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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 9 > New Series > In Search of Malkus Vile: Part One

In Search of Malkus Vile: Part One

by miss_dream

narrated by Don_Medusa

It was a dark and stormy night in Neopia Central. Rain splashed onto the empty streets like a raging waterfall and forked lightning lit the skies. Barely a soul was around, many choosing to stay inside with a good book and a cup of hot Borovan than get drenched outside. It was perfect weather for a little bit of thievery.

Heermeedjet was quivering as he struggled to hold up his brother, Merouladen, as Merou was busily picking the lock on the NeoHome's door. "Are you done YET?" Heer grunted, as his brother's foot began to dig into his head.

"Almost there…just a few more clicks…Got it!" Merou said. The lock clicked, and with a deft swing, Merou grabbed the doorknob and jumped from his brother's head. The door opened as Merou did a triple somersault and made a three point landing on the tip of his tail.

"Ta daaaa!" Merou said.

"Nice," Heer murmured. "Now let's get to business. We don't want the Big M.V. to rail on us again like that time with that crown."

Quietly, the two Meerca brothers crept through the house, straining their eyes in the darkness. They quickly scanned the kitchen and living room. "What book does MV want again?" Merou whispered.

"Hmm…Oh yeah, I remember! A Tale of Two Lupes," Heer whispered back. "There's the library. Don't make a sound! I'm going to stand guard. Got your Sparkshooter?"

"Right here," Merou said. "Good luck."

Merou took his position right outside the heavy doors to the library, while Heer slowly sneaked in. The library was a small, windowless room. Great! He could turn on his flashlight without anyone noticing. He flicked on his Scorchio flashlight (with light-up flame) and shined it around the room, looking for that one book…Just a book? What was the big MV thinking, when this place had lots of neat stuff to steal? A book that was barely worth over 300 NP? Heer sighed as he made another sweep around the room. Then, it caught his eye-A Tale of Two Lupes, sitting right there on the table. "Yesssss!" he whispered, as he carefully tucked it under his arm and slowly slid out of the room.

"Got it?" Merou asked.

"Got it!" Heer said. "Now let's blow this Chia Pop stand!" The two Meercas carefully tiptoed their way towards the front door. Almost as soon as they were out of the door, Heer suddenly felt something long and slinky under his foot. There was a loud cry of pain and the two were suddenly bowled over by a Kadoatie who was jumping up and down and waving its tail in pain!

"Nuts! Let's scoot!" Merou yelled. A light flipped on in the house just as Merou and Heer slipped out the door.

"What's going on?" yelled a sleepy voice, as a pair of Lupes suddenly rushed into the room. The Kadoatie stopped shrieking as the green Lupe licked its tail gently to ease the pain.

"We got robbed!" the yellow Lupe said. "I saw them! I think they were Meercas, but they ran away before I could catch them!"

"I don't think anything was taken," the green Lupe said as he looked around. "Hold it…the library door is open and all the books are on the floor!"

The yellow Lupe sniffed the ground, carefully smelling all of the books. As the green Lupe turned on the library light, they noticed that the dusty end table had a rectangular space with no dust on it, and that their favorite book was nowhere to be seen.

The Next Day…

"The rash of mysterious thefts has been continuing throughout Neopia Central," said the TV news anchor-Chia on Channel One's Evening News. "Last night, a book was stolen from a house on Bread Street, which brings the total of thefts to four in the last week alone. Other items that have gone missing include a single trading card from the Trading Card Shop, a toy train missing from a home on Guild Street, and a pair of overalls from a store in Soup Alley. The police have no leads or clues, and searches by the Police Lupes and Gelerts have turned up with nothing. What we do know at this point is that the thieves are Meercas, and we are asking that anyone with any information on these thefts should contact the Neopia Police."

Miss_dream clicked off the TV with the remote control and stretched out her arms. "Now that's bizarre," she said. "I mean, those things are pretty cheap."

"Yeah, well…maybe it's some sort of twisted scavenger hunt or something," I said, stretching my wings and giving my feathers a little preen. I love being an Eyrie.

"Okay, Don_Medusa and Riahli…it's the Training School for you two today," Miss_dream said. She nonchalantly tossed a couple of codestones in the air.

"Awww…" I whined, hopping down from the couch. "Why can't Nayo and Sallie_chan do it?"

"Because they did it last week," Miss_dream said. "Besides, don't you want to be able to take on Ruby_4242?"

"Ummm…well…yeah," I said, my flame-colored feathers reddening a little. "Sorta. Well…"

Miss_dream smiled. "Okay, guys. We're off to Mystery Island. The girls and I are going to see if the Trading Post is open yet while you guys are getting your lessons, okay?"

"Yes, mistress," Riahli said, ever polite.

Meanwhile, Merouladen and Heemeerdjet had arrived at the dusty old warehouse that served as the center of operations for Malkus Vile, gangster extraordinaire and all around not-so-nice guy. They were out of breath from running away from a few encounters with Chia Cops and both were pretty worn out from their ordeal. They gasped for breath as they sat in the waiting room, waiting for Malkus Vile to finish his business.

Finally, the huge door opened, and the sinister Skeith himself stepped from the room, his jacket draped over one shoulder. "Well, if it isn't the Dynamic Duo, back from another night of fun and games?"

"We got it, Sir," Heer gasped, holding out the dusty book.

Malkus Vile showed his dangerously sharp teeth in a not-so-friendly smile. "Excellent," he said, taking the book from Heer. "I trust that you didn't run into any trouble?"

"No, not really," Merou said. "But…it's just that…um…"

"What?" Malkus said, leaning down to look Merou in the eye.

"Well, that house was filled with all sorts of neat stuff," Merou said. "I saw a few bottles of wine, and a Robo Poogle--"

"--and there were some really expensive lamps too," Heer said, butting in.

"Yeah, and, and, and-"

"What are you asking me?" Malkus said.

"Well…Why'd you make us steal the book?" Heer blurted. He immediately regretted it.

Malkus's yellow face became bright scarlet red as his rage boiled within him. "YOU DARE QUESTION MY ORDERS?" he bellowed. Heer and Merou squeaked and began to cower under his steely gaze.

"Um, no sir, w-w-we were just c-curious, that's all," Merou said.

"GET OUT!" Malkus bellowed, the sheer volume of his voice making both Meerca brothers jump about a foot backwards. They quickly scampered out of the warehouse, stammering apologies.

"Mr. Vile, another Beakadoodle from Central Control," Mildred the Techo secretary said. The tiny Beakadoodle, with a metal capsule attached to its leg, was sitting on her tail, eyes blinking.

"Thank you, Mildred," Malkus said, carefully picking up the tiny PetPet and taking him into his office. He closed the blinds, shut and locked the door, and carefully removed the capsule. Unscrewing it revealed a roll of paper, which Malkus opened and read.

Good work, Malkus. Our client has expressed his satisfaction with the latest batch of goods. Drop off the book in our usual pickup place. I just need you to retrieve the items that are listed below, and my plan will be complete.

--Central Control

Malkus glanced at the list for a second, puzzled. A tube of pink lipstick? A stuffed Wocky? Three trading cards? Even he was stumped as to what Central Control wanted. He just gave orders and didn't question them, but still…they were just so…cheap. Nevertheless, he cracked his knuckles and grabbed the book. "Mildred, I'm off to the drop," he said. "Hold all my calls."

With that, the sneaky Skeith put on his jacket, pulled his hat down over his eyes and left the warehouse.

To be continued…

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