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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 147 > Articles > A Petpet Encyclopedia (Volume F – K)

A Petpet Encyclopedia (Volume F – K)

by playmobil_is_my_life

PETPETS – Perhaps you read A Petpet Encyclopedia (Volume A – E) in a previous issue of the Neopian Times. Well now it’s time to continue that article with even more petpets, these ones ranging from F through K. So hold onto your seatbelt, because here we go:

Faellie These little petpets come from Faerieland. They’re ears are very alert, so they can sense danger from far away.

Fangy Fangies are Tyrannian petpets that love to chew on things. Keep your fingers away from these!

Feepit If you happen to be visiting Happy Valley, you can see Feepits sledding on the snowy hills and filling the air with their high-pitched squeaks.

Felf Felfs are wintery petpets that can be seen causing all sorts of trouble if you leave it unsupervised.

Felly This petpet will float in midair and follow your Neopet around all day.

Feloreena Faerie Neopets like these love to fly until their miniscule wings get tired. Although they seem cute and cuddly Feloreenas can have quite a temper!

Fleurbik This petpet resembles a robot dandelion. It likes to hide in flowerbeds and detect when Neopets pass by.

Filamen Filamen live underwater and provide an adequate light source if your Neopet ever gets lost in the dark. They can also be used in Neohomes if all of your candles burn out.

Fir Firs live on the peak of Terror Mountain where they are just waiting for a Neopet to come and play with them.

Flightning Bug The cool thing about Flightning Bugs are that they are their own source of electricity. Their wings can generate static!

Flippy Flippys are very useful for your Neogarden. They will dig holes and pull weeds for you.

Flishy Superstition has got the better of this petpet. Flishies are supposed to be good luck if you spot one.

Flizzardo The Flizzardo is said to be a distant relative of a Flizzard. These petpets love to climb trees and bask in sunlight.

Florta Flortas are very smart petpets. They can be trained to do just about anything.

Flosset Petpets like the Flosset are found exclusively in Faerieland. They are small in size, but their hearts are big.

Floud A friend of the Flosset, Flouds float around in Faerieland. Warning: Never feed them carrots! The reason for avoiding this vegetable is unsure. But make sure you never do it!

Flowper Flowpers are friendly and cheerful all of the time. Their favorite thing to do is play tag.

Foobug Foobugs are most interesting because they are a cross between a Buzzer and a Fungree. So they like to buzz and bounce around Neopia.

Frillabon Aquatic petpets like the Frillabon slither in the seaweed on the bottom of the ocean.

Frogarott If your Neopet is a Quiggle or a Nimmo he is sure to love a Frogarott. Just be careful, he spits fire!

Froiler Froilers are distant evil cousins of the Baby Fireballs. Froilers lurk in dark and hot places where they eat Chias and turn themselves invisible.

Fungree Did you know that the Fungree is made out of rubber? Who needs to buy a bouncy ball when you can just buy a Fungree instead?

Furwitch Found in the Haunted Woods, around Edna’s tower, Furwitches are mischievous little petpets.

Gallion Gallions are vain medieval petpets that need attention all of the time. If you don’t give it to them, you can expect a nip on the finger.

Ganuthor These petpets sleep in the Meridell castle. Sometimes they are so still they get mistaken for statues!

Garooda If your Neopet tries to pick one of these up let out a glass-shattering scream. Garoodas are very independent.

Gathow In Tyrannia, Gathows can be found sleeping. Well, they don’t really look like they’re sleeping because their eyelids never close.

Geb This intelligent desert petpet is the star of the game Sutek’s Tomb.

Ghostkerchief Uh oh, did you just wipe your nose on this Ghostkerchief? He won’t be very happy!

Ghostkerfish This petpet is an aquatic version of the Ghostkerchief. He glides silently in an out of rock caves under the sea.

Ghoti Aquatic petpets like the Ghoti need lots of love and care. They hang out at the bottom of the seafloor with the Bowla.

Gnar Gnar are feisty little petpets that are always impatient. Some believe that they eat more than Skeiths, so always keep them fed or a piece of furniture might be missing the next day…

Goldy Goldy is the perfect aquatic petpet. They stay in their fish bowl so there’s no way for you to lose them… unless you lose the bowl…

Goulblee This Spooky petpet loves to hang out anywhere that’s scary.

Greeble Amazingly, this petpet has a twenty foot long tongue. That’s great for playing Frisbee.

Gremble Believe it or not, a spooky petpet like this just wants to be loved.

Gruslen Whatever you do, never harm a Gruslen in any way. Sure, they may look cute and cuddly, but they deliver a powerful bite!

Gwortz Gwortzs sort of resemble Slorgs with wings. What a strange combo!

GX-4 Oscillabot Robot petpets like the GX-4 Oscillabot come in handy because not only can they cater to your every needs, they can also clean your Neohome!

Harris Harris love nothing more than to climb trees, especially in Queen Fyora’s garden.

Hasee A Hasee is the star of Hasee Bounce, where he can eat all of the Doughnutfruit he wants!

Haseepuss This odd-looking petpet is a cross between a Hasee and an Angelpuss. It meows and eats Doughnutfruit.

Hopso Their large sticky feet help the Hopso land just about anywhere.

Hornsby Hornsbies are a cross between two unknown petpets. They are always depressed.

Horus Horus make good petpets because of their keen hearing and sharp eyesight.

Huggy The petpet called Huggy got its name mainly because it hugs everyone/everything it sees. I imagine this can get annoying easily.

Huggy Bear Like Huggy, the Huggy Bear takes a bear form and still gives lots of hugs.

Icklesaur No matter how much you feed it, Icklesaur will never get any bigger. That’s right, you could feed it a Skeith and it wouldn’t grow an inch.

Intesteen Eww, this petpet looks a bit odd, but he’s still loveable. Whatever the case, Intesteen makes a good petpet.

Jinjah Mmm, Jinjahs looks good enough to eat… if you can catch one. They are very fast runners.

Jowlard Jowlards are very needy petpets. Once you take one home, they will become your Neopet’s shadow.

Kadoatie Poor little Kadoaties are afraid of the dark. You must keep the lights on if your Neopet has a Kadoatie.

Karren Karrens are odd-looking Meridell petpets that are nearly blind. They rely on their sharp hearing to detect predators.

Khamette Perhaps Khamette’s popularity increased when Princess Vyssa said that she had one. And since she’s going to rule her Father’s throne someday, some want to be just like her.

Khura Khuras are naturally timid and shy. Though they look like an Aquatic species, they live out of water.

Khonsu This desert petpet is rumored to be bad luck.

Khnum Be warned: if your Neopet has a Khnum, all the petpet will do is sleep.

Kookith Now here’s a strange little fellow! Kookiths have a square body and blue stripes, but they are very loyal.

Krawk Ohhh, the magnificent Krawk… take one of these to the Fungus Caves and you’ll have a Krawk Neopet in no time!

Krawkadon Not to be confused with Krawk, Krawkadons are a pirate petpet that will eat everything from apples to Zen sofas.

Krikket Krikkets would rather be left alone than in a family because they are very curious, yet independent.

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading Volume F – K. Volumes L – R and S – Z are coming soon.

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