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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 11th day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 149 > New Series > Uni Clown: Part One

Uni Clown: Part One

by charmedhorses

Neopia was a very large world with much to do and many places to visit. Despite her many opportunities a young Uni by the name of Indipsi had never really taken advantage of them. Indi was a local Uni who preferred home to hotel.

     After having read the most recent issue of The Neopian Times Indipsi's owner Charmedhorses approached her Neopet with an exciting possibility. "Lookie here! The Neo Circus is in town! What do you say, Indipsi? Would you like to go? I can pick up some tickets later today."

     The baby Uni looked at Charmed quizzically. "A circus? Since when does Neopia have a circus?"

      "Well, it says here that the Neo Circus is the longest running Neopian event."

      "Hmmm," Indipsi mused. "That could be fun, I guess."

      "Of course," Charmed agreed. "So you want to go?"

     Indipsi nodded, appearing only half interested. "Sure."

      "Okay, I'll stop by the marketplace to pick a pair of tickets up later. Want to come along?"

     The baby Uni considered this too and asked. "Is there a farmer's market today?"

      "Yes," Charmed said. "If you'd like we can see what's on sale while we're over there. And come to think of it I do need to do some grocery shopping."

      "Okay," Indipsi agreed. "I'll come with you."

      "Great. We ought to be ready to leave by noon," Charmed advised.


Every Saturday the local farmers of Neopia gathered around the Neopian square to sell their produce. The farmer's market was the number one place to buy the healthy, all natural fruits and vegetables one could want. In fact, it had caused such a commotion that some pets ventured from as far away as Tyrannia to buy their goods.

     The stands at the farmer's market were filled with a variety of products and Indipsi's favorite was a cart filled with tomatoes. She loved picking out one of the plump red fruits and sinking her teeth into its firm skin. On occasion she was greeted by a shower of tomato juice and seeds splattering on her face, but that only added to the fun.

     Today as Indipsi and Charmedhorses looked around, Indi was eagerly wondering whether or not it was too late for tomato season.

      "Maybe we could get some tomatoes to make tomato soup from," Charmed suggested, apparently thinking along the same lines as her Uni.

      "Sure! I'll stop by Kib's stand and see what he's got," Indipsi said cheerfully.

     By the time Indipsi and Charmed arrived at the town's central square both were breathing heavily. The walk down from the hill on which their Neohome sat was a strenuous one, but the scenery was gorgeous. Indipsi loved living out in the country just as much as her owner.

      "Well, I've got to go by the ticket stand," Charmed said, gazing out at the widespread marketplace. "Do you want to browse while I buy the tickets?"

      "Okay." Indipsi followed her owner's look. "You'll know where to find me right?"

      "Absolutely. I'm surprised Kib doesn't shoo you away with a broom. You're always drooling over his tomatoes. Why don't you like Mr. Pel's carrots?"

     Indipsi wrinkled her nose. "They taste funny. Not like normal carrots."

      "Alright. I'll meet you at Kib's in about a half an hour. Be good." Charmed gave Indipsi a pat on the shoulder and started toward the other side of the square.

     Indipsi's nostrils flares as she inhaled the many scents wafting throughout the marketplace. Indi was unsure of where to start, so she decided to work from one end to the other, finishing with the tomato stand.

     Slowly the baby Uni advanced downt he aisles, pausing to weigh a melon in her hoof every now and then.

     The rows of stalls bustled with activity as local Neopets and their owners shopped for their groceries. Down the lane that Indipsi was looking in she saw a classmate of hers. The green Kougra and baby Uni had always gotten on the wrong side of one another and now Indipsi tried slinking away behind a cart of potatoes.

      "If that's not Indipsi I must be blind."

     Indipsi groaned at the Kougra's voice. Cush had spotted her. Indipsi put on a bright smile and turned to him. "Hi, Cush. How are you?"

      "Better than you by the looks of it."

      "I wouldn't count on that," Indipsi retorted.

     Cush shrugged. "What are your plans for this summer?"

      "As a matter of fact, the next time you see me I'll be painted royal," Indipsi said proudly, hoping she wouldn't see him again for a long, long time. She still had a lot of Neopoints to save up.

     The Kougra snorted. "You? A princess? Never."

      "Just you wait and see," Indipsi said, sidestepping around Cush so she could continue her shopping.

     When Indipsi finally made her way to Kib's tomato stand she had grown hungry again, having already worked off breakfast.

      "Hey, Indi! Good to see you!" Kib, a tomato Chia, welcomed her.

