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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 9 > Continuing Series > Search: Part Six

Search: Part Six

by Griffin337

(Griffin337 is dragonshark173's Lupe)

I glared at Captain Longbeard as he started sniggering, grasping the Quadheximos in his paws. I gritted my teeth and bounded after him, and attempted to chomp down on the arm with the Golden Eye in it. He dodged his arm out of the way and I crashed to the ground, hitting my chin hard. I got up and shook my head hard once and whirred back around, still snarling.

It started to sprinkle rain, then started pouring down rain, making the ground very muddy. I bared my fangs and flattened my ears, fire in my eyes. I charged at the Gelert again, tackling him to the ground, but he grabbed my neck and tossed my on the ground once again, covering my legs and whole lower body in mud, including my chin and neck.

"Face it, puppy. You've lost. Game over." The captain said. "I'm more powerful than you..." He started pacing around me as I weakly got up. "...I'm smarter than you...and I'm better than you."

I breathed hard, every breath a struggle for me, my eyes half open I was fighting for my consciousness. I grabbed my attack fork in my paws and pointed it at the captain. Captain Longbeard grabbed from his belt a rainbow gun, pointed right at my head. He cocked it and stared at me. "Drop the weapon. Put your hands up," he said. I immediately dropped my Attack Fork and started laughing.

The captain looked at me funny and wondered why I was laughing. I grabbed behind my back and took out my Fire Sword and swung it at the captain's feet. The captain fell down, badly hurt. I walked up to him and slit my eyes as I purposely stepped on his arm and grabbed the Golden Eye in my jaws. I looked back at Al and Cleevis and tried to motion my head one way where the path was. I noticed the path when I saw the last crew member come in.

I started running through the field to get to the path, but the crew started chasing after me. I was weak and couldn't fight them all off at once. Al grabbed my attack fork, and although heavy for him (As the Attack Fork was in Lupe Size), he swung it menacingly at the crew. The crew was frightened, but knew that Al was no match for them. The went after him, and, in one last desperate attempt, Al hit the Attack Fork hard on the ground, and not knowing it, from the first prong of the fork came a bolt of lightening! It hit the crew's feet, stinging them and making them back up.

Al held the Attack Fork with both hands as me and Cleevis ran on. Al laughed and tossed Cleevis the Attack Fork. Cleevis attached it to his back for easier carrying and they continued running.

The crew came to and started running after the group, abandoning their captain. I panted harshly, the Quadheximos still in my jaws and my fire sword still in my paw. At the end of the path, a boulder blocked the way! I stopped and looked at it, Al and Cleevis stopped as well. The crew was gaining on us!

"Al, Cleevis, climb onto my back!" They did. I took a deep breath and swallowed hard. In one leap, I jumped over the boulder and continued running as Al and Cleevis got off my back. The boulder separated us and the crew, but I kept on running.

Where the forest ended and the beach started, I slowed down, panting harshly, and fell down on the beach, rain pattering on me. When Al and Cleevis saw me, Al took my front paws and Cleevis the back paws and they dragged me on the boat.

When I woke up, I was on the deck. It was nighttime now, and the rain had cleared up. I felt a lot better now. One of my legs was neatly wrapped in gauze, and there was a bandage on my ear. Al smiled when he noticed I was up, and walked over to me.

"Fortunately for you, I took a few courses on basic medicine. Looks like the healing potion has kicked in, Griffin."

I smiled and looked at Al. "Thanks." I paused. "But...what happened to the Quadheximos?"

"We have it right here," Al said. "Cleevis is getting the diving gear ready...we need to dive back down to the museum and put the Quadheximos back in its place."

"Will Maraqua be restored after that?" I asked, remembering the area very well.

"No, Griffin...Maraqua is destroyed forever," Al said. "But if we don't hurry, the rest of the world will be, too."

I sadly nodded and got up. After our scuba gear was all fit on, we both dove back down into the ocean, for one last time to put the Golden Eye back in its place. When we got to the ruins of the museum, I placed the Golden Eye back in its place, to rest there, forever. I bent down and said a prayer for luck, and turned back around at Al, sadly nodded, and in using the same old machine, we headed back up.

I got up on deck and took the suit off, and shook all the water off my fur. "Cleevis..." I said. "Homeward bound." Cleevis nodded and started the boat back up and turned the boat around.

I watched the whole way back, looking back at the whirlpool that would protect the golden eye, hopefully forever. We got back on the dock and Cleevis tied his boat back in the harbor. I pat Cleevis on the shoulder and sighed. "You're a good companion..." I said. Cleevis sadly nodded. "Perhaps we'll meet again."

I waved at Cleevis one last time and turned back around to see the people walking down the streets and haggling with the shop owners. I shook my head sadly. They had no idea, none whatsoever, that they were that close to being a bunch of goners.

The End

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