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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 12 > New Series > Pashionoia Peophin: Part One

Pashionoia Peophin: Part One

by celestrial_faerie

Hello! I am Pashionoia, a blue Peophin, and this, this is my pound story.

I was just a young Peophin when this whole ordeal began. I lived with four other pets, Zeeka, which was a red Zafara, my favourite friend of all my family that I lived with. He was always very nice to me, since I was the youngest and he was the second oldest of everyone. Thatala, another Peophin like myself, was my true sister, and we were almost identical, except that she was red and was older than I. Sierra, she was a blue Uni and was extremely vain and the oldest of us all, plus my first owners first, and most loved pet. She had everything from PetPets, to almost all of the make-up she could wear without her face falling off.

I am, to this very day, not sure why the owner got all of us, because we were paid no attention at all; Sierra had everything, even the best food. We got some junky health food, if any at all. All that was ever said to me was "You were a mistake." I refused to believe it, although it was true, my owner only wanted Thatala, I was "just an extra hassle and another mouth to feed." Our owner was not the richest person in Neopia, nor the nicest, but that didn't stop her from buying everything she could for Sierra with what money she had. The Uni had her own room, while the rest of us had to share one. It was a cruel, depressing life for us, though Zeeka always tried to cheer me and my sister up.

He would always try to steal something from Sierra; a broken toy, a used hair brush, even remnants of an Omelette if the opportunity arose and we were starving; things that Sierra and the owner would not miss. He found time when Sierra was out playing games with "the owner", or going to the first new land that opened up, or battling, something me and my friends did. We would save up money Zeeka had found laying around on Sierra's floor or Neopoints he had managed to grab from the Money Tree. We would buy food, and if there was extra, we would buy toys, but, most of all, little plastic shields or broken lightning guns. We'd go around the house when nobody but us was home, and play games like our own Battledome or take out the Fake Fake FAKE Plastic Figurine and go get our way into the neatest land uncovered in the Ice Caves, "Kitchen Land".

Zeeka was always kind to us, and did everything he could to make the unbearable less hard. He and my sister dearly liked each other and looked after me as if I was one of the most important things in the world.

That's what got him thrown out.

I had come down with Neopox, and an extremely bad case at that. When our owner came home with Sierra, they had gone shopping, Zeeka and my sister had pleaded for help for me, a Neopox Pizza. They cried and cried with all their hearts; Sierra only stood their and combed at her hair and gave them a funny look. After they'd given all the good reasons our owner asked for, he only turned them away and said he hadn't any Neopoints left. To show off, Sierra, after we had turned away, but not out of earshot, she asked our owner "Do you think I could get a Super Rare Uni Plushie?" The toy cost more than the Neopox Pizza, but still, the owner agreed, scratched the Uni on top of her head, and walked right back out of the frond door to our small NeoHome.

"This isn't fair!" Zeeka yelled, slamming his paw down on the floor. They had allowed me to sleep on the bed tonight, even though it wasn't my turn. My sister just laid beside me, I could just barely keep awake. She looked like someone who had been crying for a long while, even though she wasn't, and was very solemn and pale. Zeeka, who had just some up with an idea, was also so outraged, he couldn't be around me and ran right out of the room.

My sisters sweet, loving crying was the last thing I remember before I drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

The next morning, I remember my sister shaking me awake.

"Here," she said, a wide, happy smile on her face, "eat this." She handed me a slice of a pizza. I, realizing what it was, ate it quickly. In a matter of minutes, I was feeling myself again.

I gingerly walked down the stairs, testing every step, making sure I didn't tumble over and break my neck. When I reached the kitchen for breakfast, I saw my owner reading The Neopian Times. He glanced up from the paper to stare at me.

"You're better," she said harshly. "Pet's don't just get better overnight. Neopox lasts for months..." she drifted off and just looked at me, her hard, cold, blank starring eyes just fixed on me. After only a couple of seconds, she went back to the paper. After turning through the pages a bit, her eyes grew, and she glanced back in my direction, I was helping my sister wash plates; it was hard, but owner made us do it. Sierra just sat, eating food we could only dream of eating. It was then owner looked up and spoke, obviously planning for this.

"This might be interesting," she sneered. "Do any of you remember a Neopox Pizza," she smiled evilly. Walking over to the trash, she pulled out a box. The box that held the pizza.

"Well?" she asked all of us, except Sierra, who was now brushing her hair. "Anyone care to explain."

Zeeka stood up. My sister quietly expressed worry for him.

"I couldn't just let Pashionoia suffer like that! You had the money, but you bought something for Sierra instead!"

"So you're saying you stole it?" she growled, her voice rising.

"No," he told him simply, "I bought it with my own money I stored up."

"THIEF!" she yelled, throwing the box at him.

"I didn't steal the pizza-" he yelled back, but owner cut him short.

"You stole my own Neopoints!" she yelled, walking towards him. Me and my sister started shaking, Sierra was only worried if owner would take her to the Rainbow Pool, not about Zeeka and the fate he might face.

"No I didn't! I earned the money so I could help my friends! All you care about if Sierra! Even if we lived in the Tyrannian Volcano, you wouldn't care at all! Pashionoia could've starved, and what would you have done about it?" Zeeka was clearly in a rage, he was almost crying. Deep down, I knew he had stolen the pizza; he had just spent the money yesterday. As a final word, he yelled "LIFE ISN'T FAIR, BUT WITH YOU, IT'S UNBEARABLE!"

The owner snickered, Sierra only laughed. Zeeka was panting, ready for what came next. "You know, you're right," she said coolly, walking over to Zeeka, casting a shadow over where he stood, "Life isn't fair. I should know. I had to put up with you brats! And I've had enough!"

That was the last we ever saw of Zeeka.

As for me and my sister, the owner learned how easy it was to disown pets. My sister went first, and so no one could come along and adopt us both at the same time, I was still there a month later. I was so lonely, so sad, so scared, I just wanted to be disowned too, even though all the stories I heard, it just had to be better than this.

Soon, a month or so after Zeeka had his last stand, my turn came.

It was evening, and owner was taking Sierra shopping. With a strange fear I might tear apart the house in revenge, she was forced to bring me along.

We stopped off at the bank, after, my owners pockets jingling with Neopoints. We walked passed the Money Tree on our way to see the Shop Wizard for a Paint Brush for Sierra.

I saw some poor, sad NeoPets, a Pteri and a Peophin like myself, waiting for something to be dropped off for them. I saw an owner, with kind, sweet eyes and I earned, even though they were so poor, just to have that lady for a owner.

"We should leave something for them," I told owner, pointing to the person and pets at the tree. They heard me, and the girl looked up, a look of hope in her eyes. The Peophin looked up at me, and I gasped, it was blue, and it looked just like me. I had stood in front of the mirror, and it had the same figure and sad, crystal blue eyes, filled with tears.

"What? You think I'd waste my hard earned money on a couple sickly NeoPets? It's there fault that they can't keep a budget management like me!"

I looked at my owner crossly, anger rushing up through me. "You waste your money every day, just for Sierra. A Paint Brush, that is not important. What is important is food-"

"What, for yourself?" my owner yelled, grabbing my mane. "Why, you little, greedy mistake!" My owner barked at Sierra to go back to the bank and withdraw 80 Neopoints I knew what they were going to be used for.

To be continued...

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