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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 3rd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 13 > Short Stories > Al and Fluffy

Al and Fluffy

by al_the_chia

A while ago…

The wind howled and screamed as the moon lit up Lupe Forest. Al waddled down the road, dashing for his life as three Lupes pursued. Rushing deeper and deeper into the deep, dark forest, Al nearly fell as he stumbled over a root. “EEEEE!!!” he screamed (having not yet heard the word: Piffle) and dashed around a corner, dodging through some trees. Their branches scraped his sides, and pieces of his coat stuck to them. The Lupes kept pursuing, growling all the while. Al suddenly felt a sharp pain in his side. He was running too fast. “OOWWW…” He finally tumbled over, falling onto his back and panting heavily, his glasses flying off his face. The Lupes bounded beside him, growling. Al shielded his face as they all growled menacingly. The Alpha Male, a burly white Lupe, stepped forward, and said…

“Did you drop your wallet?”

Al blinked, rubbing his eyes. “Uh… yeah…”

The Lupe smiled, dropping the money-packed pouch by him. “Here ya go. Oh, my name’s Nip. Smell ya later.” He turned around, flicked his tail, and bounced off into the night, his pack following.

Al grabbed his glasses from where they had fallen onto the ground, not even getting a good look at the odd Lupe as he wiped them off and put them on. “Weird… that wasn’t expected behaviour…”

Brushing himself off, he continued down the path, finally emerging into Neopia Central. The moon lit the still heavily busy town, and the tall buildings were lit up with the glow of night. “Ah, Neopia…” Al smiled, breathing the air in happily. Several Meercas bounced past him, jumping into the rainbow pool and splashing around, giggling happily. “Aw, that’s nice.” Al observed, watching them splash each other. As Al turned his back, a swarm of Jetsams emerged from the water. Al heard a shrill scream. “Eh?” He whirled around. The Meercas where gone, replaced by a few full-looking Jetsams. “Hm… I really think they should make laws about that…” He muttered as the Jetsams belched and re-submerged.

“Now that I’m here,” Al began, clutching his shopping bags. “I can finally get a friend!” Al, of course, was talking about a PetPet . He had always wanted one, and having saved up a couple thousand, decided to get one (as well as a few other items). Scrambling down the busy street, he approached the PetPet shop. As he threw open the door, a musty smell went into his nose. He heard a few calls and squeaks, and suddenly saw the PetPets. They were all in display cages, from the smallest Puppyblew to the fattest Eustabee. The store was pretty empty, since it wasn’t restocking time, and the Usul immediately noticed Al’s entrance as he approached the desk.

“Hi, I’d like to purchase a PetPet .”

The Usul smiled politely. “What else would you be here for?” She reached into her pocket, pulling out a ring of keys. “All right then, we’ll just look through these ones…” She pulled out a strange, fiery pet from a few more in a cage. “This is a Froil, and…”

Before she could finish, the froil jumped onto Al’s face, screeching. “AHHHH!!” Al fell over, clutching his eyes and screeching as well. “IT’S EATING ME!!”

He struggled to pull it off as it bit and gnawed his head. “Oh, I forgot…” The Usul suddenly remembered as Al screamed in agony. “They hate Chias.” Pulling out a tranquilizer, she stunned the PetPet , as well as Al. “Well, would you like to look at something else?” She asked, putting the sleeping PetPet into it’s cage. Al shuddered, his face burned, gnawed and blackened. “S-s-s-sure…”

The Usul led him to another cage. “This here is a Meep-it.”

Al stared at it. It stared back. “Uh… what does it do?”

The Usul winced. “Well… it stares… all day…”

The Meep-it beeped, still staring. “Um… is there anything else?” The Usul led him to another cage. “This is a Floud.” The Floud flew around, bumping into the sides of its cage over and over again. “Er, what does this one do?” The Usul winced again. “Well… it flies around until it bumps into something…” The Floud rammed his head particularly hard against the wall of it’s glass cage, and fell onto the ground, twitching slightly. “Um… is there anything else?” The Usul sighed. “Maybe we should look at a different category…”

Al gasped as he saw it. “AHHH!! GET IT AWAAAAAY!!”

The Usul frowned. “But it’s just a Kadoatie…”

“I SAID STAY AWAY! DON’T LET THAT THING NEAR ME!” He shivered in the corner, clutching his face. The Usul sighed.

“All right, this is a Miamouse.”

Al stared at the adorable creature scuttle around it’s cage. It beamed at Al with a smile that could melt butter. But Al was unamused. “Um… no offense… but it’s too cute…” He observed.

“Hm…” She led him to another cage. “This is a Krawk.”

It snapped at Al, snarling. “Eek! Too fierce!” Al jumped back.

