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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 10th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 149 > New Series > Because of a Purple Juppie Java: Part One

Because of a Purple Juppie Java: Part One

by arula100

Kiba watched outside of his hotel room with extreme interest. Even though it was midmorning, the sky was dark, tinted by the clouds. Droplets of water fell heavily onto the window panes, and Kiba observed as they slid down the windows nearby. Lightning flashed, creating temporary shadows against the walls behind him. He looked down. They were residing in Ye Olde Ship Inn, and below them was the ocean. The waves rolled in and out, adding to the deep hues to the wet sands. Kiba had come to love the water. He looked back to the storm, the sound of thunder all he could hear.

     A copy of the Neopian Times had blown away from its original owner, and one page flew into the window, all headlines blotted out by the rain. Thunder crashed nearby. The baby Lupe turned his head when he heard a whimper.

     There was a lump under the bedcovers, and it was shaking rapidly. Kiba jumped onto the bed and pulled the covers away, revealing his twin brother, Zuni.

     Zuni's fur was much paler than Kiba's due to lack of sunlight. He looked around, scared. "W-w-w-when will the thunder g-g-go away, K-k-kiba?"

     Kiba jumped and laughed. "What, scared of a little water?"

     Zuni, slightly perturbed, ran his paw over his left ear importantly. Abandoning his terrified stutter, he responded. "Actually, it's more than just water out there. There is also lightning, which could kill you."

     Kiba sniffed as he leaped off the bed and sauntered back over to the window. "Yeah, Zuni, key words are 'out there'. We're fine in here."

     He resumed looking out of the window and Zuni shook his head slowly before lying down. They sat in silence for a moment, listening to excited squeals on the room next door. Kiba averted his gaze and growled.

     "Why did we get stuck next to a bunch of baby Myncis?" He got up and banged on the wall a couple of times. The noise stopped momentarily. "Well, that's better."

     As he walked back to the window the noise struck up again. He merely rolled his eyes as he curled up by the window.

     A pencil banged onto a desktop behind him. Both Kiba and Zuni turned to look at their father.

     "I can't work like this!" He threw the pencil across the room for further effect, and it lodged its tip firmly in the wall behind Zuni. Once again, the cries of the Myncis stopped, only to restart.

     Kiba padded up to him. "It's just a bit of rain, dad. It's perfectly natural. Besides, we get it all the time back at Mystery Island, and you can write just fine then." He jumped into his father's lap to examine what he had written.

     Or, in this case, not written. The paper was completely blank, showing no signs of the slightest attempt. He turned to look at his father, who was smiling down at him. "It's not the rain, it's those blasted Myncis, the malfunctioning air conditioner, and the Purple Juppie Java I ordered an hour ago that still hasn't been delivered."

     Zuni abandoned the bed and joined Kiba. "What did your boss want you to write about again?"

     Their father sighed. "Hmm…an article about the different hotels of Neopia Central. I have to write reviews on each, write the prices per night, etcetera. Deadline is tomorrow afternoon, and I won't have enough time to gather information on the hotels. Writing for the Neopian Times just isn't as easy as it looks. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going downstairs to see about that java."

     He got up, abandoning the two brothers. Kiba stared at his brother. Zuni stared back. Kiba was opening his mouth to speak when Zuni stopped him. "Yes, I know what you're going to say, and lets just get it over with before I change my mind."

     Kiba smiled, and they sprinted towards the door and managed to escape through just as it closed with a muted thud. They watched their father enter the elevator before they spoke.

     "That was pretty good, if I do say so myself." Kiba puffed out his chest looked proudly down the hallways.

     Zuni grunted. "Yeah, but how will we get back in?"

     Kiba's face fell for a moment. "Ah, don't be such a pessimistic."

     Zuni slapped his paw on his forehead. "That would be pessimist. And do you even know what it means?"

     Kiba had already started to trot off. "Who knows, who cares."

     Zuni ran after him, forgetting about the pessimist argument. "So now what?"

