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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 9th day of Celebrating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Continuing Series > The Defenders of Light: Part Thirteen

The Defenders of Light: Part Thirteen

by npmasterx01

"Computer, tell me everything about the Cobra family!" said Dr. Livingston.

     "Their current status? Indian Cobra is missing, Insidious Cobra is missing, Envy and Ivy Cobra are missing, and King Cobra is the leader or as they say the first snake of Ransack," said the computer. "There have been rumors about Venomous Cobra being spotted all around Neopia, but only in certain places. One area is in a cave on Terror Mountain at the highest point. He was once spotted in the Ice Caves. Anyway, King Cobra is currently the only one who is a threat to Neopia."

     "Get as much information on King Cobra as possible. Start searching now!" said Dr. Livingston. The yellow Techo was in the main control room of the Defenders of Light Headquarters doing daily research on our current enemies.

     "All done! Wait, there is something wrong!" said the computer.

     "What is it?" asked the scientist. There was no response. All of a sudden, Neopets Version 2 appeared on the screen.

     "Nice to see you again, Dr. Livingston," said Version 2.

     "I am sure," mumbled the yellow Techo.

     "You know you shouldn't be in the Ransack database. Especially when you are trying to steal information from us," said Version 2.

     "Wait a minute! How did you get into the Ransack database?" asked Dr. Livingston.

     "That is not the issue!" said Version 2.

     "Then what is?" asked Dr. Livingston.

     "You are always sneaking and hacking into computer databases for knowledge you don't deserve to ever know," said Version 2. "That is why I am here to teach you a lesson once and for all."

     "What are you going to do? You are just a computer!" said Dr. Livingston. All of a sudden, the colors of purple and green started swirling around the screen until it magically came out of the monitor. The scientist was sucked into the swirling vortex and disappeared as if teleported to another world. When he had awoken, the yellow Techo noticed his surroundings. It was a U-shaped room with white floors, walls, and ceilings.

     "Welcome to the Ransack database!" said Version 2 as he appeared in front of him. "Prepare for battle!"

     "How did I get here?" asked Dr. Livingston. A door opened on the ceiling and out came a dozen robot Buzz's with huge spikes as stingers. As the door closed, it disappeared. One of the Buzz's dived towards the scientist. He drew a Lost Desert Dagger and jumped on it's back. Another dived towards him and Dr. Livingston jumped onto another one. The needle struck the other Buzz and they both exploded. The scientist sliced off the stinger of the Buzz he was standing on and threw it at another one. Then, the scientist struck the creature he was standing on and jumped to a different one again. Both of them exploded. Dr. Livingston drew a Tiki Bomb and lit it. He jumped to the next one and set another bomb on that Buzz. The scientist flew to the floor and threw two Lost Desert Daggers at one of the robots. The rest were finished off by a Faerie Slingshot.

     "Your insane exercise is over!" said Dr. Livingston.

     "Not quite!" said Version 2. Another door to the left opened and a dozen robot Chias moved towards the yellow Techo. As the fight went on, there were robot Shoyrus, Lupes, Acaras, and Aishas. The final enemies were robot Jetsams and the scientist was out of weapons. All he had was a slingshot with no ammo. "There is no escape now!" said Version 2.

     "I have one last option," said Dr. Livingston. He put a computer chip from his pocket onto the slingshot and fired at one of the Jetsams. Dr. Livingston repeated this process until all the Jetsams were hit.

     "Nothing is happening!" said Version 2.

     "Exactly!" said Dr. Livingston as they disappeared.

     "What did you do?" asked Version 2 in panic.

     "The same thing I will do to you," said Dr. Livingston. "It is a virus chip that I always keep with me just in case."

     "Curse you!" yelled Version 2 as the scientist fired the chip at the evil computer and disappeared.

     "I should be able to get out of here now," said Dr. Livingston. All of a sudden, he was teleported. The scientist had awoken in the Ransack main control room. He looked around a little, took some weapons, and then exited through the door at the far end of the room. That was when he saw us. Someone was blocking his way.

     "Dexter, get out of my way!" demanded Dr. Livingston as he attacked the shadow Techo with his sword. Dexter blocked his attack with a Large Metal Shield, but was caught off guard by a Yellow Clockwork Grundo. Chameleon started chanting again and the Staff of Chaos started to glow.

     "Destroy them," said Cobra. The androids attacked us. Gin, Bain, and Canken fought Mastermind, Prototype_Barry fought Android_Barry, BurnDragonX fought Experimental, and I fought Dr. Sloth.

