyed.

"Zelda, Hiteru, Tide, Nova, the ringleader says tomorrow since I have been faithful for 3 years - I don't see how the Uni before me could stand it, and I've only been here a week! - he will let me see him! You all have to come with me in your Invisihats."

The first set of guards were easy to pass. They just glanced at Ari and nodded, letting us through.

The second set was harder. They put her through magic scanners, but luckily we climbed over it and got through.

The third was the worst. They checked all around Ari to look for people wearing Invisihats, and Ari let us stand on her back, which got us through that obstacle.

And then we were in the main room. The lights were dim, and there were some curtains made of Spyder silk were destroyed black that concealed a figure. Tough Grarrl guards stood on either side of it, and Ari was led up to the pedestal, where you could just make out a glove hand, rhythmically petting an Angelpuss.

The guards bowed to Ari, and they pulled back the curtains to reveal the Skeleton Kiko that had created the whirlpool!

The creature grinned evilly. "So, you have seen my face, and now you shall know my name: Writhe Darkness. You are lucky, to have seen what you have seen, but now, little trespassers, you shall be destroyed."

Writhe Darkness waved his hand and a pot of molten lava appeared and our Invisihats were gone! It had Lava Ghouls jumping around the sides, and it was hot.

"Come Chantelle (he still thought Ari was the old Uni), we shall watch them be destroyed." A Grarrl tossed Tide into the pit, and tears were streaming down my face as they held me back.

But Ari leapt and caught him mid-fall! She caught a Grarrl guard square in the face with her hooves, and ran over to us. A Grarrl guard leapt up at her, but she ducked. I pushed free and told the others to run.

To be continued...

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