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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 9 > Continuing Series > Fate and Destiny: The Story of the Last Unicorn Lupe - Part Two

Fate and Destiny: The Story of the Last Unicorn Lupe - Part Two

by silvermoonLupe

The next few days that followed pretty much went the same. During the bright daylight, Mystical would find a place to rest out of harm's way while Frisky would stand guard. When darkness came, Mystical would travel at top speed through the cool, crisp night air with Frisky resting on her back. In the early morning, Mystical would search for herbs and berries and then practice her magic. Sometimes, in her psychic trance, she felt other Lupes in the area, but didn't wish to approach them or read their minds. It wouldn't be like they'd understand me anyway, Mystical convinced herself. Soon, she was able to call upon almost all her ability powers, but had trouble focusing them. When she tried to use Flash, instead of a thin lightning beam, a HUGE light ray spread through the forest and left Frisky, an innocent bystander, seeing "lots-a-spots!!!" for hours.

The forest vegetation changed as the travelers continued west. Gradually at first; when Mystical had a hard time tracking down berries for breakfast, but soon fresh greenery became so rare that Mystical had to travel during the day where she could see to search for food. It was on one of these day-runs that Mystical and Frisky heard a strange song floating towards the woods...

"There once was a little Kacheek
Who thought she was very weak!
One drink from a cup
And that little pup
Mastered her hide-and-seek!

Potions and magics
Comedies and tragics
The traveling trinket shop!

There once was a pudgy Cybunny
Who only ate sweet honey
One drink from a bottle
Stopped his waddle
Now vegetables fill his tummy

Potions and magics
Comedies and tragics
The traveling trinket shop!

There once was a jumpy Shoyru--"

"Owowow! Stoppa! Fwisky's ears hurta!" Frisky shouted, deciding it couldn't take any more of the clunky, out-of-key tune.

"Frisky!" Mystical scolded as she clamped her paw over the noisy Miamouse, but it was too late, they had been discovered.

"Hmph," retorted the voice that had been singing. "I'll have you know my Da taught me this song, and his DA taught it to him, and his DA spent three years writing it! It's always brought in the customers. But, I guess it's just as well--I don't think I could have found anything to rhyme with 'Shoyru.'"

"Customers?" Mystical questioned as she looked around.

"Yep!" replied a young white Wocky as he emerged by jumping over some brushes that had been hiding his view and landing in front of Mystical. Mystical jumped back in surprise. "Greetings, malady." The Wocky took Mystical's paw and attempted to kiss her as a gentleman would. Mystical jerked back her paw.

"Charmed. What are you selling anyway?" Mystical said while trying to give the impression that she was clearly not flattered.

"SnowyKitsune is my name, magics are my game! Welcome to the traveling trinket shop! Potions and knickknacks galore!"

"Sorry -- not interested..."

Mystical turned and was about to leave when SnowyKitsune said in a sly voice...

"You're trying to become a Lupe mage and you'd pass up a magic strengthening potion? Hmph."

Mystical stopped and turned to face the Wocky.

"How'd you know I was training to be a mage?" she asked.

"Oh, I know everything-everything-everything!!" Snowy replied proudly.

"Me thinkee he stupidy-upidy-upid!" Frisky whispered into Mystical's ear.

"Shh..." Mystical whispered back. "This could be the break I've been waiting for!"

The Miamouse sighed and folded it's arms in a pouting position.

"Be right back!" Snowy said cheerfully. He hopped over the brushes and fished around in his cart to emerge with a bottle. The bottle was curvy and thin; containing a strange pink liquid. "Drink this when the night comes and it will increase your ability power tenfold!"

"Really?!" Mystical gasped. She reached for the bottle, but the Wocky drew back his paw.

"S'not free. I have to make a living, y'know," he said matter-of-factly.

"O-kay. How much?"

"500 NP."

"500?! But I barely have 300!"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. 'Tis a shame." Snowy shook his head and began to walk back to his cart; whistling as he went. Mystical's tail drooped and she scratched her head. What do I have of value, she thought. Then she gasped when she remembered her collar!

"How about this?" Mystical asked as she took off her collar with the golden nameplate and held it up.

The Wocky grinned, turned back to face Mystical, and examined the collar.

"An interesting item indeed... I'll take it!" he exclaimed.

Mystical took one last look at the golden tag in which her name was engraved. It was her last clue to her true past. But it's worth it, Mystical tried to convince herself, this is my destiny. Reluctantly, Mystical handed over her collar and money to SnowyKitsune, who hastily took it and handed her the potion.

"Pleasure doing business with you!" He said with a smile. He then skipped back to his cart and drove off singing, "Potions and magics! Comedies and tragics! The traveling trinket shop!" When the song faded into the distance, Mystical decided it was time to make camp for the night. She found a good spot under a large elm tree and began to gather wood for a fire; leaving the treasured potion and her bag of herbs under the tree. Frisky began to follow Mystical, but then turned back to the camp and looked curiously at the potion.

"Oooh... pwetty bottle..."

Mystical returned just in time to see the Miamouse taking a sip of the pink liquid.

"Frisky! NO!" Mystical shouted as she snatched the bottle away. "This stuff could be dangerous and I just spent all the NP we had on it! What were you thinking!?"

"Me thinkee time for sleepynap..." Frisky replied, looking a little woozy. The Miamouse promptly collapsed. Mystical would have been worried if the little PetPet wasn't snoring so loudly.

"Huh?" She sniffed the bottle and immediately recognized it's contents. "This is a sleeping potion!" Mystical put it down and sighed deeply when she realized what had happened. She had heard of thieves who convinced travelers they were buying magic potions, but really, they were sleeping potions. By the time the unsuspecting Neopians wake up, their valuables are gone and the thieves have long moved on. "I'M the one who's 'stupidy-upidy-upid!' Now my collar's gone forever... "

To be continued...

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