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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 28th day of Hunting, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 10 > New Series > The Poogle Palace: Part One

The Poogle Palace: Part One

by Taytees1520

Diva87 heard the sound of footsteps. She sprang from her pillow and sprinted to the door. The door burst open as taytees1520 walked in. Diva87 jumped up to greet her owner, but taytees1520 seemed to ignore her. Taytees1520 hurried over to Chia_Blu00 and gave him a hug. She pulled a Chocolate Chia Truffle out of her bag and gave it to him. Taytees1520 smiled at Kacheek_Red00 and held out a closed fist. Kacheek_Red00 sniffed her hand and opened the fist. Kacheek_Red00 grabbed the Teenage Usuki doll and began to play with it happily. Tayteees1520 plunged on her bed and pulled out a book, My First Faerie, from her bag. She patted the bed and looked at Diva87. Diva87 ran merrily to taytees1520 and snuggled close. Taytees1520 began to read allowed and when she was finished, she placed the book on the bedside table and it vanished into a purple puff of smoke. “What say we take a trip,” she asked. The NeoPets smiled excitedly. Taytees1520 grabbed some snacks, gathered up her pets, and locked the door as she left. The NeoPets pranced at the side of taytees1520 as they ventured on. They reached a dock and took a faerie to Poogle Palace. The pets have never visited this place and taytees1520 has only heard of it. They were astonished when they arrived.

A tall, mystical palace stood in the center of the island with yellow walls. The sky appeared to sparkle with a silver glimmer that outlined the palace, clouds, and the glorious gigantic sun. The trees were dotted with Faerie Poogles who were extremely small, no bigger than a humming bird. Fields of bright, colourful flowers covered the luscious green grass. A stream drained into a shimmering lake. The majestic mountains stood tall and made the island the most miraculous site ever seen by the four Neopians.

A yellow Poogle ran by shortly followed by a blue Poogle. Diva87 joined in the game as no Poogle can resist a game of chase. Chia_Blu00 ran to the lake where a couple of Poogles were having a splash contest. Chia_Blu00 obviously won considering his advantage in size. Taytees1520 walked towards the stream, where a faint rainbow appeared. Kacheek_Red00 followed and peered into the clear water. Kacheek_Red00 spoke, “Can I be painted?” Taytees1520 looked up, “What colour do you want to be painted?”

“I don’t know. How about faerie so that I can fly or maybe stripes so that I can be camouflaged and win at hide-and-seek every time?”

“Faerie Paint Brushes are awfully expensive and we just don’t have the Neopoints for a Striped Paint Brush at the moment. We are trying to save, not spend. Besides, what’s wrong with your current colour? It’s so great on you.”

“But I’m sick of being red or pink, whatever. Do you think maybe someday I can switch my colour?”

“Yes, when we have enough Neopoints then I’ll buy you a paint brush.” Chia_Blu00 and Diva87 joined taytees1520 and Kacheek_Red00 and they walked along a bright red path that led to the gorgeous palace. They reached the doors, lifted the brass doorknocker with a peculiar symbol on it, and banged it against the door. A Poogle opened the door and greeted them. The room was very spacious, decorated with a light blue paint blotched with puffy white clouds. The red path had turned into red carpet as they entered. They walked through a long narrow hall. The hallway opened into, what appeared to be, a ballroom. A white grand piano with gold trimming sat in the middle of the room. Taytees1520 walked towards the piano. Her footsteps echoed throughout the room with her NeoPets following her. Kacheek_Red00 hit the piano keys and a low sound boomed. She lifted her paw and found it covered in dust. Taytees1520 looked down and wiped her paw.

“Don’t touch,” taytees1520 told Kacheek_Red00. Chia_Blu00 ran up a golden flight of stairs that led up to the second floor. Taytee1520 grabbed her Poogle and Kacheek and ran after him while yelling, “Wait for us.” When taytees1520 reached the top, she saw Chia_Blu00 standing there, staring at a small round man in front of a diamond-covered door. Taytees1520 walked closer and discovered that the man was sleeping. Diva87 nudged the man and he awoke, startled.

“What do you want?” he asked sleepily. Diva87 backed up and looked at the tall door. Then she looked at the small man.

“You want to see the Pink Faerie, eh?”

“The Pink Faerie?” taytees1520 asked.

“Yes, the Pink Faerie,” the round man answered.

“She rules over Poogle Palace. She needs your help. The land is in danger.”

“Danger?” taytees1520 asked.

“Yes, the rainbow by the stream is fading away and it’s the main power source of the island. Someone or something has been draining the power. We’re not sure how or what will happen when the power is gone, but we know it sure won’t be good.”

“Well, we’ll do what we can to help,” answered taytees1520.

“Wonderful! Then you may go right in,” said the small man as he opened the door. Taytees1520 and her three pets walked into a room completely covered in the colour pink. Every single item in that room was pink and there were plenty of items to fill the room. Tgaytees1520 spotted one flaw in the pink covered room, the throne, that the Pink Faerie sat on, was solid gold with emeralds outlining it. Diva87 ran to the Pink Faerie and stopped at the foot of her throne. The Pink Faerie looked down and smiled sweetly then she sunk down into her chair and sighed. Taytees1520 and her Kacheek and Chia approached the Pink Faerie, cautiously. The Pink Faerie looked up at them and sat up.

“Oh, you’ve finally come! I’ve been waiting for someone to help save Poogle Palace,” the Pink Faerie said with excitement.

“Well, we’ll try our best,” taytees1520 hesitated.

“I suggest that you start searching for clues by the rainbow. The only residents on this island besides the Poogles and me are the guard my door, the Jubjub Wizard, those who have made their homes in the mountains, and those who lurk in the dark cave,” the Pink Faerie said.

“Um, thanks for your advice. We’ll start looking right away,” taytees1520 answered. The four Neopians left the completely pink room and stopped to ask the pudgy guard some questions.

“The Pink Faerie is so upset about this whole thing. I hate to see her like this. It would be horrible if anything happened to Poogle Palace that would cause the Poogles to leave. No one wants to leave this Poogle paradise,” explained the small man. As they left the palace, taytees1520 said, “I think we can we can cross him off the suspect list.”

“Let’s go look for clues,” suggested Chia_Blu00. They all searched around the faint rainbow and in the stream and lake. Kacheek_Red00 squealed when she found a magical wand.

“This must belong to the Jubjub Wizard,” taytees1520 said. After asking for directions, taytees1520 and her pets journeyed to a tent deep in the woods. There was a small fire in front of the tent and a rickety wooden rocking chair sitting close by it. Diva87 approached the tent and yelled, “Hello? Anybody home?” The Jubjub Wizard came out of his tent and said, “ Hello! How may I help you? I just restocked so I have plenty of items that can be purchased.”

“We found this magic want by the rainbow and thought it might belong to you,” Kacheek_Red00 said, holding out the wand.

“Ah, yes. I’ve been looking for this everywhere,” answered the Jubjub Wizard.

To be continued...

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