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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 11 > Continuing Series > In Search of Malkus Vile: Part Three

In Search of Malkus Vile: Part Three

by miss_dream

Narrated by Don_Medusa

That evening, Neopian Channel One was devoting its entire newscast to the bizarre thefts that were sweeping the world, calling the epidemic in their own overblown way, "Pet-ty Larcenies" (GROAN!)

"More and more inexpensive and readily obtainable items are vanishing from houses and stores everywhere in Neopia," said Andrea Aisha as she reported from in front of the Chia Police Station. "Just today on Mystery Island, three people were victims of a pickpocketing by what seem to be a trio of Pteris in disguise. However, no Neopoints, no expensive jewelry, and not even a prized Golden Juppie was stolen from these people--the only things stolen were two books and a tube of lipstick."

"So much for my fifteen minutes of fame," Miss_dream said.

"No new developments have been revealed in the case--"

"So why are you still REPORTING?" I screamed.

"--but we will keep you informed as this string of robberies continues throughout Neopia. Live from the Chia Police Station, I'm Andrea Aisha. Back to you, Tom."

Miss_dream shut off the television. "We'd better serve dinner soon," she said. "Let me think…Oh, yeah! I said I was going to get a pizza, wasn't I? How about I call up Pizzaroo's and order us a Megapepper?"

"Oh, do get the Megapepper! I dearly love the hot sauce in the crust!" Riahli said, his tail wagging.

"And won't we get some Nice Iced Pizza for dessert?" NayotakeNoKaguyaHime said.

"Weeeelll…I was thinking we'd get a Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie for dessert, considering all that we've been through today. How about that?"

"Oh, I LOVE Faerie Food!" Nayo said, ears and tail swishing with happiness.

"Get some Faerie Bubbles too!" Sallie_chan said.

"Well, I guess so. Hold tight you guys, it's going to be a while before the pizza gets here. How about some Neopoly or a few games of Cheat?"

"I would not mind at all," Riahli said. "I do so love Cheat. But Sallie_chan always wins."

"Regular little card shark you are, Oneesan (older sister)," Nayo said.

"I'll go get the cards," I said. I dealt out the hands, and we played until the doorbell rang and the Blumaroo pizza delivery guy arrived with our Megapepper Pizza.

"Whoa, dudette," he said to Miss_dream as he gave her the order. "Sorry I'm so late. This Meerca like came up to me, and like he jumped up and took my key chain."

"I believe you. Okay, here's 100 NP, now scoot," Miss_dream said. The pizza was served with a few bottles of Achyfi to quench the burning pepper sauce as we all discussed the various thefts.

"I would say that it is the work of a gang of kleptomaniacs," Riahli said.

"Bless you," Sallie_chan said.

"No, I did not sneeze, younger sister. A 'kleptomaniac' is one who is always compelled to steal wherever he or she may go. They always seem to steal little, worthless items."

"Maybe you're right, Oniisan (older brother)," Nayo said.

"What I think," I said, "is that someone is using these items for something. Think of it. Even some of the most insignificant items have value."

"Like…" Miss_dream said.

"You know, the Cooking Pot of Pango Pango? You took that chicken and that bread over to Mystery Island one day and came back with the Chicken Bread Bowl. You can make anything in there."

"Perhaps," Miss_dream said. "Or maybe it's a classic case of we-merely-think-its-an-epidemic-because-it's-happening-so-often-now. That happens a lot anywhere you go."

"Aren't things being stolen every day here?" Sallie_chan said. "There are all those bad shops that sell fake items and they don't work, and then after the person buys them the people who run the shop break into their house when they're away and take everything."

Miss_dream nodded gravely. "I should know. One of my friends had that happen to her."

"But still…" I finished my slice of pizza, perched in my chair, and did a little preening. "They're…little things. You see them on the Money Tree all the time. There has to be something about them, otherwise they wouldn't be so…desirable all of a sudden."

"I agree," Riahli said. "They are common, simple things, that aren't worth very much money."

Miss_dream appeared to look deep in thought, the way she was when she was brainstorming with us to unravel the mystery of who stole the crown of King Coltzan. She stared at the cheap wallpaper, then at her unfinished slice of Megapepper Pizza, then at all of us-myself with my multicolored feathers, Riahli's pure white fur, Nayo's gleaming gold coat, and then at Sallie's beautiful faerie wings. She looked at the wings, then smiled.

