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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 12th day of Hunting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Continuing Series > Tale Spinner: Part Three

Tale Spinner: Part Three

by scarrift

"Where is it? It's got to be here somewhere."

     The dark shadow moved about the rows and rows of filing cabinets, scattering papers across the floor. The red Kacheek moved quickly among the cabinets, eyes moving like quicksilver, rifling through every file. It was dark and lonely in the records room but Carina didn't care. Miles' life was in danger. Then she found it. Carefully she laid the file on a small desk in the corner of the room and switched on the small lamp that hung above it. The brown, nondescript file was illuminated by the glow of the lamp and Carina flipped it open before reading its contents.

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Several Kacheeks have gone missing these past few weeks. The police and Defenders of Neopia are currently investigating these latest reports and warn every Kacheek in Neopia Central and it's surrounding territories to be on their guard against any unknown persons. Currently suspected is the Shadow Usul although officials have deemed this report to be inconsistent and unconfirmed. The following are the areas that are currently under investigation for the disappearances …

      The rest of the news clipping stated various locations and addresses across Neopia Central before continuing.

     … If anyone has any information about the whereabouts of the missing Kacheek then please contact the local authorities near you. -ANP (Associated Neopian Press)

     Next to the article was the edited version of the latest report that Carina had done previously. She pored over the report, trying to find any information about the Dark Faerie that kidnapped Miles but to no avail. Unfortunately, the report did not say anything about a Dark Faerie. Carina was stumped and disheartened. Leaning back in the wooden chair, she rubbed her temples and tried to think of where to go. She wanted to cry but now was not the time.

     Not now, Carina, she thought to herself. How am I going to find Miles? Frustration showed heavily on Carina's face as she rocked back and forth on the chair, balancing on its two back legs. Then Carina stopped rocking. She gave a small shriek and fell over on her back with a thump. Groaning and pulling herself quickly to her feet, Carina snatched up the file and threw its contents back haphazardly into its filing cabinet. Then she rushed out of the room, out of the building, a purposeful look on her face.

     It was about time she learned to fly.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

"Bah, useless spell."

     Miles watched with one eye as Mourindyn held a clawed hand over a small cut on her leg. His eyes widened at the unmistakable tingle and glow of a Restore spell. Slowly the cut sealed over and the skin mended and in no time there was no trace of any wound. Mourindyn smiled at her work and noticed that the Scorchio was staring at her out of the corner of his eye.

     "What are you staring at, Scorchio?" Mourindyn demanded. Miles opened both his eyes widely.

     "But … but that's a Light Faerie ability," Miles stammered in confusion. Mourindyn smirked and laughed. She went up closer to Miles and put her mouth near his ear.

     "You want to know why?" Mourindyn whispered dangerously. "I'll tell you since you can't hurt me. No one can," Mourindyn chuckled sardonically. "I can use both the spheres of Light and Dark and thus I am immune to anything. Light counters Dark and Dark counters Light. Nothing can touch me, not even you, foolish Scorchio." Then she grabbed Miles' head. "And if you think your friend can rescue you then you're a bigger fool than she is. Nothing in Neopia can harm me. I want to see your Kacheek friend try." Mourindyn threw back Miles' head and stalked off to one corner, muttering beneath her breath.

     Miles winced in pain from the shove and wiggled again into a more comfortable position. Worry was creeping over his face as he digested what Mourindyn had just told him. Carina won't stand a chance against her, Miles thought. Oh, I hope she can find a way to get me out of this mess. Miles then shut both his eyes. If he wanted to restore his energy then he needed to get some sleep. Maybe then he could free himself. Just maybe.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Carina breathed a sigh of relief as her two paws landed on solid cloud, the Flight spell ending just in time. Then she turned and gazed in awe at the magnificent palace before her. The light of the rising sun reflected off the grand structure, the multitude of towers gleaming a gold shade. Carina shook herself and proceeded to the front steps of the palace. Instead of going up to the guards, Carina took a left turn and, from the rumours she had heard, went in the direction of Fyora's hidden tower.

     Moments later she was ascending the invisible steps to the tower. Carina was not particularly scared of heights but climbing up glasslike stairs hundreds of yards off the ground would be scary to anyone. Finally she reached the top of the stairs and felt for the door handle. She found it, twisted it and opened the door to the tower, stumbling inside for fear of falling down.

     Then Carina found herself looking at a pair of dainty feet. Quickly she jumped up and muttered her apologies.

     "Sorry Fyora, I didn't mean to barge in but …" Carina stopped in midsentence, her mouth agape. Fyora looked benignly down at the little Kacheek before and smiled.

     "Is there anything wrong, my child?" Fyora asked kindly. Carina was stunned for a moment before noticing her mouth was open.

     "It's nothing. I'm sorry, Your Highness, but you reminded me of someone else," Carina mumbled apologetically. Fyora waved a hand and laughed politely.

     "That is fine, young Kacheek. Now," Fyora said all businesslike, "what can I do for you this fine morning?"

     "This morning is anything but fine for me, Your Highness," Carina began sadly. Without any prompting, she began to spill out her story about Miles and the Dark Faerie and about Miles' abduction. She deleted mention of her pen for the moment.