The Usul threw her hands up, exasperated. “The only thing we have left hasn’t been accepted by anyone!”

Al sighed, brushing himself off from a recent Mallard attack. “Let’s see it. It’s worth a try.”

The Usul jingled through her keys, picking one out. “All right, here we go.” She wandered over to a covered cage. Al was very curious. “What is it?” He asked. She lifted off the curtain with unenthused flourish. “Presenting the last pet! Cobrall!!”

Al stopped dead. There it was. A petite, green creature with red and white stripes and a long, snaky body, as well as a green hood stared at him through yellow eyes. Al frowned, looking it over. “Hm…” Al was about to say something when it spit. 30 feet. Straight up and down onto the Usul’s face. Al smiled. “It’s juuuust right!”

Al paid for the Cobrall and watched his new friend as they walked down the path home. “All right… er… Fluffy, you’re my PetPet now, so I have to take full responsibility for you. That means we need to set a few ground rules… blah, blah blah blah blee blee blah blah blah!! Blah? Blah blah blah blee blee blee dribble dribble… blah? BLAH? GOT IT?!?!” Fluffy snapped to attention, nodding. “Good…”

Al set his PetPet down in his new home. “All right, according to PetPet Weekly, you enjoy eating Almost Gummy Rats and PetPet treats.” Fluffy nodded, smacking his lips. “Hm…” Al stared at him. “Those are a little expensive, aren’t they?” Fluffy wilted, his harsh eyes trying to look pathetic. “Well, all right, I’ll buy some for you.” Al sighed. “Now, you need a bed…” Fluffy nodded. “A form of entertainment…” Fluffy nodded. “And lots of love and affection.” Fluffy nodded again, smiling. “All right… let’s see… bed…” Al reached under his own bed, pulling out a cardboard box. He picked up an old pillow and a tiny baby blanket, stuffing them into the box. “Check…” Al admired his work, satisfied. Fluffy carefully inspected the bed, looking at every nook and cranny, before kicking it away with a flick of it’s tail. “Hey!! It was a good bed!!” He pleaded, picking it up. “What else would you want?” Fluffy glared at Al.

“All right, here you go you worthless little snake.” Al set down a 300 NP PetPet Waterbed 300000 with a built-in massager. Inscribed on the front was the name ‘Fluffy’. “Is THIS good enough?” He sighed, setting it down. Fluffy inspected it before taking a seat. Hissing with glee, he nodded. “Good!” Al said. “Now for a form of entertainment…” Al reached into his closet, digging through his ancient stuff. “No… no… wouldn’t like that…” As he dug, a pair of headphones landed at Fluffy’s bed. Fluffy paused. He stared at the peculiar instrument lying on the ground. Curious, Fluffy picked it up. Tampering with it, he set it onto his head. It fit. Fluffy hissed, and without thinking, hit a button on it. WHAM!! Ten tons of Jazzmosis hit him full on. Something clicked inside of Fluffy. The music ran into his body, flowing into his bloodstream and changing the electricity in his brain. His mind swam in brilliant colors as the notes danced across his ears, pounding into Fluffy’s head like a hammer. And Fluffy did something a Cobrall has never done before. He began to dance snakily, hissing with glee. Al paused, pulling his face out of the closet. “Hm… Music… That’s not too expensive…” Fluffy began to dance around the room. “Hey, he’s good!” Fluffy suddenly rammed into Al. “AUGH!” SLAM!! Fluffy knocked the door shut as he did a backflip. Within the closet, Al’s muffled yells were even more muffled by Fluffy’s music. “LET ME OUUUUUUUT!!!”

A few months later…

Al was very annoyed as he stared at his Cobrall, who was now listening to another one of his bands. Fluffy was truly obsessed with music, be it any band, he had every CD. He had more of a relationship with the music then with Al. “All right you disoriented Cobrall, I need a little peace and quiet.”

Fluffy ignored him, nodding his head to the tune. “Fluffy? Helloooo…” Al lost his temper. “FLUFFY!!” Fluffy paused, pulling off his headphones.


“THAT’S IT!! IT WAS A MISTAKE BUYING YOU YOU… YOU… Cobrall!!” Fluffy recoiled, hurt, as Al reached for him. “Give me the headphones!” Fluffy shook his head angrily, clamping the phones tighter into his mouth. “FLUFFY!! NOW!!” Al grabbed at the headphones. Fluffy kept his grip. A sickening game of Tug-a-war started, this time without the codes. “FLUFFY!! LET GO!!”

