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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 7th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 12 > New Series > The Battle For Neopia: Part One

The Battle For Neopia: Part One

by deadly_dreamer

(First of all, all the characters in this story are fictional. Other than the Faeries, I have totally made up the other characters, such as Ying and Yang).

The sun was just setting on the horizon of Faerieland, and all over Neopia, tired NeoPets were trudging home. But at the Faerieland castle however, the Faerie Queen had a visitor. Sitting in her throne underneath the painting of the Faeries, she listened to her visitor's predicament.

"I understand Fortuna. You have been a great ally to us in the past, predicting when certain disasters would occur," said the Queen to her visitor, who was kneeling in front of her along with a white Lupe. "But I cannot believe this prediction."

"Please your highness, I know I have failed in predicting invasions like the ones in Tyrannia and the Lost Desert, but I have never had a vision like this before. The power this creature has, if it is real, is more than enough to entirely know Neopia as we know it."

Pulling back her silver hair, the girl continued. "You have to destroy the Money Tree in the center of Neopia. If you don't, the evil will be released within a matter of months."

The Faerie Queen shook her head. "I'm sorry Fortuna. Many Neopians rely on the Money tree. I know what evil it contains, but if we were to destroy it, the people and pets of Neopia would never forgive us."

"Then I'll do it myself," said the girl, climbing to her feet, with the Lupe following suit.

"You will do no such thing Fortuna, that is an order," said the Queen. And then, in a softer tone, she said, "Look, I'll have the Fire Faerie guard the Tree for the next six months. That way, if anything happens, we'll know straight away."

The girl nodded and walked out of the hall with her Lupe. "Fortuna, what is wrong?" it asked. "The Faerie Queen said she would keep a lookout."

"Fortuna looked at her Lupe and smiled weakly. "I know Destiny, and I hope that's all she'll have to do…"

3 Months later…

"Come on Yang, you're so slow!" shouted Ying to his little brother.

Yang finally caught up with Ying and collapsed on the ground panting. The little Green Shoyru wasn't as fast as his red brother, but it didn't stop him trying to beat Ying in something other than math tests. Ying and Yang were two Shoyru brothers. But they were as different as their names suggested. Ying was sporty and popular, whilst Yang was the smartest NeoPet at his school. However, they were the best of friends. Ying laughed as he pulled his brother up to his feet.

"How many Neopoints do we have?" he asked.

Yang took off his bag and pulled out a wallet. "Let's see, about 5000 NP, and one Dubloon," he answered.

Ying frowned. "That's not going to buy two paintbrushes, we'll be lucky if we even get one."

Yang looked sad. "I know, but we lost most of our money when that Pant Devil attacked us."

Ying and Yang had wanted to get painted for quite a while. Ying had his heart on fire, whereas Yang wanted to be Shadow, so he could hide from bullies.

Suddenly, Ying shouted, "look over there, at the money tree!"

Yang whirled around. A Starry Paint brush had just materialized underneath the Money Tree. The two of them flapped their wings and headed towards it. However, a Kacheek had also noticed the prize, and was trying to beat them to it.

"Oh no you don't!" shouted Ying, and head butted the Kacheek. Then he flew on, and picked up the Paint brush.

"Yes! I am the champion!" he shouted, as Yang flew up with him exhausted.

"I guess you beat me again, Ying," he said unhappily. If it had just been him, the Kacheek would have gotten the brush hands down.

Just then, the sky grew dark, and clouds started to circle above the Money Tree. Ying, Yang, NeoPets, and their owners watched in shock as the donations under the Money Tree slowly disintegrated. Ying gripped the Starry paint brush even harder, and realised that the Money Tree seemed to be changing shape and colour. Midnight black. Even the ghosts by the tree started to run away.

Then, out of nowhere, the Fire Faerie flew into the sky, and aimed a fiery attack at the Money Tree. The attack should have burned the tree to a crisp, but a purple shield reflected the attack, and fired it back at the Fire Faerie. She dropped like a stone to the ground.

The horrified Neopians watched as the black trees branches melted together to make arms and a head. And many started to scream and run away as the roots became feet.

The last thing Ying and Yang remembered before they blacked out was a cloaked creature laughing hideously, and aiming a red beam of light towards them and the other NeoPets, and flying through the air.


"Ying, wake up. Come on Ying."

Ying groaned, and opened his eyes. Yang, his brother, was staring at him.

"Yay, you're awake" said Yang, and started dancing around the room.

Ying flew down from the table he had been on and looked around. Realising something awful had happened, he moaned again.

"What? What's wrong Ying? Are you hurt?" asked Yang.

To be continued...

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