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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 13 > New Series > How We Were Lost: A Tale of Reunion - Part One

How We Were Lost: A Tale of Reunion - Part One

by frogman123us

Note: This is about The Frogman clan, as my pets prefer to be known as. As in any series of stories, some of the incidents are based on then preceding stories. The first in the series being How We Came Together: A Tale of Family.

My name is Wolfer3786 and I'm going to tell you the story of what happened to us on our great adventure two months after Tiger_Cub_123 joined our family. This adventure brought great fear to all of us, and how we come away a stronger family.

"So, dad, when are we going to go to Krawk Island?" asked Shark_Master_2001. "We were supposed to leave last week. What happened?"

"Well, you know that Rex has been sick. We can't leave until he's feeling better. But he seems to be getting well quickly. I think we can leave the day after tomorrow," Frogman123us said to the Frogman clan.

"All right," we all sighed.

Rexosaur2000 had recently come down with a bad case of Bloaty Belly. He had somehow gotten into a bag of mixed vegetables when everyone knows that Grarrls can NEVER eat vegetables, and he had gotten sick within a matter of minutes. When Frogman123us went to the pharmacy to get Flat-U-Less pills, they told him that they would be out until the following Wednesday. So, Frogman123us waited until Wednesday to get the medicine. Rexosaur2000 recovered a couple of days later and we were at last getting ready to enter upon our new adventure.


"So is everyone ready?" asked Frogman123us. "It's getting late and the boat leaves in two hours. We need to hurry."

"We're all ready, dad," said Rexosaur2000.

"All right then! Let's go," Frogman123us declared to the Frogman clan.

And so we were off. We left our NeoHome, never knowing that it could have been the last time we would ever see it. We walked down our street to the bus stop. We had to wait 20 minutes before the bus came to take us to the Neopian docks. When we finally got on the bus, we all ran for window seats. We all love window seats! We took the two-hour ride and were, for a change, quiet. When we finally got to the docks, we started talking among ourselves.

"Do you remember what happened last time we went for a boat ride?" Rexosaur2000 asked Wolfer3786. "Of course I do!" Wolfer3786 exclaimed. "We had Shark_Master_2001 join our family. And Tiger_Cub_123 also came into our lives!" "That's right!" Rexosaur2000 said with glee.

Anyhow, we got onto the boat and went to our room. There were two pairs of bunk beds and a cot. Frogman123us was nice and took the cot. After settling into our room, we went around the ship to check it out, while, Frogman123us went to the lounge to talk to some of the other owners. We found the playroom almost instantly and soon found ourselves playing games with each other.

That night, we had dinner and saw the show. Since the show started at 9:00 PM and didn't end until 11:00, we were forced to go to bed right after. Little did we know that this would be our last night together.


We were all awakened by a loud knock on the door and shouting for everyone to get up. We were in a bad storm and the ship couldn't take the beating. We were sinking! We immediately went up to the deck to try and get into one of the lifeboats. But the deck was a melee! No one could move more than two inches. The ship was going down fast. Then Shark_Master_2001 spoke up to the Frogman clan.

"Listen, everyone! I'm from the sea! I can swim very fast and if you all hold on to me I'll do my best to get us all to shore!" shouted Shark_Master_2001.

"You'll never be able to hold all of us!" came Frogman123us' reply.

"But I have to do something! I'm the only one of us who can swim in these conditions!" Shark_Master_2001 retorted.

"The answer is NO! And that is FINAL!" Frogman123us screamed.

But at that moment the unthinkable happened. We were all pushed overboard by crazed people trying to lighten the ship! We plummeted into the ice-cold water and were swept away in different directions.


I awoke to find myself all alone on the beach of some small island. I was soaking wet and very hungry. I got up and started exploring the beach for food when I heard some people talking. Thinking it was Frogman123us, I ran over to the people, but they were all strangers. I then collapsed in the sand.

The next thing I can remember was that I was inside a tent with a bowl of water next to me. I drank the water greedily. I then moaned in loneliness, thinking of Frogman123us and the rest of the Frogman clan. Then one of the strangers came into the tent.

To be continued...

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