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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 12 > Continuing Series > The Poogle Palace: Part Three

The Poogle Palace: Part Three

by Taytees1520

"Well that was rude," said taytees1520. "Let's go see if we can weasel anything out of Babs7989."

Kacheek_Red00 knocked on the door of a small shop not too far from town. A small window in the door slid open and two big yellow eyes popped out of the slot.

"State your business," a husky voice ordered.

"Is Babs7989 here?" Kacheek_Red00 stuttered.

"Who wants know?"

"We have some questions."

"Sorry, Babs7989 doesn't do that kind of thing," the voice said and slammed the small opening. Chia_Blu00 began to beat on the door and yell, but the voice did not return. They gave up and went to find Snax54 at the Italian restaurant in town. They opened the door and warm air and delicious aromas whirled out of the building. Kackeek_Red00 heard her stomach growl and they decided to get some food. After eating, taytees15 20 asked the waiter if they could talk to Snax54. The waiter returned and told them to follow him. Chia_Blu00 was right behind the waiter, who led them down a hall to a back room. They entered and there sat Snax54. He was a giant Skeith with an accent.

"What can I do for you?" the Skeith asked in a raspy voice.

"We would like to ask you some questions about the rainbow," said Diva87.

"Do you know anything about it?"

"As a matter of fact I do, but you really shouldn't be snooping around if you know what's good for you."

"Can you tell us anything about Babs7989? We tried to talk to her, but it seems her doorman didn't want to let us in."

"Yes, she is quite picky about her visitors. There is a password required to even enter the building. Then you have to get by her gang and if you do it really won't do any good because she doesn't really like talking," explained Snax54.

"Can you tell us the password? You aren't involved in this crime in any way are you?"

"I didn't have anything to do with the rainbow, but I'm afraid I know too much so I am in fear for my life. The password is a tasty treat for NeoPets that is chewy, but some think it is quite gross."

"That sure is a puzzle," Chia_Blu00 said. "What could it be?" Someone enters the room and whispers something to the large Skeith.

"You must go now. Your presence endangers my life. Return only if mandatory," Snax54 said quickly as they are escorted out the door. The group begins to walk back to Babs7989's shop while trying to figure out the password.

"If it's a chewy treat than it's probably either Gummy Grensa, Gummy Star, or Almost Gummy Rat," said Chia_Blu00. "A Gummy Rat or maybe a Gummy Star could be gross. Which one could it be?"

"I'd say it's the Gummy Rat because rat's are gross," said Kacheek_Red00 with a disgusted face. When they arrived, they knocked on the door and a pair of yellow eyes popped out of the slot in the door.

"State your business," the voice ordered like the time before.

"Um we're looking for an Almost Gummy Rat," Diva87 unsurely said.

"Come on in," the voice muttered and the slot closed. The door opened and they stepped into a dark room where the only light source was coming from a candle stub on an old table. Malicious NeoPets sat around the table, but were hard to identify in the dim-lighted room. A buff Tuskaninny closed the door as they entered. He gritted his teeth revealing a gold filling in his mouth.

"Babs7989 is with somebody at the moment. You can have seat while you wait," the Tuskaninny grunted.

They took a seat at the table with Bab7989's gang and the Tuskaninny sat beside them. Closer in the light, they noticed a huge scar over the right eye of the Tuskaninny. The gang seemed to be playing neopoker. Kacheek_Red00 nervously sat watching and listening to the conversation. They learned that the Tuskaninny's name was Buff_ThuG and that the gang called themselves the Nasty NeoPets. After about 20 minutes, Izzy the white Meerca burst out of a door. They watched carefully, so that she wouldn't notice them, as she left.

"You may see Babs7989 now," said Buff_ThuG as he pointed his head to the door where Izzy had just emerged. Taytees1520 and her pets entered through the door to the room where Babs7989 awaited. Babs7989 sat behind a desk on a red leather chair. She was dressed in a red velvet dress, which went well with her white shiny fur. She was one of the most beautiful Wockies that they had ever seen. She had class and style and very clever as it seemed.

"I have heard about you," Babs7989 said as they sat down. "It seems that you've been asking quite a few questions. You know, curiosity killed the Angelpuss."

"Well, we don't mean to bother anybody, but it's just that the Pink Faerie asked us to find out what happened to the rainbow. Someone's draining the main power source," taytees1520 explained.

"I know what's going on and I don't care what the Pink Faerie says," the Wocky said sternly. "I'm sorry, how rude of me. Would you like some hot cocoa? It must be terribly cold outside," Babs7989 softened her voice a bit.

"Hot cocoa would be great," Diva87 said with a smile. The Wocky carefully poured them hot cocoa in huge mugs. She smiled slyly.

"I just want you to know that I'm on the case and that you can tell the Pink Faerie that the island will be fine. Now, why don't you go back home to Neopolia and come back in about a week or so to see that everything's alright," Babs7989 said with a reassuring smile. Chia_Blu00 felt a bit dizzy and fell out of his chair. The others soon passed out also.

They awoke in a cottage by a roaring fire. The cottage seemed very familiar. It was Scarlet's cottage. Scarlet explained that one of Babs7989's gang members had put sleeping powder in the cocoa and that she had found them in an alley in town. They went to Snax54's Italian restaurant.

"I'm afraid Snax54 has been kidnapped," said a waiter sadly. "It was the Nasty NeoPets gang who did it. They took him because he gave you too much information. We haven't been able to find Babs7989 or her gang." Diva87 suggested that they look for Izzy at the frozen pond, remembering seeing her at Babs7989's shop. When they arrived, the pond was empty except for a young Koi skating slowly along the side.

To be continued...

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