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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 13 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider: Part Two

Doomsday Rider: Part Two

by yugo149

Last time, on the Doomsday Rider series, our hero discovered the secret of the Jadestone! He also discovered that in order to defeat the oncoming threat, he needed the Jadestone. It looks like the Jadestone decides the outcome of this one...

"I'll only need Boomdogg's help," I said. However, I had no idea how wrong I was. So, when Yugo called Psychodogg to send over Boomdogg, Psychodogg agreed. Since we live a few minutes away from Psychodogg on foot, it wasn't long before Boom was over.


"TARGET ACQUIRED," a computer screeched. There was steel fingers drumming on a titanium armrest.

"Excellent," a deep, booming voice said. "Tical, is the laser ready?"

"Yes, your highness," a beautiful girl said. She was a Faerie Shoyru.

"Orbiknaught, is the bomb ready?" he asked.

"Yes it is," said an odd figure with spiked balls zipping all around him.

"Your highness, we are entering Neopia's atmosphere now," said Tical.

"Very good, now, when we land, I will rule Neopia!" The mysterious monster said.


"Well, Boomdogg. I think this is the place that Chao said he lives," I said.

"I'm sure it is, but the abandoned Power Plant?" Boomdogg asked.

"Don't ask me," I replied.

About 2 years ago, the Power Plant was flooded, and so it was abandoned, but apparently Chao and Evanda moved into it while it was empty. Me and Boomdogg stepped inside. Immediately, we heard Evanda talking with Chao, but we heard Chao breathing heavily as well.

"Chao, you're so serious about this training thing, it's not like we'll all be destroyed and lose all of our hitpoints," Evanda told Chao.

"Evanda...if we...don't...get into...shape...we will... be goners," Chao said seriously.

"Chao, I'll believe it when I see it," Evanda said, sighing deeply.

"Actually, Evanda, Chao's right," I said.

"Hiya Doomsday_Rider," Evanda said. "Who's this cute Lupe?" I saw Boomdogg start to blush.

"Evanda, you know better than that!" Chao said, walking over to us.

"But Chao, he is cute. But I don't love him, I love you Chao," Evanda said.

"What is your name anyway, Lupe?" Chao asked.

"My name is Boomdogg," Boomdogg replied.

Boom and Chao shook hands, and Evanda hugged him. You'd better believe he was blushing after that. This turned out to be a hilarious day for me. Boomdogg couldn't help blushing around Evanda. But I don't think it was going to be too hilarious much longer. After my smile disappeared, I heard a crash about 300 miles away. We all ran to the top of the Power Plant, and watched a giant sphere land 300 miles away.

"What is that thing?" Evanda asked. Something about it seemed familiar to me...but what?

"I don't know," Chao replied.

"Whatever it is, I think it's from Phoenicia!" Boomdogg shouted, quaking with fear.

"How can you tell that?" Chao asked.

Boomdogg pointed at a logo on the side. "It says right there, 'Phoenician Needle Floater'."

Everybody's jaw dropped, even mine. This was pathetic. One minute were talking in the Power Plant, the next minute, we're glaring at a giant sphere from Phoenicia.


"Beast, go seek and enslave the 20 strongest Neopians. Understand?" The steel figure said to a vicious looking Shoyru.

"I'm a subtle, vicious plague," is all the Shoyru said before going off and enslaving the 20 strongest Neopians. While we were watching the Needle Floater, I saw the Shoyru fly over our heads.

"That was Beast," I whispered to myself. This was getting harder to figure out than ever before. What was Beast doing in the Needle Floater? I didn't know, but I was going to find out. Me and Beast were once very close friends, but when they said he vanished in space, everybody thought he wasn't alive, now I knew everybody was wrong.

We decided to split up, Chao and Evanda would go try to stall the Needle Floater, Boomdogg would try to keep the Phoencians from destroying Neopia, and I'd chase Beast. I managed to catch Beast just as he landed in front of someone's NeoHome. Beast was entering when I shouted out, "BEAST!". He wheeled around. "So it is you."

