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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 13 > Continuing Series > Just Like My Hero: Part Three

Just Like My Hero: Part Three

by xena206

The Truth Revealed

"Yeah, what were you expecting, a mud monster?" Rome replied.

"I ummmm, didn't expect to see you so soon and plus, you never know what might come out of there!" Rain said.

"Tell me about it!" Rome exclaimed.

"Well," Rain said, "it's not that far off, we just have to climb that mountain and make our way through the castle to the main chamber."

Rome sighed and felt relived, until he saw the mountain. "THAT'S the mountain! Uhhh, I've climbed much bigger and steeper," Rome lied.

"Good, use your claws," Rain said.

Rome gulped and followed Rain up.

After what seemed like two years of stressful, tiring climbing to Rome they finally neared the top. The top of the mountain was lined with about six boulders. Rain reached the top and scampered over one of them.

"Are you coming or not!?" Rain called.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Then when he was almost at the top when she called "NOW!" All of the boulders camouflage down towards him! "AHHHHHH!!!" Quickly Rome jumped on the side of one of the boulders and scampered to the top of it. He then made a lunge for the top of the hill just grabbing on to the edge. He pulled himself up. He could see Rain running towards the castle with the book in her mouth. He could also see that he was surrounded by mean looking Chias. As Rain entered the castle she called back, "Plan B!" Rome had a funny feeling she wasn't talking to him. The Chias next to him pulled out Rainbow guns and the ones in front of him pulled out frost cannons. All of them fired at him at the same time. Rome jumped over the Chias in front of him and ran after Rain dodging fire. Rain darted in the castle and the door started to close behind her. Rome ran faster than he had ever ran before in his life. He slid under the metal door just in time. He heard a door slam and looked around the hall. There were hundreds of doors! Which door did she go through? Telling by those Chia guards, going through the wrong door could mean loosing his life!

Outside the Chias had just cut down a tree and were taking almost all the branches off....

In a room with around thirty large monitors lining the walls over keyboards that Chias were working at, a shadowed one paced back and forth. He was waiting for something of great importance. In front of him a lumpy piece of floor turned into a Zafara. "You better have the book," the Chia said.

"Seth, if I didn't have the book I wouldn't be here now." Rain handed it to him. "Excellent!"

Rome looked at the doors. "Hmmmm...."

Outside the Chias picked up the log and started to ram the door with it.

Rome heard a loud bang against the door. "Oh no!" It was now or never, but which door? A bit of dust flew into Rome's nose and he sneezed.

"Hey! That's it!" Rome started to follow the scent of Rain.

The Chias took one last hard blow and the door fell over. They rushed in.

"Hey! Where'd he go!?" one said.

"I dunno," said another.

Another said, "Want to have some hot coco?"

"Okay!" the rest of them said. They all rushed into the second door on the right.

Rain's scent was getting stronger...

"I'm gonna go rest, that dumb Lupe gave me a headache," said Rain as she went through a door across from where she came in. Rain went up a spiral staircase to a small balcony overlooking the monitor room. Down below Rome burst in. Seth looked surprised. Rain looked surprised and used her camouflage ability. "Where's Rain!?" Rome yelled. "You just missed her," seth said calmly. Rome saw the book in his hand. "Ok, tell me what's going on here!" Rome demanded. " *Sigh* If you must know......" he said annoyed. "Spill it!!!"

"I rescued Rain when she was a pup and she thought I was and still am her friend but I was just using her to get the book. When we found it some clumsy workers dropped it in a canyon and Rain was to find a dumb Lupe pup to get it."

Rome was highly offended by this.

"All that for a book!"

"The book contains ultra abilities, ones that could easily enable me to take over Neopia with simple chants. You do a certain chant for a certain ability and you have it."

"Is the storm real?"


Rain was getting pretty angry about what Seth said. she couldn't believe that he had been using her all those years!

Outside a black Lupe had just entered the castle. He was wearing a red bandana around his neck. One of the Chia guards came out of a door saying, "Hot coco sundaes rule!" The Chia stopped in shock when he saw the the Lupe.

The Lupe asked, "Excuse me, do you know where the monitor room is?"

The Chia stuttered, "S-s-sure, I-I-I'll s-show it to you."

In the monitor room Rome and Seth were about to start a battle when Rain jumped down and said to Rome, "Don't worry, I'm on your side, sorry about this quest thing."

"C-c-can I warn them first?" the Chia asked shaking. " *Sigh* Sure, go ahead," the Lupe said.

As the battle was about to start a Chia burst in and screamed, "ThebigblackLupeisgonnaeatusnoitsgonnadestroyusallbecauswetryedtodestroyhimfrpow erebthesaliveandCypriain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A moment of silence.

The Lupe stepped in and asked the Chia, "Are you done with your warning yet?"

"That was a warring!?" Rain cried.

Rome looked over at Seth and to his surprise he looked kind of scared.

"C-Cypriain, what a surprise..." Seth said.

Cypriain looked at him and said, "Seth, I've been getting reports that you haven't been following orders exactly, keeping the book for yourself and starting your own troops up here."

"Uhhh, why don't we forget about the whole thing, I've got the book."

"Alright, we'll forget about it."

Seth looked relived. He gave Cypriain the book and leaned aginst the wall.

Cypriain turned to Rome and said, "Listen, if you pursue me it will be a waste of time, and your life." He walked out of the room. About half way down the hall way a silver Lupe, about sixteen years old, bumped into him.

"Oh, I'm sooo sorry!" she said.

"That's ok."

As she ran off he muttered, "Kids."

The Lupe ran into the monitor room. There was one wall lined with malfunctioning computers, one wall was completely blown out and in the middle of this was Rome and a blue Zafara.


"Rome, what in the name of the Faerie Queen are you doing here?!!" Rome yelled.

"I should be asking you that!!" Lunar replied.

"Uhhh, I have a good reason..."

"YOU BETTER!!!" Lunar yelled. "I followed your scent. You went fifteen miles to a crevice, went down it to another land and back up it, five more miles, into the Ice Caves, three miles, then one mile up an almost vertical hill, into a HUGE facility and in some sort of control room! Explain yourself!"

Rome then said, "I think Rain should explain herself!"

He turned to Rain and then she said, "Okay, I'll tell you how this all began from as far as I remember back...."

To be continued...

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