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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Hunting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 13 > Continuing Series > Swashbuckling Shoyrus: Part Two

Swashbuckling Shoyrus: Part Two

by smartee1987

Skipper, Loyale, and the newest member Diane had been sailing for one week now, and still saw no sign of the pirate ship. They were starting their normal routines, with Diane cooking, Skipper captaining, and Loyale doing laundry. Skip and Loyale had been annoyed the first few days by Diane's constant bossy attitude and prissiness. However, Diane adopted a more helpful and independent perspective after a week or so. But as they were sailing along, a huge cloud overshadowed their ship.

It was the cloud of Faerieland! They were slightly off course, but at Faerieland they could rest, restock, and get directions. Skipper dropped anchor and flew to the cloud to see what kind of place it was. He met a small Light Faerie named Lumme, who guided him through the beautiful cloud city. Diane and Loyale were brought up and sent to the Healing Springs first, where they met Skip and rejuvenated themselves. Then they ate at the Faerie Food Store, and visited the Faerie Queen herself to find out about Reylok. She told them this story:

"Hmm…Reylok used to be a beautiful faerie Lupe, but he had a different name of course. I believe it was Taculee. Anyway, he was a faerie Lupe under the care of a faerie guardian, as he had no owner. But one day he was captured by an evil Dark Faerie, and was turned evil. He lost his wings and turned completely black, and was sent to destroy all good things. After a while he got to like his work and did not need to be forced to be a pirate, and then he began his own solo crew. He has been a pirate under the name of Reylok for almost 6 years now. Since then he has established a nasty reputation, but rumour has it that he has a secret place on Krawk Island where he stays when he's not pirating. It is a sad story, but he is now an evil NeoPet and must be stopped. But even I have trouble finding him at times."

"That is such a sad story," said Diane, "but is there anything you can do to help us, Faerie Queen?"

"Why, yes, there is. I have something that will help you conquer that black-hearted Lupe once and for all…Cledis!"

A faerie appeared, and the Queen whispered instructions to him and he zoomed off. The faerie reappeared a moment later, hauling away at a Fire Sword, with three other faeries behind it carrying items as well.

"These will help you on your quest. This Fire Sword is for you, Skipper. Use it well."

"Oh, thank you very much, your Majesty!"

"And this Wand of the Light Faerie is yours, Diane. I will instruct you in its use later."

"It's beautiful, your Grace! Thank you!"

"And these other two, the Ubikiberry Bag and the Infinite Negg Bag, I will lend to you for your journey. They will never run out, but please return the items after you have achieved your goal."

With that, the Faerie Queen sent the items down to the ship, and taught Diane and Skipper how to use their new weapons. They said farewell to the kind Queen, and reluctantly left the haven in the sky to continue their search for Reylok and Skipper's brother.

Skipper, Loyale, and Diane had left Faerieland and were headed towards Krawk Island when a huge storm came up. Skip battened down the hatches and sent everyone else below deck to wait it out. The storm blew the Whitewake off course, and when the clouds parted they had landed near the Lost Desert.

Great, thought Skipper when he realised where they had landed, all we need is another detour. But soon Skip found out that it was fortunate that they stopped there.

Everyone went into the desert city of Sakhmet to take a break from sailing. Skipper was shopping at the Food Stall, Loyale was looking at the strange Desert PetPets, and Diane was playing Fruit Machine and Solitaire. Then they met up at Coltzan's Shrine to pray that Skipper's brother is all right. It seems that Coltzan was listening since Loyale found a Dubloon in the sand. This gave Skip an idea.

Skipper dressed himself up as a native and went around asking people if they had lost a Dubloon in the sand. A shifty-looking, scruffy Kyrii claimed the money. Skip immediately cast off his disguise and asked the pirate Kyrii if he knew where Reylok was. This Kyrii was in fact a member of Reylok's crew, and Reylok was in the great city of Sakhmet, but he kept his mouth shut. Skip left the Kyrii, but Diane followed him secretly to his ship.

After a few hours Skipper and Loyale were worried. They hurried to the shoreline and found Diane lying unconscious.

"Diane! Can you hear me? Wake up! What happened to you?"

"Unnh. I followed that Kyrii down here, and he was part of Reylok's crew. He was here the whole time. The Kyrii was talking about it to his buddy, but they found me. I fought them off and they left, but I didn't have the strength to go back. I'm so sorry, Skip."

"It's okay. We're glad you're still with us. Here, drink some of these potions, and you'll feel better in no time."

Skipper felt terrible about what happened to Diane. He shouldn't have let her go alone. And he felt angry with himself that Reylok was around him the entire day, and he didn't even notice. Well, he thought, tomorrow is a new day. I will find him soon, I know it.


Diane had recovered from her encounter at the Lost Desert, and Skipper was as determined as ever to find his brother. They were back on their way to Krawk Island.


The land ho signal! They had finally arrived at Krawk Island, after all of their adventures and hardships. But while they anchored into the harbour, Reylok was in a tavern with some new guests…

To be continued...

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