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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 8th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 12 > Continuing Series > Monoceraptor's Revenge: Part Six

Monoceraptor's Revenge: Part Six

by frost_acceber

“Oh, ask for forgiveness now! I have a right mind to destroy you. And I will--if you don’t bring me the blasted Shoyru!”

Saratigo listened with scared ears. She clenched her fists, her mind racing. She remembered the fervid cries of the pets taking the hit. She wanted to jump out and face her enemy. But she waited as the figure came into view.

He turned sharply towards the opening of the path.

“Nevermind, beast! Look who’s here!” He grinned evilly. “Come out!”

Saratigo needed no persuading. She jumped out and grasped her dagger.

“Saratigo, meet the genius who captured you. You are now mine--you will help me control Neopia. I’ll make it worth your while, for I am--”

“Put a Negg in it!” Tigo screamed. “I know who you are! And I will destroy you!”

The creature just crowed. “Overpower me? I know you, Saratigo.”

“Well, funny--you’re a genius who can’t pronounce my name!”

“Bah! I was never good with Lupe names! But that doesn’t matter because I will call you whatever you like because I will be addressing you often. You are now mine.”

“I am no Lupe, Sloth.” Saratigo said boldly. She held her dagger, ready for his attack. “I am your slayer.”

With that, Saratigo lunged at Dr. Frank Sloth.


Shyning and Spyro suddenly heard footsteps behind them. They turned to find an army of Desert pets running towards them. They screamed as the army ran past. One stopped in front of them.

“What are you doing?” Shyning asked.

“We are rescuing that friend of yours--shouldn’t you be back at the palace?”

Spyro bit his lip. “Come on!” he cried, jumping and letting his wings catch the breeze. Shyning blinked and then soared alongside him. They quickly passed the soldiers and gasped as they saw a large rock rising from the center of the vast ground.

“There!” Spyro said. “She’s in there. I can sense it! Come on! Hurry!”

Shyning, usually a faster flying than Spyro, could barely keep up with her mate, who was driven with determination. Tears were pushed off his face by the powerful wind he flew against. He landed in front of the opening and crawled inside immediately.

Sloth caught Tigo’s dagger and swung her to the side. She crashed into the wall opposite of the Monoceraptor. Pushing against the ground, Tigo flew over to the creature, who was as far as the chain would allow.

Sloth grinned and ran at her, clutching the dagger above his head with two hands. As he stabbed, she rolled away.

The Monoceraptor roared as the chain was severed and he was able to run around the large cave lit by lanterns that were on each wall. They illuminated the dull stones, turning them the colour of the Lost Desert’s sands.

Sloth threw the dagger to the ground, shattering Saratigo’s hard work. He ran towards her.

“You have one last chance before I destroy you.” Sloth said. “Make your decision.”

“How does my demise benefit you?”

“I get to avenge the one who tried to ruin me!” Sloth dove towards her.

Saratigo pull out her other weapon. It was now or never.

She saw Acceber’s kind face as she held her for the first time. She saw the inferno the night the Monoceraptor attacked. She could see everyone that was important to her--and then she saw her idol. Antorcha stood, holding the Sword of Domar. But then, her hero faded away, and Shyning and Spyro appeared. They looked worried. Saratigo realised how much they meant to her--her real heros.

As she opened her eyes, she blinked. In front of her, Shyning and Spyro stood, with pets swarming into the cave.

“Tigo!” Spyro cried.

Saratigo looked around. No Sloth. No Monoceraptor. She was still in the cave, her paw outstretched, clutching the weapon. On the other side of the room, the smashed remains of her dagger lay. And she was still in the corner where she had been pinned.

“Saratigo! Thank goodness!” Spyro heaved his adopted cousin up and hugged her. They both cried.

“Sloth--Dr. Sloth! He was just here…”

“I know.” Shyning said. “I saw him. He just--vanished.” Saratigo sighed. “But I wanted to defeat him.”

“You did.”

Saratigo stayed quiet as everyone clouded around her. They asked questions, gave her food and blankets, and assured her that her owner was on the way.

Saratigo couldn’t wait to see Acceber. She loved her. She needed to tell her.

Soon, Acceber came. They hugged and kissed and for a while, it seemed like they’d never leave. Finally, they left. Before leaving for Sakhmet, they told all the slaves the good news. XJeer walked with Saratigo all the way back. He refused to stop smiling.

A ball was held in Saratigo’s honour. “King Coltzan would be proud of you, young Squire!” Kayther said, wrapping his arm around her.

At that moment, Saratigo felt better than she ever had. Sloth was gone--for now and she had saved her family. Though she still wasn’t the strongest pet, she knew that she had done something not many pets could do. Plus, she got to stay in the Sakhmet Palace until her home was fixed.

The End


Everyone returned home safely (once Acceber’s home was fixed) with the invitation to return to Sakhmet any time. KL577 visits the lab ray every day, so sorry if there are any changes in my story of colour, stats, etc.

Saratigo (Sa--rat--igo in case there was any confusion) was reunited with her parents, and finally understood why everyone insisted she had a Lupe’s name.

They still do today.

XJeer found out that Fyrenza and Jemanlea were his real parents, and now lives in Sakhmet. He writes with Saratigo whenever he can.

Mystikal_Silver started a guild for those who don’t have much np (she’s a beginner in HTML--but the site will get better with my help!). She won 10,000 NP three times on the Wheel of Excitement, but in her ‘excitement’ quickly blew all the cash (ah--so that’s where the name came from). Saratigo lives with me, and I am very proud of my baby. A word to the anonymous person who abandoned her--I’m sorry, but finders keepers for this tiny cutzie!

I hope I’ve covered anything. Thank you so much for reading this--I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Any questions about Tigo, just Neomail me.

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