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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 9 > Short Stories > My Two Good Owners: A Lupe's Story

My Two Good Owners: A Lupe's Story

by extreme_speed

Note: I never gave Lupezerra away. This is just part of the story. And the second owner is my other account and was the real owner of Lupezerra. Oh, and, I was never poor.

My name is Lupezerra, and I am a blue Lupe. My owner called herself extreme though I never knew her whole name. She picked me out from all of my brothers and sisters when I was only one week old. She took care of me and fed me every day for as long as I could remember. But she was a poor person and could only raise one NeoPet. I always longed for a extreme to get another NeoPet, even if it was a Chia! But of course, that never happened.

Then, one day in the month of gathering, I woke up to see extreme sitting by my bed. There was something about her that made me feel worried about her. "We're going to the adoption center, Lupezerra."

We walked in silence as we made our way to the adoption center. I was excited, for I thought that we were going to get another Pet. As we got to the front door, extreme, hesitated for a split second, then went in. I looked around in horror to see so many poor NeoPets locked in cages and I started to wonder if extreme came here to not adopt another pet...but to leave me here. I looked at extreme who was talking with the Uni at the counter.

I caught a little bit of what the Uni said: "We'll take good care of him." Extreme came to me and I started to feel uncertain. "I have to leave you here."

"Why?" I said as I felt tears well up in my eyes.

"You have always known that I was very poor right?"

I nodded my head slowly. I feared what was coming up next.

"I don't have the money to raise you anymore, much less myself and..." Tears started rolling down her cheeks. "And I want you to have a better owner and a better life."

"But I have the best owner in the world."

"Thanks, but I'm not the best. There are other owners that can raise you to become a strong pet and fight in the Battledome. They have the money to send you to the training school. I don't have that kind of money. No matter how much I try, I just can't get enough Neopoints to feed you and send you to be trained for the Battledome." Extreme nodded at the Uni and the Uni carried me to a cage and slammed the door in my face. But I didn't notice. I was stunned. Extreme was leaving me here just because she wanted me to have a better owner and to be able to fight in the Battledome.

"I promise one day that we will meet each other again. Don't be sad, I'm doing this for your own good." She turned away, and walked out the front door.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE IN THIS HORRIBLE PLACE! I don't care if you don't have enough Neopoints as long as you don't leave me here!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I knew I couldn't do anything to change what had been done but I didn't stop screaming until an hour had passed. I started to quiet down but I couldn't forget how she'd just left me here.

The green Korbat in the cage next to me said, "It's no use. They won't come back."

"When will I get out of here?"

"When a trainer decides that they want you. Face it, I was here for a long, long time."

For the first couple of days I didn't eat anything. Then when I started to get hungry, I ate only a little and drank very little. Trainers came and went, some taking a look at me then moved on, finally choosing a NeoPet they wanted. I started to lose hope in getting a new owner. I started not eating again, and this time, I didn't care if I was left there. I just wanted someone who cared about me and took me away. The Korbat next to me had gotten chosen and so did the Cybunny next to me. It seemed like everyone I knew had left and started a new life...all but me.

I starved myself until I couldn't even open my eyes without using a lot of strength. One day, I heard somebody come through the door and stopped to look at me. "What's wrong with you fellow?" I opened my eyes, it was a girl. I knew instantly that she was a good owner but what were the chances that she was going to adopt me? A hundred to one. She looked over my skinny body and my showing ribs. When she told the Uni that she wanted me, I pricked up my ears. I thought to myself somebody who cares for me! "That would be one hundred and two Neopoints.

"Hey! Why is it that expensive? I saw a level two Grarrl that was cheaper than that. He's just a level one Lupe and you put him up for one hundred Neopoints? What kind of price is that?"

"I'm sorry," the Uni said, "but that is the price the boss put him up for. If you want a cheaper pet, then find another pet." My ears and tail drooped, I thought I was going back into my cage.

"Enjoy your points, I'm outta here." The owner picked me up with surprisingly gentleness and carried me to her NeoHome.

She set me down on an extremely soft bed and went to get some food. I learned that her name was fireball...I don't know why. Three other NeoPets came in...a fierce looking red Eyrie, a mean blue Jetsam, and a strong looking yellow Aisha. I tried to get up to run away when fireball came back. It looked like the Jetsam was going to eat me. Fireball pressed down on my back, pinning me to the bed. "Easy big fella, Jetshelv won't hurt you. Here eat this." She handed me an organic apple. I scarfed it down and felt energy flow into my body. She gave me more to eat until I was strong enough to stand up.

"Eycaria, can you bring me the plushie?" The red Eyrie went to get something, then came back with a Chia plushie. Fireball gave it to me and I shook it so hard that it ripped in half. She chuckled. "You're a strong Lupe, but I think it's better if you stay in bed a while longer."

She and the other Pets left me in the small room. I yawned and fell asleep. The next day, fireball, gave me more delicious stuff to eat and more plushies to play with. She took all four of us on a long walk through the marketplace, stopping at various shops to buy food and books. When we got home, fireball read us some books and even let us read them ourselves. In the afternoon, she took me to the well-known Mystery Island training school to train me to fight in the Battledome. Once I completed my training, I wanted to immediately fight the opponent that my trainer found, a Faerie Scorchio. She said that the battle would take place tomorrow, but I could talk with the Scorchio. After talking for about an hour, the Scorchio and I had become good friends and agreed that we would both try our best to win tomorrow. So I went eagerly to sleep tonight.

The next morning, I prepared myself for the battle with the items that fireball bought me. We went to the Battledome and I greeted the Scorchio. We got ready and the battle started! I quickly dodged the attack by the Scorchio and used my red frost cannon on him, freezing him. I then used the million degree sword and left him with only one HP. He surprised me by throwing two snowballs at me. One of them hit me and I dodged the other one. The battle went on till we both had only one health point left. I planned on using my Green Invisihat and a snowball. When the Scorchio started to move, I quickly put on my Invisihat and threw my last snowball with all my might. He missed because he couldn't see me. But my snowball landed square in his face! I yelled in victory, as he lay on the ground, dazed by my unexpected attack. We shook hands and left. I won many other battles and lost some others but always made new friends.

One day when we all went to the marketplace I was looking around when I saw a familiar face. It was extreme!!! She saw me too and I ran to her. We hugged each other and she said, "I knew we would see each other again."

"I got a good owner like you hoped I would and I won many battles!"

"That's really good Lupezerra. I got a new Pet. Her name is Kyrah. She's a Kyrii, but she's at home right now. I hope you can visit us someday."

I saw fireball and the other Pets come over and I introduced them to extreme. Fireball and extreme became Neofriends and we visited each other frequently. I was happy all over again.

The End

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