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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 9 > Continuing Series > Fair Warning: Part Three

Fair Warning: Part Three

by westielovergurl


Ellyanny decided to start looking for her sister. She knew it was practically impossible to hide in the city, because with the virtu mask, you could locate anyone!

She decided to go into the abandoned area of Neopia. After asking around, she realised NO ONE went their anymore, it was bad luck, because that was where the war of 2405 had been, where Sloth took over. It was one of the only remaining buildings from 'Old Neopia' as they called it. She asked about faeries--Ellyanny herself was a Faerie Aisha! But no, NO ONE respected faeries anymore. A long time ago, in 2421, after the long war had been won and Sloth had gotten people to respect him, he had made everyone drive out ALL the faeries in Neopia--they threatened his leadership.

She hired a 'Zoomobile' and at first was too scared to start the rockets, but soon found it was extremely easy to drive... erm, fly.

After a short drive of a few minutes, she got out and gaped.

There stood North Neopia Public School. This--500 years ago, of course--used to be her school. Neopians had taken refuge here when trying to escape from Sloth. Many fighters against Sloth had come here, where faeries would bless them. It was really a pile of rubble, but the east end--where the gym USED to be--still stood.

Ellyanny could not operate her Virtu Mask here. There were no transmitters nearby.

She took it off, and crept inside. Ellyanny was amazed as, the gym wasn't there--500 years ago, the gym had stood there--now it was a war lab!

Dr. Sloth had shown up with many enslaved Grundos, and threatened Neopia that if they didn't immediately start to respect him and let him take over the world, he would torture them all and start a war with his super power weapons. He even proved it by destroying half of the Faerieland cloud with his super ray gun!

The Neopians, who were brave, declared that they would not just stand there and let him take over. Dr. Sloth disapeared for a few months, and the Neopians, knowing that Sloth would come back with his weapons, stopped all academics, and began war training with all the NeoPets, and they trained in North Neopia PS.

Ellyanny wove around huge guns, and kept a wide berth between herself and the many potions lying on the makeshift tables.

She tried to be logical. If it was said that the 'Devil's Fires' had Neonapped the NeoPets, wouldn't they have a headquarters that was just like their name?

Ellyanny peered at a war map posted on the wall. It was stained with--ahh, you don't want to know!--but you could still read it.

Our brave little star headed off to the Tyrannian volcanoes.


"Um..Hello?" Ellyanny said as she approached the volcanoe area in her zoomobile. She was talking to her microphone.

"Hi, reporting back to Neopia, this is Ellyanny Aisha reporting, reporting BACK TO the year 2001 AD. I am heading towards the volcanoe, and just to say, I'm still alive. Over."

"We read you. Please report back soon. Over."

"I must turn off the transmitter now. Over."

"All right. Transmission over."


Ellyanny was looking for where a large group of Neonappers could stay, when she found something.

"A copy of the Sticks N Stones? Aha!"

She followed the trail of items dropped by the NeoPets being kept captive in the volcano. Obviously, the NeoPets had been trying to give whoever came to rescue them a trail.

It lead to a crevace in the volcano. Ellyanny walked in, when she heard a click.

She turned around, to see a crazy looking Grundo come around.

"I KNEW someone would come!" he growled. Ellyanny tried to run, but another Grundo came around and twisted her arms behind her back. Ellyanny cried out in pain. Strangely enough, Grundos had not evolved, but all the other NeoPets had changed--obviously the work of Dr. Sloth.

"You're going DOWN."

Ellyanny's mouth was kept closed by a strange thing from the future. Her arms were kept in the painful position, and they twisted her legs up so they could tie her arms and legs together. Ellyanny cried out. She felt a prick in her arm, and she immediatly felt sick. Ellyanny tried as best as she could to stop from vomiting...but was unsuccessful. Then, her mind began to shut down, and she was delirious. (In other words, INSANE. I-N-S-A-N-E.) There was a horrible pain in her stomach, and then, Ellyanny's eyes closed.....The world seemed so distorted.... or was it her? Or was it her lunch?


"Hey! The system is shutting down!" the lab technitian (from 2001 AD in case you are wondering) cried.

"Oh no... did something happen to Ellyanny?"

" couldn't be...just a few minutes ago she reported in! She was in Tyrannia in 2500 AD!"

"Tyrannia? TYRANNIA? What was she, nuts?"

"She must be on the trail of something!"

"What if they caught her?"

To be continued...

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