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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 9 > Short Stories > The Hunt for the Cloud Gelert

The Hunt for the Cloud Gelert

by txr13

The story has been told by one who knows of Frank Sloth's humiliation at the hands of the electric faerie Pakka. This story is told by one who knows another tale, but one no less "shocking"....

Tyran was faerie. Not just any faerie, either, but an electric faerie. He lived down in the wastelands of Tyrannia, from which he took his name. As a young faerie, he'd been caught by a young prehistoric Lupe, who'd taken him home to show his owner. Tyran escaped the poorly-made cage, but he overheard the owner exulting that such a spectacle would finally make Tyrannia famous. He decided he would call himself Tyran, flouting his would-be exhibitor's exclamation.

Since then, he had lived on the Plateau of Tyrannia--always careful not to let any NeoPets or owners see him. He would even hide in the Lair of the Beast from time to time, using his powers to protect himself. Still, he got quite lonely at times. So eventually, he got up the nerve to disguise himself as an owner and went to the pound to get a new pet.

The noise of the pound nearly deafened him; he was used to mostly silence. The pink Uni escorting him through the pound's maze of cages seemed used to it, but he almost stuck his hands over his ears to shut off the din.

But then he saw a little cloud Gelert lying down in a corner. It didn't seem especially upset, or sad, or even rambunctiously happy. It just watched him carefully. But Tyran noticed something strange about this Gelert--it was wearing a necklace with a lime green lightning blot hanging from it. Tyran went over to the cage and asked the Gelert, "What's your name?"

The Gelert lifted his head and said proudly, "My name is Tzierock. What's yours?"

"I'm Tyran, the ele-" he remembered where he was, and said, "and I'd like to be your owner."

The Gelert didn't seem to notice the stumble Tyran had made, because he stood up and said simply, "I would be glad to have you as my owner, Tyran."

So Tyran found a new friend, Tzierock. He told Tzierock that he was really an electric faerie, so he'd have to keep that a secret. He also blessed Tzierock with special electric powers. They lived together on the Plateau for a while, until Tyran started hearing, through Tzierock, that somebody was stealing from the villagers of Tyrannia, and blaming it on the Krawks. That was when Tyran decided to put his powers to good use, and hunt down this master thief.

Every day Tzierock would go out to the village and look around to see if he could spot anything out of the ordinary. And most days he came back at night having heard and seen nothing. Tyran and Tzierock were starting to get worried, because the Krawks were running away, and nobody knew where yet. So Tyran disguised himself again, and went out with Tzierock.

One day they were sneaking down around the bakery, when they heard a bang from inside. "I thought the baker was gone for a week," Tzierock whispered.

"Let's wait and see what's going on," Tyran whispered back.

They crouched in the shadows and waited. Then they saw a shadowy form leave the bakery and slip away quickly. They followed the thief over the plains, up into Terror Mountain, and out into Neopia Central. Tyran was getting impatient, so he started to move faster, catching up to the NeoPet they were tracking.

But just then the pet looked back; they saw it was a shadowed Aisha. It squealed in surprise and started running fast. Tyran couldn't fly because his wings were tucked in his shirt, but Tzierock flashed into pursuit. After a long chase, Tzierock managed to stop the Aisha by grabbing onto the Aisha's necklace. Once Tyran caught up, he asked the Aisha who it was working for.

"I work for Sloth," the Aisha spat. "And you just wait until he catches you two!"

"We're not afraid of Sloth, so why don't you tell us where he is?" Tyran demanded.

The Aisha looked at Tyran and Tzierock craftily. "On the Space Station, of course!"

Tzierock snarled at the startled Aisha. "You're a liar! Sloth was kicked off the station years ago. Now tell the truth!" Tyran hadn't heard this, having lived in Tyrannia all his life, but he remembered hearing something a little while ago about Sloth's mutants overrunning the Lost Desert. And he'd heard that a lot of pets were turning into mutants in the Haunted Woods lately...

"Is he somewhere in the Haunted Woods?" Tyran asked the Aisha quietly. The Aisha didn't say anything, but the look of shocked surprise on its face was more than enough answer.

After giving the Aisha thief over to a passing police Chia, Tyran and Tzierock headed for the Haunted Woods. "I've never liked the sound of the Haunted Woods, and now I know why," Tyran muttered, seeing all the mutated pets coming crying from the dark trees.

They quietly crept past the lines of wailing pets, reaching at last a hollow old tree trunk, big enough to fit ten pets inside. Inside sat none other than Dr. Frank Sloth. He was getting pets to come in by promising to give them a codestone or something else good. He'd also use a sweet voice to lure them in. Once they came in the front, he'd zap them with a mutating ray and kick them out the back of the trunk, where Tyran and Tzierock stood.

"We've got to stop this!" Tzierock said.

"Yes, and quickly," Tyran agreed. Freeing his wings from his shirt, he added, "and we're both going to have to confront him."

They stepped in the back of the trunk, where Sloth had his back to them. "SLOTH!!!" Tyran shouted at him.

Sloth whirled around at the shouted challenge. "Who do you think you are?" he sneered at them.

Tyran strode forward with Tzierock at his side. "I am Tyran the Electric Faerie," he announced. "And I'm here to find out why you've been hiring pets to steal from the villagers of Tyrannia."

Sloth laughed evilly. "That's so easy--I wanted to rob them blind! And then sell their stuff back to them. These new partners of mine," he said sneering at the line of pets behind Tyran, "are going to help me by doing the same to Neopia Central, Station #4, the Desert, and even Faerieland." A great bellowing laugh forced its way from his mouth, drowning Tyran and Tzierock in his evil stench.

Tyran grimaced at the smell, but he stood firm. "I'll stop you, then, Sloth. You won't steal from pets and mutate them ever again!"

Sloth laughed in his face. "I've done it before. Your sister Pakka stopped me once, but you won't do it again!"

Tyran stopped right where he was, transfixed by the news that he had a sister. But Sloth had gathered his power and hurled a grand lightning beam and him. Tzierock quickly knocked him out of the way and flipped over the beam itself.

As Tzierock battled against Sloth, Tyran slowly came to his senses and realised that he had to help Tzierock defeat Sloth. He stood up, slowly gathered all his power into one mighty blow, and launched a super-powerful electric stun ray at Sloth. Tzierock heard the crackling behind him and ducked under the beam, which hit Sloth right in the head. Sloth instantly fell down on the ground, where the mutated NeoPets picked him up and carried him to the Esophagor, who devoured Sloth with some enjoyment.

After recovering from the massive power drain, Tyran looked around for Tzierock. He was lying on the ground where he had been fighting Sloth. Tyran was worried for a minute, but it turned out he just hadn't ducked far enough and had been brushed by the stun ray.

While he was waiting for Tzierock to wake up, Tyran asked a passing pet if their had ever been any other faeries like himself. To his surprise, the pet had heard of some rumours a couple years ago that an electric faerie named Pakka had defeated Sloth and made him Neopia's servant. But after a year or two, Sloth had begged for forgiveness, and Pakka had forgiven him.

Tyran was amazed--it seemed as though he had not one, but two sisters he'd never met! The thought filled him with joy. He remembered that he had a pet now, though, and he had to tell the Tyrannian council who had been doing the stealing.

So when Tzierock woke up, they both went back to Tyrannia and told the council who had *really* been stealing their stuff, and the council stopped chasing the Krawks away. There didn't really seem to be that many left, though....

The End

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