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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 7 > Short Stories > A Chokato a Day

A Chokato a Day

by whateverchick14

“Mmm, yum yummy yum!” A smacking sound was heard from inside the chocolate palace. A white Chia was sitting in her rainbow beanbag chair happily chomping away at a Chokato. Her owner, Tammy, sat on the luxurious sofa reading Chia Book for the ninth time already.

Tammy glanced up and suggested sweetly, “Ladies don’t make such sounds, Dactia.”

Dactia nodded and ate the last bite of her Chokato. She pulled herself up from the beanbag and went into the kitchen, returning with a Chokato in each hand. As she chewed away on the chocolate-tomato vegetable, blue juice dripped down her silky white fur.

Tammy looked over at her Chia again and frowned. “Dactia, darling, you are looking like a street rat! Or rather, a street Poogle.” She sniffed, and then got up to fetch a towel. Dactia’s owner rubbed off the Chokato juice as best she could with the soft blue towel. “Now you need a bath!”

Dactia stuffed the last bit of Chokato into her mouth and followed Tammy to the bathtub. Tammy lifted her in and got the bar of soap from the dish.

“I don’t want green soap!” Dactia wailed unexpectedly. “I like blue better!”

Tammy replied soothingly, “All right, dear. If Dactia wants the blue soap, she shall have the blue soap.”

Tammy opened a new bar of Peophin Fragrant Soap and washed the Chia. Dactia was your classic image of a spoiled pet, being an only child.

As Dactia lounged in her beanbag chair to dry off, the telephone rang. Tammy primly lifted the receiver off the cradle and asked, “Hello?” She listened for a moment and then nodded. “Yes you may. Just a moment, please. Dactia, it’s Ringolu.”

The Chia leapt up and took the phone out of Tammy’s hand. “Hi, Rin! Yes, yes, of course! Okay. See you in a few minutes!” She slammed the phone down. “Ringolu is taking me to Mystery Island, okay?” Tammy nodded and returned to her perch.

In a short amount of time, a car pulled up to the NeoHome. Dactia quickly applied her blue lipstick and eyeshadow, brushed her fur with her blue short hair brush, grabbed her and darted out the door.

The striped Chia drove Dactia down to Mystery Island. “I was thinking we could have dinner down at Tropical Foods because they have the seafood and stuff there,” he offered. “Mmm, I love tropical foods!” Dactia replied happily.

Once they got to the restaurant, Ringolu told the waiter, “I’ll have the shrimptail with kelp sauce, please.” He turned to Dactia. “What do you want?” Dactia looked up brightly. “Oh, I’d like two Chokatos!” Ringolu’s hand twitched on the menu, but he gave it to the waiter and said nothing. The whole meal he only picked at his shrimp while the white Chia ate her Chokatos.

Dactia took Rin’s as they walked in the moonlight, but he only held it lightly. She leaned against his shoulder, yearning for some sign that he still liked her. Finally the striped Chia sat down by the beach and took a deep breath. Dactia tried to put her arms around him, but he pushed her away.

“Rin, what are you doing?” she asked, her eyes filling with tears.

“Breaking up with you,” he replied. “You eat too many Chokatos! Your life revolves around Chokatos, and I just can’t take it anymore!” He jumped up and got into his transport.

As Ringolu sped away, Dactia cried, “Wait! Ringolu!… How am I supposed to get home?!”

Every day, Dactia stuffed herself with more Chokatos to relieve the pain of her dumping. Finally one day, Tammy couldn’t take it anymore.

“I have something else for you,” she said. Reaching into the freezer, the Chia’s owner brought out an odd object. It was frozen blue and brown Chokato juice, stuffed into a plastic tube and sealed.

“It’s called a Chia Pop,” Tammy said. She had no idea about the consequences. “Eat it, you need a change. It’s Chokato flavoured, too!”

With a sniff, Dactia ripped open the plastic top and bit off a hunk of the juicy ice. “Not bad,” she said, nodding her head up and down. She ate some more. “Yeah, it’s pretty good!”

Tammy gasped in horror. Her beautiful, slim white Chia was changing! Her body squatted out as she ate the Chia pop, and her fur turned a mottled blue and brown. Long green leaves sprung from the top of her head. “Ahhhh!” Tammy shrieked. “What’s happening?!”

Dactia finished her Chia pop. “What?” she asked innocently. Tammy led Dactia to a mirror at arm’s length. “Look at you!” Dactia screamed and fainted, falling onto the chocolate floor.

Well, needless to say, Dactia was left in the pound that evening because the silly little Tammy had no idea how to turn her back, even after her 13 months of living in Neopia. Dactia was adopted by a Poogle-loving newbie, who of course immediately turned her into a yellow Poogle. That was her least favourite pet (besides Lupes) and her least favourite colour. She never ate anything Chokato flavoured again, though it wasn’t her will.

Tammy created a new pet, a Lupe. She suddenly took the other side of the Chia-Lupe debate, and spent half her money buying a fire paint brush so he would look spiffy. But her stocks dropped, she was forced to auction her assets, and basically ended up living a horrible life in poverty. It just goes to show you, beauty isn’t everything. And of course, a Chokato a day just isn’t the way. Stick to apples. But that’s a different story...

The End

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