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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 4th day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Continuing Series > The Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries: Part Five

The Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries: Part Five

by erika_idle

Sebastian and Albert, the two remaining members of the League of Super Authors that had not yet been captured, returned to the main land of Mystery Island.

     "So it's down to us to save this island," Sebastian said.

     "Yeah," Albert said in a monotone.

     "Without Jay, the brains of this operation, Rosie, the book-smart detective, Harriet, the comic relief in a bad situation, and Spot, a... a... reminder of anything bad that's happening at any given moment, things are looking kind of down, aren't they?" Sebastian mentioned.

     "A little bit," Albert sighed.

     "What I wouldn't give for a CLUE right about now!"

     As if by fate, Charlie the Island Kiko came bounding up to the two, his eyes wide as saucers. "Sebastian! Albert! Come quick!"

     "What is it?" said Albert, scanning the shops. Everything seemed to be in order in the small town located on Mystery Island.

     "Just follow me!"

     The two bounded after Charlie. He almost ran into a tree at his hurried pace, and he did manage to run into a pole at the Mystery Island harbor. The three boarded a small boat, and took off at lightning speed to Faerieland.

     "What's happening, Charlie?" asked Sebastian.

     "The history... the Mystery Island history..." he said, his voice trembling.

     "It's been rewritten?" Albert asked.

     Charlie nodded.

     "How badly?"

     Charlie made a motion with his hand that indicated that the situation was very bad indeed.

     "What can we do about it?" Sebastian cried. "If only Rosie or Jay was here, they would have come up with a plan by now!"

     "Hey, I'm don't have an I.Q. of 1337 for nothing, you know!" Albert snapped. He whipped out an abacus and some scratch paper and began to doodle some figures in the margins.

     "Got a plan, smartie-pants?" Sebastian asked after some time had passed.

     "Well, if the pencil is actually a true pencil, the rewritten text is not going to be as perfect as... say... a fountain pen. There will be smudges and extra shards of graphite and eraser. However, no ordinary pencil will work on the pages of the archives. We should erase as much of the horrible new story as we can with the extra shards, and collect the excess graphite, and rewrite as much as we possibly can."

     "That sounds hopeless," Charlie said.

     "It's worth a shot," retorted Sebastian. "We haven't got much time. Gertrude's already got Harriet, Rosie, Jay and Spot!"

     "Gertrude?" Charlie asked.

     "Yes, Gertrude!" spat Albert.

     "Oooh, yes! Gertrude!" cried Charlie suddenly, blushing a bright crimson. "I have short-term memory loss, you see," he said, hanging his head.

     A muscle twitched in Albert's cheek. "That must be difficult."

     "Yes, it is," Charlie said, not looking up.

     The three arrived at the gates of Faerieland, and they ran to the Faerieland Library. Charlie yanked the door open, and ran ahead down the halls to the small cupboard where the archives lay. "Follow me! Quickly now!"

     As Albert and Sebastian ran behind him, Albert whispered in the corner of his mouth to Sebastian, "Get some weapons out of your utility belt. Preferably small ones."

     "Why?" whispered Sebastian in return.

     "I have an idea as to why Rosie went ahead without us. Have you got the weapons yet?"

     Sebastian pulled out a slingshot and a handful of attack peas. He handed the slingshot to Albert, and hid the attack peas behind his back. Charlie was waiting for them at the doorway to the archives.

     "Hurry!" he said, opening the dusty glass case. "Do as much as you can!"

     Albert scanned the rewritten history, reading outloud. "The Recorded History of Mystery Island: Part One. Once upon a time, a magical and mysterious island appeared out of nowhere. Some people say the Faeries did it. Some other people say that they don't know where it came from. But Mystery Island appeared out of nowhere."

     Albert stopped, and looked up. Sebastian said exactly what his partner was thinking. "That's some really bad writing."

     "So Mystery Island came out of nowhere," Albert read on. "The natives flocked to the island like great big flocks of things that flock places." Sebastian gave an involuntary shudder, and Albert turned a page. "The natives came and built large houses around the big volcano which grew on the island like a malignant wart."

     "A malignant wart?!" cried Sebastian.

