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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Swimming, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 147 > Continuing Series > The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part Three

The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part Three

by nindail

NEOPIA, SOMEWHERE IN NEOPIA GRASSLANDS, 6:03 AM- Xelqued stared off into the vast grasslands. Norbekk was right: Off in the distance was a small Faerie Outpost. He could tell by the way the buildings were shaped, but couldn't see any faerie.

      "Perfect. That's just what we need. Hostiles just two miles away from us, stranded on this planet with no communication." Xelqued moaned as he walked to the rest of his crew. "We'd never find our way out of here, probably NOTHING on this planet can contact a nearby colony!" He slumped back on a tree that was slightly toasted after coming in contact with flaming debris.

      Kiglbrog looked at the rest of the depressed crew, and began to think deeply. After several minutes, he jumped up and yelled "EUREKA! That's it!"

      Everyone looked at Kiglbrog oddly until he finally said, "During the Faerieland Invasion, I piloted a cruiser. When I was approaching the city, I saw a HUGE Communications Relay! Although the technology would be low-tech, the size of that thing could probably make it to a colony. The captain told us that we needed to get to the city first and we didn't have enough time to destroy it, so the relay is probably still operational!" That was all that was needed to make everyone smile…

      But Xelqued thought over this. "Hang on… I have a few questions. One: How do we get there? Two: How do we ENTER the relay? And Three: How would we escape Faerieland?"

      Kiglbrog already anticipated those questions and instantly answered. "We enter through Faerieland's bases. We rush through, break in, get an evac, and rush to the nearest garage. Let the port open, and escape through Transport. And we get to Faerieland… In THOSE!" Kiglbrog pointed to the Faerie Outpost. Everyone looked out into the distance and saw it: Faerie Buses. Large aircraft designed to take flightless Neopets up to Faerieland. They could easily sit everyone in the group, and with space to move around! Xelqued grinned evilly as he drew his Ray Gun…

      SEVERAL MINUTES LATER- A wide hole was cut through the fence protecting this garage. A trail of muddy footsteps led all the way into one of the garages and right into a Fire Faerie Transport.

      Higola rubbed her feet on the siding of the bus, wiping the mud off her uniform. She thought it didn't look professional. The rest of the crew sat into the seats with muddy feet. Xelqued and Norbekk sat themselves in the cockpit, ready to leave. The garage door was wide open (Stupid Faeries! Thought Xelqued on the way in) and the Aishas were all inside the bus. Xelqued hit the starting button and the lights inside flickered. Everyone could hear the jets beneath rumbling with power as Xelqued turned the bus, drove it out of the garage, and onto the runway.

      Xelqued grabbed the microphone inside the cockpit, turned on the Intercom, and talked into it, "Is everyone ready for takeoff?" He shut off the intercom and heard a series of snaps. He took that as a yes and hit the gas.

      The bus sped quickly through the runway. The crew could hear the wings on top beginning to flutter as Xelqued started them. The runway was almost to an end when Xelqued pushed on the steering wheel and brought the bus up. The landing gears beneath the bus slowly closed as the bus flew off into the morning sky.

      Xelqued was almost tired of flying. The sun was in his eyes and Faerieland was still a good few miles away. He remembered his nice warm house back on Nirzip, but banished the thought. Thoughts of home discourages morale, he remembered the motto his trainer told him when he was just recruited. The light of the sun made him quite sleepy, and even though the small balls of cotton-sized clouds were beginning to form the outskirts of Faerieland, he couldn't go on much longer. He was just about to hit "Autopilot", when something went wrong.

INSIDE FAERIELAND MILITARY BASE- "What is THAT?" exclaimed an Earth Faerie, sitting at a computer. A nearby Light Faerie looked to the Earth Faerie's computer and nearly spit out her coffee. "What's a civilian bus doing out here?" the Light Faerie questioned.

      "I think I have the answer to that!" shouted a Dark Faerie just a few meters away. The Light Faerie rushed over to the Dark Faerie's computer and saw the problem. Alien Aishas.

