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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 13 > Short Stories > Jacko the Halloween Pumpkin

Jacko the Halloween Pumpkin

by crazycaroline

It all started one cold autumn afternoon... me and my best friend, BebeRu were seated somewhat dead smack in the middle of our pack conversation at the Silver Moon Lupes' territory. We were discussing Halloween, the thing that was on everyone's mind.

"Hey Ru, what should we do for Halloween?" I repeatedly asked the muscular skunk Lupe.

"I dunno..what do you wanna do?" RU always answered me, a smile on his face. We had no clue what she should do until my older sister, Christine550 came prancing into the scene.

"Hey, CrazyCaroline2 and RU, wanna help me carve a pumpkin?" she asked excitedly, a huge pumpkin in her arms. It was weird shaped, and its yellow outsides were sprinkled in spots of a dark orange. RU accepted estatically, but I wasn't sure. It was one weird looking pumpkin.

Christine looked at me curiously before beginning to carve the pumpkin with RU I was so angry. It wasn't fair. There I was sitting with my best friend and my older, snottier sister came prancing in only to set his attention on her. Oh well, If ya can't beat 'em, join em.

"I'll help ya, Christine," I said, taking a small knife and beginning to carve.

It was awesome, from the crooked grin to the lopsided shape it was one spooky jack-o'-lantern. He admired our work and showed it off to our alpha, Galamutie and a few others. After a while everyone got sick of it, though. The crowd began to clear and me and my sister were the only ones left, having to drag the huge pumpkin to our den.

But maybe it was a bit too scary...


Of course, Christine decided to put the cruddy thing in my room.

"Oh Caro, it's just a pumpkin," Christine said as she set the pumpkin in front of my closet door. I groaned and plopped on my bed, it seemed like forever until my pesky sister decided to leave. The clock kept ticking, 10:09 pm NST... then 10:11 NST... then finally sometime around 10:30 PM NST. I decided I had to do something. If this stupid pumpkin was going to be in my room until Halloween, then I was going to use it.

Every year there is a pumpkin carving contest in our city. Luckily, this year I had the pumpkin we were going to use. But it'd be tough winning, because Sarah, the neighbourhood's snobbiest Uni, always won.

I jumped down the stairs, skidding into the family room. I dialed Ru's Neophone number as fast as I could.

"Hello?" RU said into the receiver.

"Hey RU, I just wanted to tell you that the pumpkin that we carved can be used into the pumpkin contest and." Everything spilled out of my mouth in a rush.

"Uh, okay, Caroline, that's nice. See ya tomorrow!" He yawned and hung up the phone.

I hung up the phone and began to write my submission for the contest.

This was gonna be great.


That's what I thought until I saw the pumpkin glowing in my room. Glowing? I thought to myself. Christine couldn't of put a candle in it already.

I jumped out of bed, and began to walk over towards the pumpkin. The light inside of it's hollow structure grew brighter and the smile on the pumpkin seemed to grow wider. I stepped slowly, and what seemed to be a cackling noise came from the pumpkin. As I was close enough to reach out and touch it, the pumpkin began hopping around the room insanely.

"W-what?" I asked myself as I tried to catch the pumpkin hopping around the room. It laughed even louder, hopping hard enough to knock down the pictures on my walls.

"What? This isn't real!" I said to myself, trying to think it was a dream.

To my surprise the pumpkin sharply replied, "You better believe it sista, it talks!" A shriek of laughter was heard and it stopped hopping, only to stare at me once more. I shook my head in disbelief as I backed up, only to hit the wall.

The pumpkin laughed and then the light in its carvings faded...


I woke up to the sound of my brother, Trirton, calling me down the stairs.

"CAROLINE!" he shouted from the bottom step, a bit rushed.

"What?" I asked, sitting up and bounding down the stairs. RU was waiting for me at the door with the pumpkin contest flyer in one of his paws.

"We're going to enter that pumpkin in the contest," RU said, beaming.

"Yeah, I know, I told you that last--I mean, of course we're entering it." I ruffled the fur atop his head and we went outside to play.

Nothing much happened over the next few days, I went costume shopping with RU, Starry, and Surlanth, some of my other close friends. The pumpkin contest was the next day, and I was more anxious than ever.

"If you keep shining that pumpkin Caro, its skin is going to peel off," RU said as I shined the pumpkin before bedtime.

"I know, I know. I just want everything to be perfect." I ruffled the fur atop RU's head, and laid down on my bed.


I must've been really tired because the next thing I know it was 7:45 PM NST the next day. RU was running around in circles, trying to wake me up.

"Caro, come on! We're late, we've got only fifteen minutes until the contest!"

I jumped out of bed, and began helping RU take the pumpkin into the van. There was one problem, though. The pumpkin began glowing again. I decided to ignore it until we were at the contest. That was a big mistake, even RU began to notice the pumpkins grin growing wider as we took each step.

But we both played like we didn't see it, and when we took the short-cut through the alleyway it got worse. The pumpkin was rocking side to side, cackling as it did the same night we brought it into the house.

"Muahahahaha!" The pumpkin repeated, hopping out of the wagon and towards us. For some weird reason, I screamed. RU ran to the inside of the building next to us and got an ax.

"Eeek! Chop it!" I said, looking at the thing as if it were a Scabu. RU tried to chop it but the pumpkin kept hopping around. I was scared out of my mind, although I thought it all was a weird dream. With much struggle, he hit the pumpkin. The squash laid there for a split second, then busted into tiny pieces.

RU and I panted as we watched the judges announce the winner from afar: Sarah won. I didn't care this year, I was scared out of my mind because of my older sister. RU had walked me home, and along the walk we'd thought of what had just happened.

"Bye Caro," he said, waving to me as I went inside of my NeoHome.

I sighed and closed the door behind me, wondering one thing.

"Hey Christine, where'd you find that pumpkin that you brought home?" I asked as I walked inside of the family room.

"Oh, just somewhere in the Haunted Woods. I think it was near Edna's house," she said, staring at a horror movie. I didn't believe her, although I did believe what had happened to me that day, and what I needed was a nap. I laid on the couch and was soon asleep.


Somewhere near the area they smashed the pumpkin, a soft wind blew. The remnants of the pumpkin shook side to side, and one by one, they each popped into small pumpkins, identical to the one Caroline had tried to enter in the contest. A grin spread along each of their spooky faces, and they began hopping towards the cloud Lupe's home....

The End

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