     "...and so they built houses, and sold gross food to tourists in the future. Like eye candy, that stuff is gross! And then everybody on Mystery Island, they all died mysterious deaths. Some people's insides turned outside. And other people died from eating the wrong biscuits. Mystery Island was left in ruins by fires caused by the great volcano which erupted on the day that everybody died. Lava ran quickly into the town, ruining all the houses and shops so quickly that it was really, really fast. The only way the people could save themselves was to pay tribute to the Volcano Ghoul."

     "The Volcano Ghoul? That's original," Sebastian snorted.

     "The Volcano Ghoul took everybody's money and bought nice things like cashmere sweaters and lollipops. The people who gave him the money became his servants. Then the Volcano Ghoul built a castle.

     "Nobody could stop the Volcano Ghoul whose real name shall remain nameless. Nobody, not one, especially not the Super Authors. In fact, all the Super Authors died slow, painful, deaths. So they definitely didn't stop the Volcano Ghoul.

     "And that's the mystery of Mystery Island. The end." Albert slammed the book shut. "I must say, it wasn't as painful as I had anticipated."

     "We have to fix it," Sebastian said. "Find as much graphite as you can!"

     Albert, using a scientifically altered magnifying glass, managed to scrape up as much leftover pencil lead as he could. Making it into a depressingly small pencil with an even smaller eraser, he looked up at Sebastian for further instruction.

     "Change the negatives," Sebastian said. "And erase everything about us and the Volcano Ghoul."

     Albert set to work. Charlie tried to peer over Albert's shoulder, but he was far too short.

     "Now erase that malignant wart sentence, that's just disgusting..."

     A loud clicking sound came from the back of the small room. Albert sighed, lowering his paw with the pencil in it, and Sebastian whipped around. Charlie had shut and locked the door.

     Charlie was grinning ever so slightly. "I thought you would have figured out my little trick, Albert, being the brains behind the group and all. I'm surprised that you didn't."

     Albert smiled. "Yeah, I guess you're right, Charlie. Silly me," he said.

     Sebastian pulled out the handful of attack peas and let them jump around in his outstretched paw just as Albert whipped out the slingshot. "Pity, I was looking forward to saving Mystery Island."

     Simultaneously, they attacked. Charlie had only enough time to squeak, "Eeek!" before he was knocked to the floor by attack peas and random objects, sling-shotted expertly by Albert.


     Sebastian didn't need to be told twice. He dashed outside, grabbing Albert to help him over a large stack of books. Slamming the door shut again, Sebastian and Albert pushed the bookshelf (with some difficulty) back over the door.

     "We've got to get back to the volcano!" Albert yelled over the ruckus being made by the contained Charlie.

     The two dashed out of the Faerieland Library. It was almost midnight, and the streets were misty with dew. They found their boat and sped off, heading to Mystery Island.

     Sebastian began to question Albert right as they boarded the boat. "How did you know, Albert? What's really going on?"

     Albert smiled. "It was obvious, wasn't it?"


     Albert sighed at his Lupe companion. "Well, first of all, there is no Gertrude. Do you remember how Charlie got a bit bewildered when he couldn't remember Gertrude's real name? Do you realize that Charlie told us that Gertrude was female, when the rewritten history of Mystery Island clearly stated that the Volcano Ghoul was male. Not to mention the facts that the written statement on the door of the volcano was written very kindly indeed, and the archived history was written so badly that the same person could not have written it. Oh, and the fact that Rosie went with Charlie alone. She knew Charlie from the beginning."

     Sebastian opened and closed his mouth several times, and finally managed to nod in awe.

     "As I mentioned earlier, I don't have an IQ of 1337 for nothing, you know," Albert grinned.

     The boat hit the shores of Mystery Island, and the two clambered off.

     "When will the rewritten history... well... become history?" Sebastian whispered.

     "I'm not sure. I know Charlie has hidden that pencil in the volcano somewhere, and if we're quick enough, we should be able to steal the pencil, save Rosie, Harriet, Spot, and Jay, and make it back to Faerieland to rewrite the entire history before lunch."

     "That's a big if, my friend," Sebastian said, as the two ran to the volcano's entrance.

To be continued...

Oh, no! Charlie's the evil mastermind behind this whole scheme? I wouldn't have guessed that in a thousand millennia! Will Sebastian and Albert be able to save Mystery Island and the rest of the Super Authors before the rewritten history comes into effect? Or will Charlie's master plan come into effect first? Not to mention... well, you know. Find out in the next thrilling chapter of... the Super Authors and the Chamber of Mysteries!

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