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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 9 > Continuing Series > The Kontana Scroll II: Part Seven

The Kontana Scroll II: Part Seven

by kiwifruit487

TrailMixed, Chelses, Yamakarasu, Gyka, Exlund, Flamie_500, and Sahe were deep into the forest before putting all five pieces of the Kontana Scroll together. Suddenly, there was a slight glow and the pieces stuck together magically and it looked like it was never ripped or separated before.

What it said on the scroll was:

The Firehole is the heart and soul of Strannams Village
If ever, it would be the Parkitan sons, 'nap and pillage
Lie in the golden mountains a magical spell
It will set free the warmth that fell

Then, another message appeared into the air:

However, as the answers here it lies
Lives part, some life lives, another dies

"What luck, every time we do this, someone has to die," groaned Flamie_500 when something in his backpack jerked. He jumped and pulled it off his back. He jumped back staring at his bag. Sahe moved forward and looked at it. Something jumped out making Sahe jumping back as well. It was the map of Viemo that landed in their hands when they had entered the Village. It now lay motionlessly on the ground. Chelses stepped forwards and picked it up. "Hey that could be dangerous!" said Gyka, but it was just like a regular map, gripped in Chelses' hand.

"Well, you'd think that nothing would surprise us anymore," breathed Yamakarasu.

They all moved forward to looked at the map and Chelses' face suddenly went strange and she spoke in a hoarse voice, "Everyone, touch this map now."

They were all confused, but touched the map anyway. As soon they touched it, something strange happened. The world seemed to disappeared below their feet and they entered into another world... the world of Viemo again, now daylight once more. They landed on a hill.

TrailMixed was holding the Kontana Scroll and it was glowing all the time while this happened. "Dis could be de Scroll workin' de magic," she whispered, "hey, in dis position, these hills an' m'untains looks vewy bright an' yellow."

"The golden mountains!" exclaimed Sahe.

"Erm, OK, if the answers are here," wondered Exlund, "I don't see it."

"Hm, maybe we have to search for it?" Yamakarasu spoke uncertainly, "but that would be strange because I thought the scroll gives every single part of the answer and no more searching."

"I agree with you, Yama," said Gyka, "but now let's see, maybe the answer is staring at us in the face here and we just don't see it."

Chelses looked over Viemo and said, "Well, it's just like our Village except backwards... we are standing on the hill that's before the friendship hut and--"

"Wait, that's it!" cried Flamie_500 peering over the map, "it's not the friendship hut, it's the Parkitan Thieves' hut, it says here!"

"It would be the Parkitan sons, 'nap and pillage," said Sahe, "so... um that should be right, we should go down to the Parkitan Thieves' hut because their sons kidnapped and pillaged..."

"OK, let's go," said Exlund, "carefully, we don't want to be caught again."

They reached the hut and kicked the door open. Every Usul head looked up. Some were in the middle of a game of chess, some arguing, some joking around, and some just playing. It was very like the friendship hut. A Yellow Usul stood up. He looked extraordinary familiar... TrailMixed gasped, "Anatnok!"

"Bet it was that Kontana Scroll, eh?" said Anatnok with a sneer. He looked at the other species in distaste and said, "All of you, so low... all the same, mixing with other species." He faced Exlund and spat in his face.

Exlund stared at Anatnok steadily with the spit rolling down his face. Anatnok didn't stop there. He blew on his cigar and then stuck the tip of it on Chelses' arm. Chelses cried out aloud at the burn. Yamakarasu couldn't control her temper anymore and she leapt forward, but Anatnok threw her against the wall with a flick of his finger making everyone gasp at his strength.

"I'm disappointed, Anatnok," said Gyka shaking his head, "you weak fool. You are degrading everyone else because you can't control yourself anymore. What a disgrace. I am ashamed of you." Everyone stared at him.

Anatnok grabbed Gyka by the neck and was ready to bash when Anatnok was thrown back. The Kontana Scroll was glowing intensely.

"Where is Vivarosa and _Noro_?" Flamie_500 wanted to know.

"Ha," said Anatnok massaging his neck, "you'll never know."

TrailMixed pointed the Kontana Scroll at Anatnok.

"Kontana would have been disappointed, girl," Anatnok gave TrailMixed a glance.

"You are evil," said Sahe, "you deserve to be dealt with accordingly. Why would Kontana be disappointed? He may have been your son, but he gives no mercy."

"You certainly have no idea what you are on about, do you," said Anatnok, "Kontana wasted the best of his life struggling till he could stand no more and had to run away. He would never kill me because I saved him, from his loneliness and struggle."

"I don't believe a word you are saying," spat Exlund angrily, "now return Viva back to me."

Anatnok didn't move, but only stared at them. The other Usuls in the room hadn't moved an inch since they had arrived. Yamakarasu already recovered and she stood up. Without warning, she grabbed the Scroll from Traily's hand and opened it again and turned it to face Anatnok. She didn't know how or why, but she somehow just knew what to do.

A green light shot out from the Kontana Scroll and pointed at Anatnok. Anatnok was left weak on the ground when the green light left him. He groaned and said weakly, "Viva and Noro!"