     "So we meet again, HeckDragonX," said Sloth. "This time I have brought some help with me."

     "I knew that you wouldn't have an honorable battle," I said as two Sloth Clones appeared in front of Dr. Sloth himself. One of the clones drew a ray gun and I threw a Lost Desert Dagger into the gun's front side. The clone pulled the trigger and the gun exploded. He flew backwards and hit the ground. After that, I retrieved my dagger from his gun. The other clone's arm shot out of it's socket and came flying at me. I dodged it and attacked the clone with my other Lost Desert Dagger.

     "Must I do everything myself?" complained Dr. Sloth as he drew his own giant ray gun. I noticed a disadvantage in his technique. He had one hand on the handle, the other hand supporting it from falling, and the rest of the gun was supported by his shoulder. I threw a Lost Desert Dagger at the gun, but Sloth pulled it out. "How stupid do you think I am?" asked Sloth.

     "Well..." replied HeckDragonX as he was interrupted by a blast from the evil villain's gun. The shots continued and I kept dodging them.

     "Let's get started!" said Mastermind as he shot a red wave at Canken. "Destroy Bain!"

     "I will take care of this freak!" said Gin. Mastermind shot a red wave at Gin, but he dodged it and disappeared. The Jetsam reappeared behind the evil android with his sword drawn. "This is where this battle ends!" said Gin as he sliced him in half. The two halves pulled themselves back together and the cut line disappeared.

     "You fool!" yelled Mastermind as he shot another red wave at Gin. "Help Canken defeat Bain!"

     "I won't battle two people at a time," said Bain as he tossed Canken against the wall. Gin attacked Bain and he fainted.

     "How does it feel to be someone's prototype? Someone's shadow?" asked Android_Barry.

     "Let's just fight!" said Prototype_Barry as his eyes turned white and a strange light formed around him.

     "So you finally know how to control your psychic abilities," said Sloth as he fired another shot from his gun.

     "Psychic what?" asked BurnDragonX as he dodged an attack from Experimental. Dr. Livingston drew the Monoceraptor Claw and Dexter drew the Yoyo of Death.

     "You are a fool to use such a weapon with out thinking about the consequences," said Dexter as he used the Pant Devil Claw to steal Dr. Livingston's weapon.

     "No way! How did you get one of those?" asked Dr. Livingston.

     "I am sure it wasn't easy, but Chameleon acquired it for me," said Dexter as he attacked Dr. Livingston. Before the Techo could land his attack, the scientist drew a mystical item from out of nowhere. Dexter slice through the item, but Dr. Livingston moved backwards enough to barely live through the attack.

     "Now who is the fool?" asked Dr. Livingston.

     "What did you do? I feel as if I was ran over by a train," said Dexter.

     "That was the a special type of mirror," said Dr. Livingston. "This mystical mirror sends half of the damage back to the one who attacked. That claw had more than enough power to defeat us both."

     "I've heard of one of those before," said Dexter. "That was the last one in existence."

     "It served it's purpose!" said Dr. Livingston as he fell to the floor.

     "This is starting to become very annoying," said Dexter as he fainted also.

     "Are you going to attack today?" asked Android_Barry. Our Barry had nailed him to a wall with his psychic attack. The evil android was so strong that not even Prototype_Barry could hold him forever. Just then, he broke loose and hit Barry in the stomach. The android teleported to the floor and kicked the prototype as he reached the ground. As he came flying towards our Barry again, the prototype sent him flying towards the wall. When the Draconian Shoyru hit the wall, he disappeared into a hole that was created from impact. He reappeared and attacked Barry again. Prototype_Barry caught him by the legs and started spinning around. After that, he hurled him towards the ceiling. The Draconian Shoyru made another hole, but in the ceiling this time. Barry chased after him and before they knew it, they were fighting all throughout the Ransack base.

     "Hold still!" demanded Sloth.

     "Sorry! I was told to never listen to evil beings bent on destroying and/or ruling all of Neopia," I said. Just then, two missiles appeared on the gun and the first one was launched. I dodged it, but was hit by the second missile. I fell to the ground in pain and Dr. Sloth approached me. As he aimed the gun directly at my head, a evil grin formed across his face. He pulled the trigger. I quickly rolled over just missing the blast and threw a Lost Desert Dagger at Sloth's arm. He dropped the gun and it landed on his foot. I knew that with one arm he could not balance the weight of the gun.

