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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 13 > Continuing Series > Pashionoia Peophin: Part Two

Pashionoia Peophin: Part Two

by celestrial_faerie

"No..." I said, my eyes growing huge with fear. I saw the lady's mouth drop open and the Pteri scream in outrage.

My owner laughed. "You know, there is always a chance that once you go into the pound, you never come out." I swallowed as she went on. "I bet that's what happened to everyone else."

The family under the Money Tree were so astonished that anyone could be so cruel, but I, by that time, had gotten used to it.

My owner dragged me to the pound and slapped the Neopoints on the counter. The scary Techo then locked me in a cage. The last I saw of my owner, she had a satisfied, evil grin on her face. Even though the wish I had made in depression and desperation had come true, I was scared stiff.

After awhile, I turned to the pet in the next cage. She was a lone little Kougra, crying softly to herself.

"What's you name?" I asked.

"Clareabell," she answered.

In the cage next to me on the other side, was a Acara called Neith. He reminded my of Zeeka, very proud.

"So," I asked both of them, "how long have you guys been here?" The Kougra, between sob, sniffed out a little "I just got here." Neith merely replied, "Almost a month."

Clareabell gasped. "Oh no!" The Acara did nothing but stand tall. A month. A month.

"Neith," I asked kindly, "did any Peophin's, red Peophin's, came by anytime so far?"


"Any by the name of Thatala?"


"What," I asked, my voice shaking, not knowing if I wanted to know that answer, "what happened to her?" He said nothing for awhile, then, without turning told me she had gone with a nice looking person.

"Good," I sighed, as the fear that she had gone ebbed away. But she was still gone from me, maybe forever. And I still had no idea of what happened to Zeeka.

For a while, we three of made no sound, except for Clareabell's small whimpers. After a couple of days, I could tell it wasn't looking good for me, my statistics ensured that nobody would want me. I doubted if even if those "Don't Create, Adopt," people would be able to help. So I stayed, I watched as they took Neith away, his month was up, I cried for him, and I still do now and then. I watched as countless people walk and looked passed me with no notice. I watched as someone took Clareabell away. I listen to the cries of countless pets. I noticed that more came in with people than came out with them. The whole place was filled with misery.

Pets came in and came out of the cages next to me, none ever staying long enough to make good friends with. Finally, after almost four weeks, my time was almost up.

It was my final day there. I watched as I did every day, people and pets, people and pets. I must have been looking very distraught at this point, I was always skin and bones, but still. I wondered what might happen when the day was up, when I fell into a light nap.

When I awoke, the lights had dimmed. Maybe they had forgotten about me and I could stay another day?

No, there were still a couple people glancing at cages. Soon, all of them had filtered out.

All except one.

It was the lady at the Giving Tree, she recognised me and ran over.

"Oh, little one, I hate what happened to you," she said with sadness and great sincerity. She put her fingers in he cage and rubbed my head. "I wish I could take all these pets home and love them, but most of all, I wish I could take you home." I smiled a little, but that "I wish'" still loomed in my mind. I knew what she was doing. She couldn't help the pets buy giving them a home, she could only come in and comfort them, give them hope. I didn't dare tell her that this was my last night.

"All right!" came a voice I recognised, the pink Uni's. "We're closin' now!"

The Uni gave me one last pat good-bye as she walked out. The scary, mad-looking Techo wandered over with a set of keys.

I knew it was over.

He unlocked my cage. "Nothing you will, can, and might say will change you fate."

How wrong he was.

I knew this was his oath that he gave to all the pets. He reached in and almost pulled me out when all of a sudden I heard I scream.


I jerked my head towards the sound. Someone had just ran into the pound. She was not the woman from before, no, she was a stranger. She was fairly into her older years, I noticed, as she scanned the cages. When she came to mine, she paused and said "Sweet Lil' thing" and walked on. What I saw next was the best thing that has ever happened to me so far.

A little girl, no doubt the old woman's grandchild, walked up to me and pushed the Techo aside.

"Get away from my new pet." She reached in, barely older than five, and grabbed my up and hugged me.

"Can I take you home?" she asked me.

"Of course!" I yelled, giving her a Peophin kiss. Something I had said saved me.

I had only cost five Neopoints, and, after paying, the girl toddled home with me. Her Grandmother followed carrying the master storytelling for that month at the pound, a green Gelert. He had told the most fascinating stories to give keep the younger, and older, pets hope.

Both of us turned out to be a birthday gift for the little girls aunt. She was beyond kind, and lived alone, with only one other NeoPet, which turned out to be sweet little Clareabell.

From then on, I lived a wonderful life, from the best food, to the best of owners, to the coolest games and toys. But every now and then, I pull out the one thing I still have with me, my memories of my sister, how she'd always put me first, Zeeka; how he gave up everything to help us, Neith, who had been taken away from me in front of my very eyes, and all the countless other pets that have to suffer through the pound, only hoping they'll make it out alive, in someone's loving arms.

And the last I heard of my former owner, she was truly frozen solid. I already knew his heart was.

I have written this, hoping people will read it and think that maybe, in some way or the other, that a NeoPet is always a bit more than a picture. If you read, or enjoyed this story, please tell me what you thought, since I might write more; though, I dunno at this point.

The End

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