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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 13 > Articles > What Sells

What Sells

by Wickedangelb

Are you having trouble earning money in NeoPets? Not making any NP in your shop? Here I have tips that we think will make you some points here and there and other tips that will help you out a little. When you first start playing NeoPets, the best way to get NP is to sign up for all the sponsors you can! That should give you with at least 2,000 NP! Then you should open a shop because besides the games... this is the only way you can make Neopoints fast!

1. What sells...
Well there's a lot of different things that actually sell in shops. Mostly I'd say it's food and new items that come out daily. Right now, the big thing is Usuki Dolls.

The food that I found that brings people in your shops are the Baby Foods.

If you price them low enough to be cheap but still make a profit then you're set. I usually price mine for at least 30-35 NP each. This brings people in your shop. When they see that, they look to see what other items you might have. After you do that, put other items in your shop if you can. Prize your items for at least 10-100 NP cheaper than the cheapest item on the wiz. Do a search for the item a couple of times because the first search doesn't always show the cheapest item.

2. Codestones...
Codestones are a good seller in shops! They bring you an easy 3,500-5,000 NP per stone. A lot of users think you should buy Codestones and sell them but I don't think you should. I think that you'd waste more time searching for the cheapest Codestones than if you stocked your shop full of food.

It's rare that you find a Codestone for cheaper than 3500 NP and that's pushing it. You can, however, find Codestones on the floor or by putting in a Golden Nerkmid in the Super Aisha Vending Machine. Other than that, I wouldn't start buying Codestones until you're well off with NP.

3. Wheel of Mediocrity and Excitement
These two wheels can give you a lot of points for a little price! The Wheel of Excitement can get you 10,000 NP! It costs 100 NP to play the Wheel of Excitement. The Wheel of Mediocrity is a newer wheel. The most NP you can get from this is 1,000 NP. The price to spin the wheel is only 50 NP. I'm not too fond of this wheel very much. When they named it Mediocre...they weren't kidding!!

4. Games, Games, Games!
Everyone in Neopia knows that the best and fastest way to get NP are to play the games! There's big controversy over which games make you the quickest Neopoints. Well, I believe that the following make a lot of Neopoints quickly:

Kiko Match Meerca
Super Bullseye
Chomby and the Fungus Balls
Both the Wheels
Poogle Solitaire
Faerie Crossword
Bumper Cars
Lenny Conundrum

This of course is just my opinion! These games may not work for everyone!

5. Different Quests
Here are descriptions of the many quests you can volunteer to do in Neopia.

Faerie Quests: Located in the guild page for giving items to them, but given out as random events. My favourite kind of quest. If you are active in the Battledome, then these quests are for you. A faerie pops up as a random event and asks you to bring her an item, without using the shop wizard. The results are depending on the faerie, but it all has to do with the Battledome One of the faeries even raises hp. Remember, you can always refuse a faerie quest if the item is too expensive. Rating: 4 out of 5

Snow Faerie Quest: Located at the top of Terror Mountain. For her potions, the Snow Faerie asks you to bring her chocolate, magic items like faeries/motes and other stuff. Once given to her, she will reward you with a snowball, Neopoints, and an item. The items she requests are usually expensive, so I don't recommend doing it unless all she asks for is chocolate. Otherwise, go right ahead, it's usually profitable when she asks for items that total 500 NP or less. Rating: 2 out of 5

Kitchen Quests: Located in Mystery Island (Used to be in Maraqua until it was destroyed).Now that NeoPets has made the kitchen quests easier to do, it's become a little higher on my list. The chef will request food like chocolate ,and smoothies but usually he asks for 3-4 items so when these are really expensive, don't do the quest. I have never found this very profitable except in raising stats for my pets. Rating: 2 out of 5

Brain Tree Quest: Located in the Haunted Woods. One of the better kinds of quests, with great Battledome items when you complete them, like attack forks. However, to get the answers to the question he asks you, you have to feed the Esophagor twice, which if often expensive. One point I would like to make is that THE ANSWERS TO THE QUESTION ARE ALWAYS COMPLETELY RANDOM!!!! I am really sick of seeing people on the message board asking where and when the person died. There are even whole guilds about compiling brain tree answers! Anyway, the quests are usually profitable {but I'll never forget the time I spent 3000 and he gave me a garlic shield worth 150, go figure.} Rating: 3 out of 5

Esophagor: Located in the Haunted Woods. The only way to get Brain Tree answers, but often expensive. However, you can use the Esophagor without being on a Brain Tree quest. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS! Except for the fact that you can get him as a Battledome challenger. The results are usually non-profitable {such as spending 1000 and receiving potting soil in return :( } The Esophagor almost always asks for expensive things, so this is not recommended for Newbies or just about anybody unless you are on a Brain Tree quest. Rating: 1 out of 5

Well that about does it for my tips. I hope you enjoyed this and good luck to having a successful flow of NP like me!

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