     Kiba let him catch up. "Remember when everyone was hanging their coats in the lobby?" Without waiting for a response, he continued, "Well, we'll get a really long one, and you'll stand on my shoulders, and frighten the Myncis into being quiet."

     They had reached the elevator. Zuni didn't warm up to the plan. "Why do I have to stand on your shoulders?"

     Kiba sighed and pushed him up against the wall with the buttons controlling the elevator, and then tried to climb on his shoulders to hit the button. He managed, but barely. Zuni had dropped him, unable to support the weight. "Alright," he sighed exasperatedly, " I'll stand on your shoulders."

     Shortly after that they arrived at the lobby. Their father was not that far off, talking to the waiter. "Can I please have my Purple Juppie Java?"

     The waiter, and old (and half deaf) Kougra answered in his raspy voice. "Eh? Yurble Jubjub Ona?"

     "No, Puurrrple Juuupiiiiee Jaaavaaaaaa," their father spoke louder.

     "Purple Jubilant Lava? Hmm…we haven't got any of that."

     Kiba and Zuni didn't listen to anymore, afraid they would laugh and give themselves away. Kiba inched over to the coat rack, and when no one was looking, snatched a long grey button down overcoat. With second thoughts, he doubled back and grabbed the matching hat. He dragged them back and, with Zuni's help, folded the coat for easy travel. Kiba put the hat on Zuni's head, and, being too big, fell to one side. Zuni tried to straighten it, but gave up quickly.

     Their next destination was the hotel's Neomail center. Kiba clambered up into one of the chairs and began typing as fast as he could manage.

     You have a massage waiting in the lobby. Please come and pick it up.

     In the 'To' section he typed the room number of the Myncis next door( only after Zuni told him what the room number was, of course) and hit send as Zuni read the message.

     "Kiba, did you just say they have a massage waiting for them in the lobby?"

     Kiba rolled his eyes. "No, I told them they have a message waiting."

     "You spelled it wrong."

     No response. Kiba merely grabbed the coat and headed upstairs, with Zuni in tow shortly after.

     They made it upstairs fairly quickly. They hid around the corner as the mother Mynci danced out of her room, smiling. "Be good little ones, mommy is off to get a massage!" There was a chorus of high-pitched "byes" from the room. Once the Mynci was gone, Kiba and Zuni donned their disguise, hat and all.

     They waddled over to the door and knocked. The door was opened by a bunch of baby Myncis who had clambered on top of each other. "Whaddaya want?" They chorused, all at different times. It took a moment for Zuni to completely comprehend.

     Zuni coughed and put on a fake deep voice. "If you little babies are not good and quiet for the rest of your stay, we -- I mean -- I will chop of your tails."

     They eyed him suspiciously. "Wit wat?"

     Zuni fished desperately in the coats pockets. His paw grabbed something long and slender, and he pulled it out. "With this Plastic Butter Knife of Doom!"

     He prayed silently as the Myncis looked at the knife in horror, whispering in hushed tones amongst each other. When they had reached a verdict, they responded "Okays, we be good."

     They hurriedly closed the door. No more sounds came from inside. Zuni and Kiba walked off awkwardly and removed the coat. "It worked!" Kiba whispered excitedly.

     Zuni nodded. They sat in silence trying to figure out what to do next. Zuni sighed. "Knowing dad, he'll probably talk to the guys downstairs about the air conditioner, and it'll probably be a while before he gets the staff to understand him, so that should buy us time to help with his article. He's writing it on Neopian Central Hotels…hmm…I have a plan."

     Before he had a chance to find out what the plan was, Kiba had been pulled out to the Money Tree by his brother. It had stopped raining, which had helped a bit. Zuni had grabbed an old cardboard box and a broken toy car and used the two to create a rolling box. They placed the hat and folded coat inside. As a team, they rolled the box to the nearest hotel, Hotel Opera, with Zuni explaining his plan to Kiba as they walked.

To be continued...

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