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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Gathering, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 149 > Continuing Series > Maraquan Madness: Part Two

Maraquan Madness: Part Two

by sirussblack


The Krawk entered the village, as an angry Maraquan Scorchio shouted and waved to him. Druinnan sped on, knowing that he had probably done something to offend the Scorchio, like he had to practically everyone. He didn't stop until he neared a tall stone building. Druinnan sighed in disgust and readied himself to enter. The building was not completely underwater, and although he could breathe for a while without it, he absolutely hated going out of water. It was so cold in the free air, and it always made goosebumps pop up on his skin.

     Druinnan gripped the handle and pushed open the heavy glass door. He shuddered as he drifted into the narrow hallway, feeling the cold air wash over his pale skin. He continued down the corridor to the very end, where a fading plaque on a large wooden door read, 'Asiris.' The Krawk knocked on the door sullenly and a voice called out lucidly, "come in."

     Druinnan wafted into the dimly lit room and paused before a Maraquan Draik shifting through papers at his desk. The Draik looked up and Druinnan said listlessly, "sir, I have seen 5 Landers near the village. They are a possible threat." He hesitated, wondering if he should go on and tell Asiris about the odd green glow that let them breathe, or the Sea Slugs attack, but for some reason, he felt he should hold back.

     "Landers? A threat?" Asiris scoffed. "I highly doubt that any Lander could be trouble for us. Go, I have important business to do." He continued reading a lengthy document.

     Druinnan waited, to see if Asiris had anything else to say. When it became clear that he had finished, the Krawk reconsidered telling his leader about the glow that surrounded the pets. As if suddenly struck by an idea, the Krawk jerked around and floated out of the room, rather quickly. "If you say so, sir," he mumbled, more to himself than to Asiris.

     He closed the door behind him and paused, his eyes narrowed. He tapped his long claws against his thin mouth, deep in thought. The Sea Slug was awake again. It had been sleeping for ages, or at least it had been staying away from the ruined city of Maraqua, giving them plenty of time to rebuild a few well-hidden parts of the city, enough so that the survivors could have a place to live. Now the Sea Slug might come back, and Maraqua would be doomed, again.

     Druinnan glided down the hallway, concentrating on his thoughts so much that he nearly bumped into a Maraquan Acara, who was carrying several clipboards with each of her tentacles. Druinnan would have to escape. He had always been planning to leave, to live by himself like a hermit, in the back of his mind. But it was hard to live on your own in such a place with so many dangers, so Druinnan had stayed in the village, biding his time, waiting. As the tribe leaders messenger, he always knew what was going on, and that was an advantage. Now the perfect time to escape had come. By the time the Sea Slug attacked, Druinnan would be long gone. And when the village had been wrecked, Druinnan would come back to the ruins and take whatever remained.

     The Krawk floated out the doorway and paused. How was he going to survive, until then? He examined the nearest little huts with beady eyes. If the village was condemned to be destroyed, then what would they need food for? The village had a small stash that always had to be rationed. It would definitely be enough for Druinnan, for the time being. Later, he could come back and look for fine crafts to sell.

     Druinnan skulked off towards the hut that the food was kept in; he almost felt like a criminal, preparing for his next misdemeanor. 'No, I'm not a criminal,' he told himself. 'I'm just trying to survive. It's every Krawk for himself, after all.'

Sea Slug

The water drifted pass and over him as he slowly made his way towards the 'intruder'. As he came closer, he heard a multitude of voices that seemed to come out of the boat. This unexpected surprise stopped the Sea Slug in his tracks before he resumed swimming once again. He neared the boat, his anger starting to boil up beneath him, and with one silent bellow he rammed into it's side.

     After attacking the nuisance of a boat, he quickly withdrew into the murky waters once more, hidden by the veils of the dreary waves. He spotted eyes coming out from the bottom of the boat, and resentment flew into his mind once more. He slowly started to rise, carefully hiding himself behind the water's smoky depths, and it was in this fashion that he was able to rise to the surface of the ocean. His eye stalks popped into the open air, and the Sea Slug flinched at the wind's cool breath against his slimy eyes, but he continued to float upon the waves. His eyes swiveled back and forth until they finally rested upon the inhabitants of the boat...and most of them were staring straight back at him.

     The Sea Slug's eyes rested upon what seemed to be a purple colored Uni who seemed to be completely absorbed in a mirror. Beside her he glimpsed an image of what seemed to be a Shoyru with wings that resembled a faerie's wing. An Eyrie, who seemed to have come off the coasts of Krawk Island, looked incredibly dull, and nearby sat a rather ignorant Gelert who seemed to not notice the ocean's eyes.

     With a cold heart, the Sea Slug flew forward and rammed into the side of the boat once more. Loud cries were heard above him as the boat inhabitants bumbled around each other at the sudden impact. The Sea Slug withdrew himself once more, only to come back at an even faster speed and attack the boat again. He heard the crack of the boat as it started to break apart and allow the water to rush within; all of the Neopets upon the boat seemed to have gone mad, for they were all jumping into the ocean's swirling waves. The Sea Slug gave another silent bellow before he rammed into the boat once more, causing it to fully decapitate before his eyes.

     After the Sea Slug finally ruined the original cause of his distress, he floated calmly upon the ocean's waves; he was at a loss at what to do next, but he knew that he shouldn't allow his body to float fragilely upon the sea's surface, so he slowly started to sink into the murky depths once more. The moment the warm water touched the dry skin upon his eye stalks, he felt them loosen up and relax. The Sea Slug started glancing around into the dark ocean; it took some time for him to realize that little objects were moving in the waves...and they were disturbing him as well. He gave out another bellow and swam after the nearest dark object.


Asiris awoke a few hours later and rubbed his eyes, looking around his office. For this one moment he was happy he had beige walls because he didn’t have to be knocked back by a blinding color when he woke up or be in total darkness. Blinking a few times, the Draik blinked numerous times, trying to wake up.

     The Maraquan Draik got up from his chair and started to float around in the little water that was on his floor. The water was there so he could breathe a “water breath” as he called them. Maraquan pets could survive in oxygen filled environments but needed water every few days to expand their lungs to a normal Neopets’ capacity. In reality, their lungs were smaller in the water because they didn’t need to breathe as much. Many believed they had gills, but that was false. They weren’t anything like a Flotsam or Jetsam who had to live in the water all the time and they would never want to be one.

     Asiris opened his door and walked out into a long corridor, stretching from one side of the town to the other. The hall had no water in sight except through the large window that covered the left side of the hall (the offices were on the right). The Draik walked down the hallway, heading for the doors that would lead him to the water and then after a big of a swim, to his house.

     He walked outside the doors and shut it immediately to not the let water get into the building. Then, he started to move his body and started to swim to his house. Asiris heard a crash, but shrugged it off and continued walking.

     “One of your own will betray you,” said a voice, echoing across the room until there was an eerie silence.

     Asiris was sitting on the floor staring in awe at a huge beast that was in front of him. It had been blabbering on about this for what seemed like years and it didn’t stop. No matter how hard the Draik tried to silence it, it would continue on again after a few moments. This time wasn’t any different. The Draik put his hands to his ears and screamed.

To be continued…

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