He charged at me and punched me square in the jaw. He knocked one of my teeth out of place. And in return, I whipped him in the side of the head with my rock-hard tail. After that shot, he had a red mark on the side of his head for a while. But he was nowhere near defeated.

"You hit me...YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!" Beast yelled, trying to freak me out. All I did was jump in the air, roll into a ball with my tail out, started spinning, and slammed Beast square in the forehead. When he recovered from the shot, you can bet he was mad now. Beast took a swipe at my face with his tail, he nailed me, hard. I hit a nearby tree, and needless to say, it fell over.

"I can't give up to Beast," I said, whispering to myself. He charged at me and started to change into a Lupe. If I didn't mention this earlier, he's a shape-shifter. "Okay, maybe I can." I dodged, and Beast barely missed me. In fact, he managed to scrape my hip. And then I remembered, the Jadestone had an inscription, it was ancient Phoenician for "Hold up to light". I did just that, and a beam of light shot at Beast, he instantly returned to his real form, and fell over, holding his eyes.

"AH!" Beast yelled, and his eyes changed from blood red back to normal. Then, out of nowhere, he collapsed, unconscious.

"Beast, why were you entering that NeoHome?" I asked him.

"Because, Armos needs challengers for the War Games," he replied.

"War Games?"

"Yes," Beast nodded. "The tournament that will decide the fate of Neopia. Once I get 8 challengers for Armos, my mission is complete."

"Well, why don't you have me, Chao, Evanda, Boomdogg, and four other pets enter the War Games?" I asked.

"That might just work!" Beast said.

"You see what happens when you listen, Beast?"


As we all sat down on the sidelines outside the ring, we saw Armos battling the first challenger, which turned out to be a macho Eyrie, he got thrown way out of the ring, and left the fight with a broken wing, and utterly annihilated pride.

"Man, this guy looks tough," Chao said. "Are you sure we can beat him, Rider?"

"Beast told me Armos' weak-spot, it's on his center chest plate, where the small hole is," I calmly replied. It was Boomdogg's turn to fight Armos, and he stepped up, and with a lot of courage I might add, he was a peaceful Lupe, and didn't like to hurt things, but if it was necessary, he'd do it.

"A white Lupe is supposed to defeat me? HA!" Armos shouted, apparently, he didn't know anything about Boomdogg.

"Armos, you'll pay for what you've tried to do to Neopia!" Boomdogg's six abilities, more than any of us had, started to emerge and mix together, forming his best ability, the Mecha Python Killer. When he tried to hit Armos with it, he barely managed to clip his arm, but it left it in shambles, and then, with a couple of shots from Armos, Boomdogg was mutilated and thrown out of the ring.

"Who's next?" Armos asked, getting a little cocky. I stepped up to the side of the ring.

"Armos, YOU'RE NEXT!" I shouted.

"IS that so? Bring it on, you wuss!" He outstretched his arms as a gesture of free shot. That was his first huge mistake. When I hit him, I kept punching and kicking the hole in his chest plate, not stopping until he was down on the ground, completely defenseless. When Armos was knocked down, he started to back towards the edge of the ring. I followed him, and let him get up. Then, I hammered him in the chest plate again, and he flew out of the ring.

"Chao, Evanda, get Boomdogg and let's all get out of here!" I shouted. Chao and Evanda picked up Boomdogg and helped him away from the ring, and I flew with them. When we were about 13 inches out of range, the entire arena exploded, and that was Armos' first loss.

To be continued...

It appears Rider, Chao, Evanda, and Boomdogg have defeated Armos and his army, but is it too good to be true? YOU BET IT IS! When our heroes realise that, somehow, some components of Armos survived, they rush to where the Needle Floater landed, it's destroyed, but Armos is still alive! And what's this? It appears Armos' creator has landed on Neopia! Will this madness ever end?

Things are red-hot now! Find out in next week's Neopian Times!

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