Vivarosa and _Noro_ were taken out from the back by four Parkitan Usuls. Exlund's face lit up.

The seven friends took Vivarosa and Noro to their sides, then ran up the hill again managing to hear Anatnok call, "Someone will have a terrible fate from that Scroll! You remember that!"

There was a rainbow swirling doorway there on the hill and the nine friends ran through it. Vivarosa was halfway through when she screamed and the doorway closed in on her, "Exlund!"

Exlund ran back, but Sahe had to pull him away as the doorway exploded. Yamakarasu still had the scroll and told everyone to touch it. There was a swirling magic and they found themselves back in Strannams. "The Firehole is back!" cried a voice which sounded like Cadbury_Bunny's voice.

The army seemed to have also returned with the magic of the Scroll because they woke up by the town hall feeling confused. Exlund was crying in the friendship hut over Vivarosa's second destruction. "She's buried in the Firehole again..." said Exlund, "Why? why her every time?"

TrailMixed put an arm around him and said, "Hey, try ter be happy, we did a great thing fer our village though, with de Firehole back in its place."

"Pozialle lost his position as a general," said Gyka as he burst through the door, "but the good news it, the Queen called us in and I told her you two were here, but she let us go because for our contribution to the village. Another good news is that we got special awards for our contribution, though she warned us not to go after scrolls anymore. Oh well, like she'll ever understand. The others are at the ceremony in town. I decided to just come and you know, let you guys know. Anyway, well, yeah it's too bad that Pozi lost his place -"

"It's fine," said Pozialle as he walked in too with a smile, "I was longing to quit."

At this moment, Kontana suddenly appeared. Everyone's eyes widened. "Do tell," said Exlund.

Kontana started, "I'm very sorry about Vivarosa, but you needn't to worry, she'll be back in no time. How? Sorry, I can't tell you that. All answers should be earned like your hard work earned this answer. Now I'm sure you think of Anatnok very badly now, but please don't. He didn't used to be like that. He used to love helping everyone and he was very nice. You see, the truth it, he's not my father. I was left in the sand and before the tree, he was in the color of Usul. We reached out for each other and I took him out. Lucky you guys, Pozialle pulled you out there. Anyway, we wandered in the sand for a long time and he became a father to me as I was still very young. Ten years later, he took me to the Village of Viemo. After a strange mistake in the Nosilis Fountain, he turned very bitter and hated every other species. I couldn't live in that kind of world and walked out creating my own world."

"Wow, he sounds like he used to be an angel," said Exlund.

"Yes, he was a very great Usul and well, yeah you could say that he was an angel," said Kontana, "he built the village of Viemo himself. He was very kind too."

"You built Strannams," Pozialle pointed out.

"That, I learned from him, and he deserves the teaching credit" said Kontana, "I learned a lot from him. He's a very clever chap and was my adopted father."

"Do you miss him and wish he was back?" asked Gyka, "and will he ruin Viemo with that attitude of his?"

"The current him is not Anatnok anymore, he's not the one who helped me anymore, nor the one who wanted grow strong just to help others," said Kontana, "may my father lie in peace. About the attitude thing, I don't think he will ever ruing the village, in fact I know it. He would never. Maybe his hate for other species will remain, but he will always love his village. Besides, he isn't the exact ruler of the land, just like I'm not of Strannams, so he doesn't have full control."

"Ah have a question," said TrailMixed, "is de Village of Viemo always open like dat? You jus' go an' can go through de rainbow doorway?"

Kontana smiled and took out a coin, "I guess we just have to find out, eh?"

He threw the coin into the air and everyone watched it land on the floor. It just rolled a bit and then landed flat on the ground, not moving at all.

"Eh, you must have done it wrong," said Gyka, "let me see."

Gyka took a coin and threw it into the air, then watched it land, but it did the same thing as Kontana's coin. Kontana laughed and said, "Of course, the village is closed now, which means you can't go in or go out now."

There were two knocks and a scratch on the door. TrailMixed hurried forward to open the door. It was Cadbury_Bunny. "Um, let's see, well, the Queen want to, erm, talk to you, Kontana, and hey, good job guys, for you know, getting the Firehole back. I'm really sorry about Vivarosa, Exlund, are you all right?"

"I'll live," said Exlund with a sigh, "now why would Kihalai want to talk Kontana? Was the scroll not good enough in helping our village?"

"Erm, she probably wants to apologise," said Cadbury_Bunny, "teehee... they got into a little fight."

"Tell her it's fine," said Kontana, "I don't feel like going to that castle. I wanna hang out here."

"Only Kontana could say that," laughed Cadbury_Bunny.

"What? It's not like the Queen rules everyone and everything," said Kontana, "she only deals with politics... hehehehehehe."

"Yeah right," said Cadbury and with this, he bounced out.

In a land not very far away, the Acara baby snuggled in her bed and asked, "Then what happened, mommy?"

The Acara mother smiled and stroked her baby's hair, then said, "They lived happily ever after..." then whispered to herself, "till next year anyway."

The End

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