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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 13 > Continuing Series > The Poogle Palace: Part Four

The Poogle Palace: Part Four

by taytees1520

"Where could she be?" Diva87 asked.

"She's probably with Babs7989 and the Nasty NeoPets," commented Chia_Blu00. They decided to check out Babs7989's shop even though the waiter told them they were no where to be found. They knocked on the door, but Buff_ThuG did not answer the door.

"We better hurry, they might already be at the rainbow," taytees1520 said as she grabbed her pets and began to run. It took them a while to get down the mountain, but it was a lot easier then going up it. They ran to the rainbow, but nobody was there. Chia_Blu00 spotted a great deal of bubbles coming from the lake. There were no Poogles swimming today. The weather unexpectedly had gotten colder since the last time they were there. They decided to see where the bubbles were coming from so they dove into the lake. They discovered an underwater tunnel that led up to a cave. There was a light coming from a door nearby.

"Today is the day," Babs7989 began. "I will finally be ruler of Poogle Palace, and the richest NeoPet on the island. Do you all have your Dark Nova Wands? Do you have your Ultra Nova Wand, Izzy?"

"Yes, all the wands are powered with the power of the rainbow," said Izzy. "Now all you have to do is suck the remainder of the rainbow's power to make your Light Faerie Wand the most powerful of all. Then I will be the second richest NeoPet."

"Great, let's get the submarine ready to surface. I don't think we'll have to use the secret passage to the frozen pond so we can close it up," Baba7989 said. The door began to open and they ran behind a large rock to hide. On a dark wooden door, practically hidden from view, there came banging. Taytees1520's pets broke down the door and discovered Snax54. They freed him from his ropes and swam out of the cave. They ran to Wiz to get help. They explained everything to him, and he gave them his most powerful items. He grabbed his wand and they all marched over to Poogle Palace. They made their way down the hall and up the stairs. They found the round guard at the door tied up with magical chains and could not free him. They opened the diamond-covered door and saw the Pink Faerie with her magic wand trying to fight off Babs7989, the Nasty NeoPets, and Izzy all at once. They ran in and through magical potions everywhere. Wiz ran up to the Pink Faerie and fought by her side. Chia_Blu00 and Diva87 fought against the Nasty NeoPets and taytees1520 and Kacheek_Red00 fought against Izzy and Babs7989. There was magic zaps flying all over the pink room, which was now hardly pink at all. The Nasty NeoPets fell to the ground when one of taytees1520's pets threw a Slippery Floor Potion into the air. Chia_Blu00 and Diva87 magically tied up Babs7989's gang and hurried to help the others. Izzy was torturing Kacheek_Red00 by tossing her around the room with her Ultra Nova Wand. The battle was fierce between taytees1520 and Babs7989. Babs7989 had taytees1520 trapped under a large stone that she had conjured up. Just when Babs7989 was about to finish her off, Taytees1520 pulled out a Burning Potion and threw it into Babs7989's face.

"It burns!" Babs7989 cried out. Diva87 came and helped taytees1520 and she pulled out some healing potions for both of them. Chia_Blu00 came and threw a Starlight Potion as Izzy zapped her wand and it reflected her attack. Izzy began to spin in midair and then thrown against the wall. Taytees1520 and her pets joined the Pink Faerie and Wiz. The Nasty NeoPets, Izzy, and Babs7989 regrouped and began to move closer and closer. Diva87 hid behind taytees1520 as the evil NeoPets approached. Just then, the round guard burst through the air with incredible power.

"That's enough!" he commanded. "I created this island for peace and happiness not for war and hatred. The Poogles came here seeking shelter and soon other NeoPets joined, but hatred spread from Neopia and grew within the NeoPets of the island. I'm sick and tired of you spreading your evil," the small man said as he flew in front of the criminals. The guard pulled out a rare Faerie Queen Wand, the most powerful item in all Neopia. He zapped the villains and they disappeared with the bright light that surrounded them.

"Oh thank you," the Pink Faerie said. "I hoped that you would come to our rescue."

"I thought he was your guard," Diva87 said.

"Actually, he was the guard of the Faerie Queen, but she sent him to create a land of peace and that's what he did," explained the Pink Faerie.

"The idea intrigued me and he chose me to be the fair ruler of the new land. I'd like thank you for saving Poogle Palace."

"What about the rainbow?" Chia_Blu00 asked.

"It is fully restored and everyone and everything is back to normal," answered the guard.

"As a token of my gratitude I'd like to reward you with 3 Paint Brushes of your choice, one million Neopoints, and a complete set of all the map pieces so that you can journey to new lands," said the Pink Faerie. Before tayees1520 and her pets left the island, there was a ball for the whole island in their honor. When they returned home the first thing they all did was take a long nap. When they awoke, they decided to go donate some Neopoints to the Money Tree and Kacheek_Red00 finally was painted with a Faerie Paint Brush and now she's a Faerie Kacheek. What a wonderful adventure.

The End

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