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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 9 > Continuing Series > Elemental Distortions II: Part Two

Elemental Distortions II: Part Two

by selphie_tilmitt

The next morning, the NeoHome, as usual, was bustling with activity. Admantine, had returned in the past month, from her study trip to the Lost Desert, she sat quietly in the living room, trying to decode some old scrolls she had found. Harle_quin was sitting on the floor, playing a game of hide and seek with her Bluna. WhiteSilver, as usual, was bustling around the house, cleaning and just generally making a fuss. Viator walked out of her room, and slumped down the hall, rubbing her eyes. She walked into the living room, and slumped into a large armchair. As quick as lightning, WhiteSilver was next to her.

"Have you cleaned your room yet??" she asked quickly.

"Yes mother..." said Viator sarcastically. Harle snickered quietly and went back to playing with her Bluna. WhiteSilver frowned, and hit Viator over the head with a throw pillow that had been on the floor. Viator made a funny noise from under the pillow, and WhiteSilver hopped into the kitchen. Admantine frowned towards Viator for making such noise, and went back to decoding. Viator pushed the pillow off herself, and walked towards the door of the home. Quickly, Admantine turned to face her.

"Where are you going now?" asked the Uni.

"I'm going out with some friends," said Viator frowning.

"I don't believe you...normally they come by here to get you," said the Uni, with an accusing look in her eye.

"OH GOSH!" yelled Viator, as she began to fake a cry. "YOU are SO right Addy! *sniffle* I'm being blackmailed into running errands for an evil monster! Please help me!" and she began to open the door.

"That's not funny Viator!" began Admantine. "You haven't been home much at all in the past months! You're ignoring your family! Can't you see that we only want to--" she was interrupted by the loud slam of the door. "Help..." finished the Uni, as she looked down at the Poogle on the floor.

"I dunno Addy, maybe she just has a lot of responsibilities?" said Harle as she looked down at her Bluna.

"I think she just takes us for granted," snorted Admantine as she went back to the scrolls.

Outside, Viator took a quick look around, for anyone she might know, or a single annoying mazoku that tended to follow her. When she was satisfied, she leapt into the air, and began in the direction of Tyrannia. She flew swiftly on the air currents, and began to drift into one of her midair daydreams. Not noticing the purple Shoyru, that flew up to her right side.

"HEY Via!" yelled the other Shoyru Viator quickly snapped out of her dream, but not without falling in surprise. When she had righted herself, she looked over at the other Shoyru

"Hey Inbi," said Viator as she waved over.

"Hey! Where you goin? I'm headed to the concert hall. My favorite band is up tonight, and I want a good spot in line!" yelled Inbi, as she caught a swift current of air.

"I'm heading to'm a card game!" said Viator, quickly covering herself.

"Oh, how boring!" said Inbi as she yawned to emphasize her feelings.

"Well, I don't really have a choice..." said Viator as she dipped away, giving another wave to her friend as she passed. When her friend was out of sight, she turned and headed in the direction of the looming volcano, intending to find out what the Mazoku had meant the night before.

As the sun glinted off the far off ocean, Viator quickly took a deep breath of fresh air, and swooped into the gaping maw of the Tyrannian Volcano. She could see the glimmering figure in the distance, and when she had safely landed on the hot ground of the volcano, she turned to face her Master.

"Young one," rumbled the Dragon, as it stretched its long neck up, and began to get into a sitting position. Viator gasped, it seemed like every time she came, the dragon looked more and more splendid.

"Ignus....I came to see you because... believe it or not." Viator closed her eyes and put her hand behind her head in a joking manner. The dragon stared at her with bright eyes.

"Well see, the Mazoku that bothers me...he told me about some danger? And?" said Viator, not sure how to continue. She quickly stopped when she heard the dragon begin to speak.

"I see." The dragon swung its large head around, and stared up towards the opening of the volcano. It had a strange look in its eye, and Viator began to get worried.

"This is big... isn't it Ignus?" said Viator, in a worried tone. If a mazoku had warned her about it, then it must be a big deal.

"Yes, young one, it is," rumbled the Dragon, as it prepared to launch into an explanation. Viator settled back, she was beginning to get used to lectures that often accompanied the trips to visit her patron deity.

"I sent you to meet that Dragon Knight of Water...for a reason. And it seem the time has come, for us to come together.." Viator knew, that by "us" it meant, the rest of the dragons. Thereby, meaning she would have to meet the rest of the Dragon Knights. She shuddered when she thought of the Faerie Peophin Ethine that she had met previously.

"There's something coming... a darkness you can't begin to comprehend young one," said the Dragon.

"Why not? I have a pretty high IQ," said Viator.

"Don't try to comprehend it, you'd be a goner in a second...if I may continue," said the Dragon impatiently. Viator quieted down to let the dragon finish.

"The other three dragons and I know what to do. You and the other three Dragon knights must stand before us, as fight off anything that comes in our way, trying to prevent us from doing our jobs."

"I don't understand...what is it we're fighting? Is it mazoku?" questioned Viator, looking worried.

"No," said the dragon as it looked down and shook its head. Viator quickly gasped as she remembered something from a past lecture.

"Darkness...but you said that one didn't EXIST?" yelled Viator.

"I'm afraid, it has been warring on another plane of existence with the Light Dragon for centuries. It was the rest of us, it was our jobs to keep this world safe. Some how, it seems the Dark Dragon has gotten out of its war..and seems to be entering this world."

Viator stepped back, afraid of the words the dragon had spoken.

" said in the war of the mazoku, The light and Dark dragons worked with the rest of you, to fight them off..." she stuttered slightly as she spoke the words.

"Yes, and that was an EXCEEDINGLY long time ago, my Knight. What I didn't tell you, was that when the war ended, the Light Dragon, knew that they had to return to their plane of existence, but the Dark one refused. That was when their war started.. The light dragon used its power to take the Dark dragon with it into the astral plane, to keep it from damaging this world. Leaving us to make sure this world stayed safe. I don't know what happened...there's a rip somewhere in the world's boundaries. The Darkness is beginning to spread, which means the Dragon is coming...If the light dragon isn't there, we must step in and put a stop to the Darkness. I'm sure the four of us can do it, and our Knights must be ready to take on the minions that come from the plane in which the dark one exists.." The Fire Dragon, turned and faced Viator, with its eyes glowing a passionate red. Viator got on her feet, and stood, facing her master.

"I will do whatever you say," said the Shoyru as she smiled. "Even if it means working with that stupid Peophin!"

"Excellent....first you must find the others...just go where the elements seem most abundant," growled the dragon.

"Oh! Like the Mountains or a forest?" asked Viator.

"Exactly, now please hurry...I must stay here. I'll be watching," said the dragon, as it closed its eyes, and began to drift into sleep.

To be continued...

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