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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 149 > Articles > How to Look Like All-That and a Bag of Chomby Chips

How to Look Like All-That and a Bag of Chomby Chips

by searching4truth

Hello! Let me introduce myself. I am Julixana, referred to as Juli. I’m here to, over an extended amount of time, teach you about health, beauty, and basically becoming ‘All-That and a Bag of Chomby Chips’. This week in particular, we are learning about beauty.

Being a Faerie Kau, I have to keep myself beautiful. My personal beauty icon is Illusen. Have you looked at her recently? How she keeps her hair so sleek and shiny, and her skin so perfect… We should all look like her. I recommend her Mud Mixture for smaller pores, and gorgeous skin. Illusen’s Cucumber Eye Cream is perfect for the morning after a big party! Dark circles under your eyes are not in style. I will use a few more of her items later on in my guide.


Now, we all have wild and wacky fur days! With the right shampoo for your hair type, you can prevent that!

Your everyday Shampoo- This is actually a great product! It’s easy on the wallet so if you are short on Neopoints, you don’t have to worry. Its chemical formula gets out even the toughest dirt and soils!

Peophin Shampoo- Although great for Peophins, this shampoo works wonders on all pets with thick, full hair! Its bubblegum scent is to die for!

Super Shiny Shampoo- I do not recommend this product. It promises you ‘super shiny’ fur, but what it gives you is ‘super greasy’ fur. Although it may seem like a steal with the cute bottle, and the flowery scent, it is a stinker.

Uni Shampoo- Works great on Unis, but it got my hair all tangled. Not much to say. It smells like carrots…

Superstar Shampoo- By far my favorite shampoo. It has a built in conditioner that lets your comb run through your hair like a knife cutting butter. If that makes any sense… Spectacular price too.

Doglefox Shampoo- Superb for the young Neopets in your family. The cute little bottle will thrill children, and the clean fresh scent with make you smile.

Illusen Rain Water Shampoo- A great rainy scent. It is rain water based, so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals or weird stuff.

Hairbrushes and Combs

After washing your hair cleans, you’ve got to brush it out!

Short Hair Brush- The short hair brush is awesome for your short haired pet. Its coat will be sleek and shiny after only 100 strokes! Comes in a variety of fun colors.

Long Hair Brush- For your long hair. Beware, do not use if you have short hair. The bristles are quite long and poky. Comes in a variety of fun colors.

Peophin Mane Brush- A cute little brush that will smooth out your fur in no time! It’s a great buy too, sturdy handle, and thick bristles.

Glittery Brush- Terrific quality, and leaves your hair smooth and sparkly! Comes in yellow, green, red and blue!

Blue Daisy Brush- Wonderful for little girls. It’s soft hairs, and makes you shine like… Something really shiny.

Green Grarrl Brush- This is the brush for all you Grarrls out there! With it’s special technique, your skin will be perfect after only 10 days of brushing! (I recommend you continue brushing even after those 10 days.)

Pink Sparkly Brush- Ever wanted pink streaks? As you brush your hair with this brush, you will attain sparkly pink streaks!


Soap is an absolute necessity! It makes you smell good, and wipes all of that grime off of you.

Bar of Soap- Your basic soap. Doesn’t smell all that great, but it does the job for a nice price.

Soap Bottle- All the benefits of a bar of soap in a bottle. Woo hoo.

Peophin Fragrant Soap- A magnificent scent that reminds me of frolicking in a field of very potent flowers.!

Kougra Shining Soap- Great for traveling. You only need to use it every two days!

Fancy Star Shaped Soap- A great gift, and practical for slumber parties. It is so small, that you can use it in one bath or shower use.

Blue Ixi Soap- Smells like blueberries and has the word Ixi engraved in it. How exciting.

Pea Soap- I suggest this for all you green Neopets out there. It keeps your color from fading, and does all that a normal soap would do.


Keep those fangs shinning!

Mint Flavored Toothpaste- A great taste, its unique formula contains baking soda that whitens your teeth!

Peppermint Toothpaste- Peppermint flavored toothpaste with cavity fighting action!

Orange Ixi Toothpaste- Freshens your breath all the while killing plaque and cleaning those gums.

Pea Flavored Toothpaste- Although it does have its advantages, I do not recommend It., as it turns your teeth green.


Basic Toothbrush- It has super soft bristles and comes in green, blue, pink, purple, striped and rainbow!

Deluxe Toothbrush- Has an angled handle to get to those hard to reach places. Available in pink and blue.

Squezzy Toothbrush- It’s so pretty, and has a soft squishy handle that’s fun to hold.

Red Ixi Toothbrush-An Ixi shaped toothbrush.


The best styles for this season!

Blushes- Your three basic colors are pink red and tan. The blush compacts come with four different shades of the color to make you look beautiful!

Eye Shadow- Blues, purples and greens are defiantly in this year! But you can always go with the classic browns or gelds. If your natural colors are dark I suggest you use Midnight Eye shadow.

Lipsticks- This seasons lip colors are reds, pinks and golds. Never ever use an unnatural color! The only acceptable times to use these shades are for Halloween or costume parties!

Nail Varnish- I am head over hoofs for the Daisy Nail Varnish! It’s your basic red color in the cutest bottle ever! Blue and purple are very popular now, and the Peophin varnish is totally cool. Black nail varnish is great for your bad mood days.

Don’t forget to clip those nails with your Kougra Nail Clipper!

Well this concludes my guide to looking great! Next time I will instruct you on keeping healthy! Remember to brush your coat 200 times a day to keep that silky sheen!

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