      A nearby Fire Faerie who glanced at the Dark Faerie's computer questioned the Light Faerie, "Orders ma'am?"

     "Shoot it down!"

      BACK AT THE BUS- Xelqued hit the Autopilot button. A soothing voice that sounded strangely like Fyora's said through the Cockpit intercom, "Autopilot is activated. Enjoy your flight." Xelqued ignored it and sat himself out for a nice nap. He just managed to close his eyes when a huge THUMP! vibrated through the bus. It shook everyone so violently that several crewmen nearly cracked their helmets! And to an unpleasant surprise, the Autopilot deactivated itself with a rude message. "Autopilot deactivated. Ship under attack. You're on your own." Xelqued gave the controls a long glare.

      "What in Florgzil VI was THAT?" exclaimed one of the repairmen.

      "Did something just hit us?" shouted Kiglbrog.

      Xelqued jumped from his comfortable position and began trying to stabilize the ship when he saw the cause of the attack: Fire Faerie Cannons.

      [Fire Faerie Cannons- These cannons are shaped like half ovals with a very large cannon at the front. They have a pod where the Fire Faerie (The only type of Faerie capable of manning them) can sit and fuels power to the cannon. They are capable of firing ten fireballs a minute. The fireballs themselves are 1 meter in circumference. They are positioned only around Faerie Garages for protection.]

      Several balls of fire erupted from the sides of certain clouds. They all hit the bus hard and burned through the metal hull. The crew began growing worried as the smell of smoke began to seep through the windows and doors. A fireball hit the wings of the bus and set the rubber and metal wings on fire. One fireball was so powerful, once it impacted, it melted through the hull, singed the skeleton of the bus, and melted right into the seats themselves, creating a gaping hole in the bus. That wasn't the only one with such intensity.

     THUNK! Another fireball impacted the ship. The force rocked the ship and created another huge searing hole. The seats were boiling hot and the walls around the holes were beginning to sear. The heat was reaching unbearable levels and caused panic. Higola tied to calm down the hysteria forming within the melting walls, but it wasn't working quite well.

      After several minutes of going under fire from cannons, the ship looked like metallic Swiss Cheese that was slowly being boiled in a fondue pot. The wings were nothing more than four black metal sticks, flapping slowly. The crew was huddled around near the cockpit, trying to avoid the melting metal or the occasional fireball that flew through a hole and impacted inside the bus. The engines were on fire and were running out of fuel. Xelqued was attempting to steer the pile of melted trash into a safe landing zone. He had found a perfect place, a nice soft cloud with plenty of cover. He was attempting to land when one last fireball hit the bottom of the bus where the fuel was stored. The engines literally exploded with flames and began to fly at hundreds of miles an hour, totally out of control.

      Xelqued heard the impact, but somehow, he couldn't hear a thing afterwards. He could swear he heard the crew screaming as a huge flaming hole was about to burn the floor of the bus. The explosion pushed the ship downward more steeply than desired. Xelqued's life flashed before his eyes as he grabbed the controls and attempted to steer the boiling scrap that he and his crew were stuck in. He grabbed the steering wheel, and began pushing down on it so hard he thought he might just snap the burning metal. The ship wobbled slightly as fireballs singed the air around the ship and began to try to stabilize itself.

      Xelqued continued to hold the controls tightly. He thought he had gone deaf, and couldn't hear Norbekk screams, even though he saw the hysteria on his face. The ship's sirens had gone off, but he could not hear them as well. The sound of the engines failing was also something that was not audible to Xelqued. He then averted his attention to the ship. His vision was beginning to get blurry and everything was getting white. He could feel the force of the fireballs continuing to hit the ship, and could feel the controls struggling. He couldn't hold on much longer. The heat was unbearable and the descent was making him dizzy. He pulled up on the controls one more time with all his strength.

      And that's when the bus rammed itself right into a building, hidden in the clouds.

To be continued…

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