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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 148 > Continuing Series > The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part Four

The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part Four

by nindail

NEOPIA, SOMEWHERE IN FAERIELAND, 6:59 AM- Xelqued raised his head off the sparking debris that was once the control panel. The entire bus crashed, and it wasn't so comfy. He didn't have enough time to determine where he was. His and his crew's condition was the only thing that mattered then. He looked at his helmet. There was nothing but a slight chip on the side. Alien Aishan glass is strangely extremely strong. He could taste blood in some parts of his mouth, but it wasn't gushing.

      He got up, only to find the bus crashed in at a 45-degree angle. He slipped slightly, but caught hold of the tattered remains of his seat. He kicked Norbekk (Who had been moaning since Xelqued regained consciousness) in the leg. Norbekk opened his eyes and got up with a moan. Xelqued scrambled up to the crew, who were all moaning as well on the floor, and woke them up.

     "You're not dead you guys… and girl. We're now behind Enemy Lines… WAKE UP!" Xelqued shouted, which stirred the crew from their sleep.

     The crew got up like Norbekk, Slow and full of Moaning. While the crew was busy getting up, Xelqued scampered up to the only window that was sending sunlight into the ship. Xelqued looked out and saw it. Two miles away stood the Communications Array. He looked at it in awe, despite it being low-tech garbage.

     He slid down to the crew, who were now all up, and announced his discovery. "Our objective is the Array. It's approximately 2 miles away. We need to work fast and move silently. But first, defense. Who here has a weapon?"

     Xelqued raises his hand, and began to worry. Only one other hand rose: The Guard for the ship. Norbekk had his hand half raised and showed his Alien Aisha Scrambler.

     "So, all we have is Norbekk's Scrambler and Private Gilkop? Fine. What kind of weapon do you have?" Xelqued asked Gilkop.

     "A standard class Laser Assault Rifle, sir!" Gilkop said, raising his weapon.

[LASER ASSAULT RIFLE- Standard Aisha Attack weaponry. It has the shape of a standard Assault Rifle. The only difference is that it uses Laser technology. The clips it uses are rechargeable batteries. An Aisha with a LAR (Acronym for the weapon) basically holds a never-ending supply of Ammo with each Rifle.]

     Xelqued moaned. It was his little Ray Gun, Norbekk's scrambler, and Gilkop's rifle against 2 miles of armed Faeries.

     "Alright, follow me…" Xelqued said with a sigh as he kicked open the melted fragments of the door. The smoldering scrap fell to the ground with a clang.

     The crew slowly managed to climb out of the crash site and onto the floor of the Faerie building. Xelqued looked around the room while the crew was getting down. They crashed into a warehouse. But not just any warehouse. A warehouse that was completely void of Faerie life and filled with boxes that said "Weapons" and "Ammo". A smile stretched on Xelqued's face.

     "Well everyone, looks like we've had SOME luck in this trip…" Xelqued said proudly, pointing to the boxes of Faerie Weapons. The crew smiled and ran to the boxes, tearing them apart as Xelqued said, "Salvage any weapons you can find. Take some ammo with you as well. We're smack dab in the Faerie Military Base. Be prepared to fight your way to the Array."

     A few minutes later, the entire crew was standing in a straight line, all carrying some sort of Faerie Weapon. Norbekk had a Nova Ray, a small little Ray Gun that uses the power of Novas. The other Lieutenants and four others were wielding Dark Faerie Rifles, black-colored tubes with large wings acting as ammo holsters for small spikes filled with a noxious gas. Two others were carrying Faerie Flameguns, large flamethrower-like weapons, but shoot fireball-like projectiles like a shotgun. And the last one wielded Cloudbursters, large weapons that look similar to bug-gassers, but shoot a Pepper Spray-like gas.

     Xelqued walked to the door which was separating them from the Faerie Base, turned to face his crew, and said, "Let's show 'em the REAL power of the Alien Aishas!" and was replied by with a cheer in the Aishan Language, "Gilbok! Zilnerood! Neekerbrok!" meaning "Honor! Pride! Victory!"

     The doors burst open, and the Aishas took off. Their first objective was to go 1 kilometer North. Then they had to run for 250 meters West, and another kilometer to the Array. Then, then needed to go west for about 1 and half kilometers to the nearest garage, burst it open, and get that evac they needed. The first objective looked pretty tough as is: A Faerie Search Team was sent to investigate the crash. Right as the doors burst open, the Faeries were standing a mere 10 meters away. You can guess what happened next.

     Xelqued instantly fired at the faeries. The riflemen (and riflewoman) crouched down on one knee and also began firing at the Faeries. The Cloudbursters sent out a putrid smelling fog to the Faeries, which made several of them faint. The Flamegunners fired rapidly at the Faeries. It was a one-sided battle as the Aishas quickly caused the Faeries a quick retreat.

     As the last faerie scurried out of the halls, the crew took a breath of relief. If they could take a squad of Investigative Faeries, they could surely take on whatever lie ahead of them.