     "This time you will not beat me!" said Experimental. BurnDragonX used Lava Spit. "You seem to like to use that a lot," said Experimental as he drew a Fire Gem.

     "When did you become more intelligent?" asked BurnDragonX. Experimental bellowed and the ground rose from underneath itself. The force of his yell sent the mutant Lupe flying backwards. The other mutant Lupe approached him again and threw him up into the air. As BurnDragonX came sailing downwards, Experimental activated one of his special attacks.

     "That is the Mega Claw attack!" said Dr. Livingston who was barely awake. The mutant Lupe's claws were glowing. He sent one of his paws sailing through the air up above him and returned it back to it's original place. BurnDragonX landed beside him. Experimental rammed him in the side and threw him against the wall. The Lupe started scratching and biting him. Two minutes later BurnDragonX went flying across the room and hit the ground. It seemed as if he was going to lose horribly, but the good mutant Lupe remembered the evil android's weakness.

     "That was the weakest hit ever! My grandfather could have done an attack like that a lot better than you could," said BurnDragonX. Experimental bellowed again sending BurnDragonX flying backwards. "Your breath stinks! Now smell mine!" said BurnDragonX as he used Demon Breath. The evil android tried to ram into the other mutant Lupe, but he dodged it. "Come on! Can't you hit me? Weakling!" said BurnDragonX.

     "Shut it!" exclaimed Experimental in rage.

     "You can not win this battle! I will be the one to take home the gold," said BurnDragonX. His plan seemed to be working. Experimental activated Mega Claw and tried to strike the mutant Lupe. BurnDragonX dodged it and the android's claws got stuck in the wall. The mutant Lupe retrieved the Monospectre Claw from Dexter's possession and attacked Experimental with one final blow. From recent observations, he had learned that if the androids are sliced in half they will completely heal when both parts become one again. Instead of using a direct attack, he used an indirect attack so the android wouldn't be slice in half. The power of the claw sent the evil mutant Lupe flying backwards into the wall. BurnDragonX approached him.

     "How could you win? I was programmed to be better than you," said Experimental.

     "You were blinded by your anger which effectively decreased your accuracy," said BurnDragonX.

     "I will now automatically be deactivated, because I had failed to complete my purpose," said Experimental.

     "Farewell," said BurnDragonX as the android deactivated. "People like Virtupets and Ransack do not deserve to live off of the same land as us. They ruin the lives of others such as us just for power and greed. They took our childhood away from us and turned us against each other. Well, it won't happen again. They will all be defeated!"

     "I think that it would be best if I were to leave now," said Sloth to himself. BurnDragonX slowly approached Mastermind and was about to attack when Gin got in the way. The Jetsam fainted.

     "Sure! Hide behind another person. It is so predictable that I wouldn't even have to know how to tell the future. You no longer have anything to hide behind!" said BurnDragonX.

     "What is happening? My psychic powers have no effect!" said Mastermind in panic.

     "I told you! It is over!" said BurnDragonX as he threw the Monospectre Claw at him. The claw went through his head and hit the wall behind him.

     "My chip!" cried Mastermind.

     "You can no longer pull yourself together when I slice you in half or even make a hole in your head just like I did just now," said BurnDragonX as he jumped into the air and Mastermind slowly moved to the right. The Lupe landed in the spot that the android use to be in and pulled the claw from out of the wall. All of a sudden, there was an explosion from above and a green Shoyru appeared on the floor. The Draconian Shoyru also reappeared and bolted towards Prototype_Barry.

     "Sorry!" said Prototype_Barry as he used his psychic powers to stop him from moving.

     "Barry, catch!" yelled BurnDragonX as he threw the Monospectre Claw to him and he caught it. The prototype attacked the android. After the attack, Android_Barry still stood, but barely. The green Shoyru finished him off with his most mysterious attack in our whole journey. The one that defeated Brainiac. The room lit up and everything turned white. A few seconds later, the room turned back to normal. The Draconian Shoyru fell to the ground.

     "I was defeated by an imposter," said Android_Barry as he deactivated. BurnDragonX teleported in front of Mastermind and rammed the opponent into the wall. The force of his attack was so great that Mastermind's body was crushed.

     "Not again," said Mastermind as he fell to the floor and deactivated. All of a sudden, the ground started rumbling and a giant statue rose from Neopia's core all the way to the surface. Chameleon had stopped chanting.

     "They don't call it the Revival Stone for nothing," said Cobra as he approached it and put the stone in a hole in the foot of the statue.

To be continued...

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