"Remember when we met that beautiful lady outside the shop that asked us to get her a bottle of black nail polish?" she said, softly. "And then it turned out that it was the Uber Air Faerie?"

"FAERIE QUESTS!" we all yelled. The mystery was unraveled. Someone, somewhere, was stealing all those things to appease the faeries! But who? And why?

"It is a logical answer!" Riahli said. "The Uber Faeries ask of us Neopets to bring them certain items to give to them in exchange for making us stronger!"

"The items all fit, too!" I said. "The Light Faerie wants trading cards, the Water Faerie wants books, the Air Faerie got the lipstick, the Darkness Faerie wants toys, and the Fire Faerie wants clothing!""What about the Earth Faerie and the Faerie Queen?" Sallie_chan said. "They must feel left out. The Faerie Queen hardly ever ventures from outside of her kingdom, and the Earth Faerie…well, the Earth Faerie just gives us all that yummy food."

"What about the Earth Faerie and the Faerie Queen?" Sallie_chan said. "They must feel left out. The Faerie Queen hardly ever ventures from outside of her kingdom, and the Earth Faerie…well, the Earth Faerie just gives us all that yummy food."

"I can't believe that the cops never thought of this!" Nayo said. "It makes me wonder, though."

"Yeah," Miss_dream said. "But…we've solved the mystery." She smiled playfully, as if she was off on another crusade to shut down an illegal shop. "Why don't we head down to the police station tomorrow and tell them of our little hunch?"

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I whispered to Riahli.

"I am not sure, but is your intuition telling you that our mistress wants to track down the thieves herself?" Riahli whispered back.

"Bin-go!" I said, doing a thumbs-up with my wing.

Meanwhile, a timid, green Grundo approached the little yellow house on the fluffy cloud that held Faerieland aloft over the earth. His red eyes were beginning to tear up as he clutched his balled fist to his chest. He shuffled uneasily towards the butterfly-shaped door, almost certain that his master's eyes were watching him, even from his secret hideaway…The Grundo swallowed and opened up the door.

A radiant pool of light greeted him as the door opened, and the Uber Light Faerie stepped gracefully towards him. "My dear little friend," the faerie said. "Have you brought me what I wanted?"

"Yes, oh illuminated one," the Grundo said, holding out the trading card that he had been holding. The Light Faerie smiled at him and raised her hand.

"By the powers vested in me, I grant thee one level. Go in peace, my loyal subject."

The Grundo bowed timidly and rushed out the door. The Light Faerie looked puzzled, and then examined her trading card. She gasped in shock as the card she had wanted had been written on-the letters SOS.

Meanwhile, Malkus Vile received another Beakadoodle in his office. He opened up the capsule to reveal another slip of paper, which said:

Our client has requested for us to begin obtaining bottled Faeries, Codestones and other magical items. He requests that you stop all of your hirelings from finding cheap items and devote themselves entirely to the new objective. I am quite sure you will find this assignment to your liking. Remember-our client will reward you for your work.

--Central Control

Malkus Vile grinned evilly, his razor-sharp teeth shining in the light. Finally, a chance for his men to steal REAL loot-not just things that you could get at the One Neopoint Store. And this reward-it sounded like whoever was hiring the organization this time was pretty loaded. Why, after this job, he could quit and live the high life without ever having to worry about Chia Cops or another bungled operation. He knew who he needed to call for this job.

"Mildred, get me…the Shadow."

"The WHO?" Mildred shrieked. "You couldn't possibly be calling for HIM, would you?"

"Just do as you're told! We're going for the big guns, and it's going to be TONIGHT!" Malkus screamed.

"All right," Mildred said. She opened up Malkus' appointment book and looked under S. The Shadow was there-that enigmatic, jet black Lupe with enough thefts under his belt to make him one of the Ten Most Wanted in Neopia. She swallowed uneasily as she dialed his number.

"This is The Shadow," said a deep, unearthly voice.

"Um, yes. Mr. Shadow," Mildred said, "Malkus Vile would like to talk to you. It's a job that needs to be done tonight."

"All right," the Shadow hissed. "Put me through to him."

"Mr. Vile," Mildred said, "Shadow on line 1."

"Ah, yes," Malkus Vile said, his grin returning. "Nice to hear from you again, Shadow. Now, listen to me…this is a job that is not going to be easy…"

To be continued…

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