     That's when the sirens burst out. A cacophony of screeching erupted from every speaker in the base. The words "INTRUDERS IN SECTOR 28-B!!! INTRUDERS IN SECTOR 28-B!!!" were shouted even louder than the screeching. The crew looked to each other, then to Xelqued, who quickly took off North. The other Aishas, fearing what was happening, followed quickly. The sound of the trampling feet of faeries and the alarm screeching was deafening.

     As they ran through the corridor, hundreds of faeries burst from almost every door. Each one was armed and instantly fired at the Aishas. Countless shots were heard, and it wasn't too pretty. Not only were the Aishas hit, there was some accidental friendly fire. Despite the scars left from the weapons of the faeries, the crew pressed onward, with the occasional cursing and swearing.

     NEOPIA, FAERIELAND, FAERIE CITY, FAERIE MILITARY BASE, COMMUNICATIONS ARRAY, 7:10 AM- The door behind the runaway Aishas slammed shut. The crew gasped for breath. Everyone had at least ten rips in their leather outfits. The alarm kept on wailing and several faeries were pounding at the door, and the their threats weren't the most refreshing after a run through enemy territory. Xelqued looked forward. About 10 meters from him was a door and a sign that said "Faerieland Communications Outpost #7"

     The crew breathed a sigh of relief. After checking that the door was completely shut behind them, they walked to the door. As soon as they got within 50 centimeters, the cacophony of the alarm stopped. A soothing computerized voice spoke to the Aishas. "Welcome to the Faerieland Communications Outpost Number Seven. Please type in the code to enter the Outpost." As soon as the voice was done, a small slit on the right wall opened and pushed out a keypad. Xelqued turned to Norbekk, and nodded. Norbekk nodded back and pulled out his scrambler. He walked to the keypad, pointed the scrambler at the keypad, and pressed the small button on the side of his scrambler.

     The top of the scrambler shot out a burst of ultraviolet light. Norbekk fiddled with the controls on his scrambler. The light then changed colors, disappeared, then reappeared, emitted a screeching sound, and then changed colors again. The keypad reacted violently by shooting out sparks and the computerized voice squealed and moaned out random words. Eventually the scrambler beeped, and the light changed back to violet. Norbekk pushed the button on the side and the light faded. The still sparking keypad retreated in the wall, and the voice spoke again, but it sounded as if it was mutating in pain. "Code ac-ac-ac-FZZZTT!!!-ac-ac-accepted.. WELCOME toooo the Fae-fae-fae-faeeeeeeeeee… FZZZTTT!!!"

     The door opened instantly and the Aishas walked inside. No faeries were inside, but the appearance of the random things scattered around the floor and computers looked like they instantly fled when they heard the alarm go off. The crew walked in and the door behind them closed. A few crewmembers stood in the middle of the room, but Xelqued and the lieutenants took their seats at the controls.

     The controls were password guarded, but no match for a little Alien Aisha Hacking Technology. As soon as they were in the Faerie Satellite Network, Xelqued then used the computers to contact the direct coordinates of one of the Aisha Outside Communications System satellites. Xelqued punched in the coordinates for the nearest satellite and hit "Enter". There was a one minute wait as the large screen above Xelqued went black and had the words "CALLING…" in white until an image of an Alien Aisha General flashed onto the screen. His words were loud and boomed in the small room.

     "What do you faeries want, you little… XELQUED?" The general's image looked at Xelqued sitting in the main chair. "Wh… What are you doing on Neopia? And in a Faerie Com-Link?"

     Xelqued pulled a microphone from the desk and talked into it, looking up at the image of the general. "Long story short: Out ship blew up in mid orbit and the best Com-Link we could find was in Faerieland. Simple breaking-and-entering protocol, here we are. Listen, I need something from you…"

     "Yes?" The general looked curious about what Xelqued would say.

     "I'm going to need this: Your bravest men, a Transport, and an "Evacuation Mission" for us on Faerieland," Xelqued said calmly.

     The general looked astonished. "Xelqued, I know you need a rescuing and all, but I'm not about to send my best men into a suicide rescue mission with no backup… Besides, we don't even know WHERE you are or where to pick you up."

     Higola rolled her chair up to Xelqued and put in a small floppy disc into a drive nearby Xelqued. She pulled the microphone to herself and said, "Everything you need to know is in this file. Transmitting, sir." She then pressed a few buttons next to the Floppy Drive and a small Bing sound came out.

     On the screen, an Aisha walked up to the general and began murmuring to him. The Aisha then ran off and the general cleared his throat. "Alright Xelqued, we got the coordinates. But I hope you guys have a way to make sure we don't go under fire. Transports aren't exactly the most stable aircraft when it comes to a firefight. General Meek Gluglorp, signing out!" The general saluted and Xelqued saluted back. The screen then went black.

     Xelqued turned to Higola. "So, now that you've told them where to go, where do WE go?"

     Higola looked at Xelqued and smiled. "Simple. Just follow me."

To be continued...

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