“HISSSS!!” Fluffy kept his hold, and Al, powered by blind fury, pulled even harder. Suddenly, it happened. SNAP!! The headphones broke. Fluffy stopped dead. Al flew across the room, hitting a valuable lamp on the other side of the wall. SMASH!! CRACK!! THUD!!

“PIFFLE!!” Al was soon out cold on the floor, the lamp ruined. Fluffy stared at his broken headphones. A tear came to his eye as he stared at the shattered remains of his favorite music. Fluffy decided enough was enough. He turned his tail, tears pouring out of his eyes, as he burst out the front door.

Fluffy slithered down the streets of Furgleton, angry and sad. His tongue flickered as he trudged on down the wet street, not noticing the unusual conditions outside…

Al suddenly awoke, clutching his head and moaning. “Oww… That Cobrall’s done it now!!” Al growled. “When I get my hands on him…” Al paused. “Hey, where is that little snake?” Al began to dig around the house. “Fluffy? Fluuuuuuffeeeee…” Al started to worry. “Where are you? Fluuuuuufffeeeeee!!” Al began to sob as he reached for his coat and hat. “FLUFFY!!”

A storm began to brew outside. The Chias, sensing danger, recoiled into their homes, shutting their windows and hiding in their basements. The winds picked up. Suddenly, the Korbat Insane Asylum a few miles from the city shook and shattered. Thousands of wild Korbats flooded out, giggling madly and lost into the storm. The Lupes all sensed it as well, going deep into their caves. Fluffy kept on wandering down the street, moping and tearing over his lost music and owner, until he heard it. “FLUUUUUUFFEEEE!! HEEEEEEEEELP!!!”

Al bellowed in horror as he flew into the air right above Fluffy’s head. “FLUUUUFFFEEEEEE!!” His cry faded as he blew away. Fluffy gasped in horror, chasing after his owner. “HEEEELP!!” Al suddenly crashed into a large tree. “FLUFFY!!” The thunder boomed louder and the rain fell harder as Al screamed. “PIFFLE!!” for the first time in his life. Fluffy slithered over, eyes blazing. A bunch of mad Korbat were flocking around Al, cackling as they picked him up and flew for… A funnel cloud! “EEEEEEK!!” Al bellowed. Fluffy took action. Spreading his hood wide, Fluffy hissed as loud as he could. The wind suddenly picked him up!! Blowing around and flapping his hood, Fluffy flew for Al like a bird. “HEEEELP!!” Al bellowed again, his glasses now lost to the turmoil. Fluffy watched the glasses zoom into the storm. Suddenly, an idea came into his head. Fluffy zoomed straight for Al, reaching into his pocket and pulling out Al’s countless amount of spare glasses. Fluffy set them one on top of the other, twisting the frames and connecting them like a big, rod… a lightning rod to be exact. “What are you doing?” Al cried out. The Korbats simply giggled, beating the poor Chia with their wings until he passed out. Suddenly, a crackle of lighting zoomed out of the sky! Heading straight for Fluffy’s homemade lightning rod! The Korbats screeched as it hit the rod. Fluffy let it go just in the nick of time, dodging over to Al. Al was wearing a rubber raincoat, and Fluffy had confined himself inside his rubber hat. The Korbats weren’t so lucky. “EEEEEEEEEEE…” Soon, they were burnt to a crisp. “Eehee hee…” They let out a couple of demented giggled before tumbling into the tornado. Fluffy wrapped himself around Al’s arm, closing his eyes as they were sucked into the abyss…

Fluffy woke up a while later. He was in a white room with a bunch of other petpets in casts and other strange instruments. He jumped with a start, shaking off his bandages. “Hisss…” Fluffy leapt out of his PetPethospital bed. The nurses tried to pursue him, but to no avail. He was gone in a second.

Al had somehow once again found himself in a body cast. A few flowers were by his bed. “Oh Piffle…” He muttered again, suddenly taking a liking for the word. “Piffle, piffle, piffle…” He looked around from his limited view. “Ceiling tiles… One, two, three, four, five, six…” Al sighed. “Lost count. Darn.” He started again, boredly counting the tiles. Suddenly, he felt something slither near his bed. “Who’s there?” Al commanded. Fluffy hissed slightly. “Oh. It’s you. You should be more careful. Next time you run away from home, I’m not coming after you.” Al shifted uncomfortably in his cast. “Ah, the hospital. What fond memories. Last time I was here, a Lupe had messed me up pretty bad…” Al smiled. “Very fond memories…” Fluffy was very confused, but he tried not to show it. He hissed again. “Fine. Since you beat those stupid Korbats, you are entitled to a new pair of headphones.” Fluffy cheered, leaping around happily. Al sighed happily. At least until Fluffy bounced onto his chest. “AUUUUUUUUUGH!!!”

The End

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