      "Hi, Kib! Good to see you, too! How's your tomato crop this week?" Indipsi asked.

      "Oh, it's great!" Kib said enthusiastically. "Best I've had all month." The tomato Chia motioned to the filled baskets on display. "Go ahead and try one."

     Indipsi explored the crop with a masterful hoof, finally taking her pick and biting into it. The luscious juices invaded the Uni's mouth and she smiled at Kib. "Thank you. This is superb."

     Kib's chubby red cheeks blushed. "Thanks, Indi."

      "You're welcome. I'm just going to hang out here while I wait for Charmed, if you don't mind. We're going to pick out some tomatoes for soup tonight, but Charmed is picking up tickets to the Neo Circus."

      "Oooh! So you're going to the circus!" Kib exclaimed. "I've heard great things about that. Tell me how it is, will you? If it's good maybe I'll go myself."

      "Sure," Indipsi agreed.

     The baby Uni and tomato Chia continued to talk with one another as Indipsi waited for Charmedhorses. It was no more than five minutes before the teenage girl returned, a grin on her face.

      "Look what I got!" she hollered, waving two slips of paper in the air.

     Indi chuckled and said to Kib under her breath, "Do you think she's excited?"

      "Guess what?" Charmed exclaimed once she had arrived at the stand. "I got the last two tickets for the circus tomorrow night!"

      "Fantastic," Indipsi commented. "What row?"

      "Well, that's not really important, is it?" Charmed asked. "Just so long as we can see."

     Indi had a feeling Charmed was avoiding the question, but didn't think much of it as she and her owner picked a selection of tomatoes from Kib's crop. Kib was a good friend of Indipsi's and always had the best tomatoes. In fact, Indi had been shopping at his stand since she was but a wee one.

     That night over supper Charmed told her Uni the reviews she had heard regarding the circus. The Neopian Times says, "Never before has a more graceful Elephante walked the tight rope," Charmed quoted. "Imagine that! An Elephante walking a tight rope! Wow!"

     Indipsi looked puzzled. "How big is the rope?"

      "About the same as our clothes line," Charmed said, showing the width with her thumb and index finger.

      "That sounds dangerous," Indipsi commented.

      "Well the circus is said to have some startling acts. Ground breaking, too."

      "I can hardly wait."


The next evening, Indipsi and Charmedhorses waited in line outside a great tent enclosing the circus. It appeared that there was going to be a large audience and everyone was trying to get in at once.

      "I sure am glad I was able to get tickets." Charmed gripped the slips in what was almost a stranglehold.

      "Careful you don't crush them," Indipsi warned, taking them in her mouth.

      "This is so exciting!" Charmedhorses was practically shaking with anticipation. "Look at that tent! I love the coloring! Such nice stripes!"

      "Why are you so excited?" Indipsi asked. "It's just a circus."

      "I don't know. I've never been to a circus before. I guess I feel like I've missed out on something," Charmedhorses explained, taking a step forward as the line moved up.

      "Well, we'll soon find out," Indipsi replied as the line picked up pace and they were led into the tent.

     Once everyone had been seated the lights went dim and soon darkness was upon them.

      "It's starting!" Indipsi nickered.

     A hush fell over the crowd and a man emerged on stage who introduced himself as the ringmaster. Though Indipsi and Charmed were seated high in the stands they could just make out the figures below them.

     After the ringmaster had completed his introduction a round of applause broke out and was followed by a parade of white Unis.

      "Ooh!" Indipsi whispered. "Look at their costumes!" She admired the jeweled collars and blankets they wore with envy.

     Behind the parade came a Tuskaninny balancing a ball on its nose and laying on a large beach ball as it rolled around the stage.

      "What great balance!" Charmed exclaimed.

     Act upon act graced the stage and a storm of applause followed each one. The circus was a huge crowd pleaser.

     As had been reported, the tight rope walking Elephante was amazing and the flame leaping Noils made Indipsi's jaw drop. However, it wasn't until a Lupe dressed up as a clown swaggered his way onto stage that Indipsi was blown away. The Lupe wore a round red ball over his nose and a fabric costume that nearly matched the tent. He moved in zigzagging strides and told jokes that made no sense but got the audience laughing anyway.

     When the clown Lupe's act was over and the circus had ended, the audience stood up to properly salute the performers with another round of applause. Then the crowd headed for the door, pushing through to get outside.

      "Wow. That was good," Charmed said. "Ready to go home?"

      "Not quite," Indipsi replied. "I want to get closer."

To be continued…

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