     "So you wish for me to give you information regarding the Dark Faerie?" Fyora replied gravely. "Is the Brain Tree not capable of giving the same information?" Carina shook her head.

     "Well, I was thinking that since you were the Faerie Queen you would know who that faerie is?" said Carina hesitantly, taken aback by the reply. Fyora nodded curtly.

     "Very well. Please wait here." Fyora floated off somewhere while Carina looked at the various objects around her, not daring to touch anything. In a moment Fyora returned with a small crystal ball. Beckoning for Carina to come closer, Fyora set the orb down on a low table and waved her hands over it. A clouded image of a Dark Faerie appeared within the crystal's depths.

     "That's her!" Carina cried. Fyora nodded solemnly.

     "That would be Mourindyn Darkfeather, part of Jhudora's consort, or so it is said," Fyora said in a low, hush tone. "Mourindyn is a very powerful Dark Faerie, more so than Jhudora, but she does not know of it. Yet. You see Mourindyn has the strange power of belief. Anything she believes in would become the truth. She may be a Dark Faerie but she is disillusioned into believing she is a Light Faerie and thus has the powers of both, capable of controlling both spheres effortlessly. Yet she still sees herself as a mere lesser faerie and that is enough to keep her in check, for now.

     "Through my crystal ball I believe that Mourindyn is after your pen because she thinks she will become more powerful if she possesses it. With your pen Carina she 'believes' she can become the most powerful being in the world and if she does then not even I can stop her." Carina looked questioningly at Fyora.

     "How did you know about my pen?" she asked in astonishment.

     "Carina Vayle, I just assumed -" Fyora started but Carina recognized the tone of her voice when Fyora said her name. Recognition dawned on her.

     "Miss Fairy?" Carina asked in a tiny voice. Fyora sighed and put a hand on Carina's shoulder. It was all so familiar.

     "Yes it is I. I gave you the pen a long time ago to safeguard it against people like Mourindyn," Fyora began softly. "But now is not the time for questions. Something needs to be done about the rogue Mourindyn. Your friend is in danger and she will stop at nothing to take the artefact you now hold.

     "Carina I need you to hurry and rescue your friend and to make sure Mourindyn does not gain the pen. I believe that you can do it, Carina Vayle, you just need a little help."

     "You mean -" Carina began, a smile forming on her tired face.

     "Yes," Fyora smiled. "I know how you've kept your promises all these years and as a result I will allow you to use one artefact that I possess. But in return you must make sure the pen can no longer be used by anyone. Do you understand Carina?" Carina nodded in agreement, determination shining in her eyes. Fyora smiled warmly.

     "Now, what artefact do you think will be able to stand a chance against Mourindyn?" Fyora mused mainly to herself. Carina though hard for a moment before clapping her paws, a smile forming on her face.

     "I know just what to do, Your Highness," Carina said seriously. "Just leave it to me. Now, I need a …"

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

"About time to go … powers nearly replenished," Mourindyn mumbled beneath her breath. Miles fidgeted under his bonds and grew sick with worry over Carina, not to mention sick and tired of the incessant mumbling. It was getting cold in the dungeon and Miles was after all sitting on a stone floor.

     "Hey, could you turn up the heat around here or not?" Miles grumbled in the direction of Mourindyn. She ignored the yellow Scorchio and continued to crouch in her corner. Miles looked up to the ceiling and gritted his teeth.

     Carina, come on, where are you?

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

"According to the triangulation coordinates on the map it should be right about here," Carina said under her breath. She had landed quite smoothly on the ground again and was somewhat overjoyed to have solid ground beneath her paws again. Then all the joy faded into nothingness as she surveyed the dark, forbidding structure that now loomed before her. It looked like an old abandoned warehouse, which it was, though it didn't look like anyone had been using the warehouse at all since it was built. Carefully skirting around the various sharp and hazardous rubble that littered the area, Carina finally came upon a small door. She tried turning its handle. It opened easily enough but when Carina tried to push the door open it jammed.


     Steeling herself, Carina took a few steps back and rushed at the door. It banged open with a very loud sound and fell off its hinges on to the floor, bringing Carina and the bar that was in the way with it.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Mourindyn raised her head with a snap and let loose a guttural snarl. She glared at Miles, who was staring innocently surprised back at her, and leapt at him. Grabbing Miles by his restraints, Mourindyn hauled up the Scorchio by the back of his neck and flew up quickly but silently through a small hole in the ceiling.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Carina was just getting up from the floor when a pile of kindling in front of her burst apart, a dark shape zooming out of it. Like an evil, emancipated Darigan creature, Mourindyn hovered in the air, staring daggers into Carina and holding Miles up in the air by one wing. Miles could only stare fearfully ahead.

     "How nice of you to come to me?" Mourindyn sniggered. "How ever did you find me, little Kacheek?"

     "Simple, I didn't think those wings of yours could fly very far," Carina growled. "I just assumed you'd only search within a certain radius so I just pinpointed where you were by the locations of the other missing Kacheeks."

     "How perceptive," the Dark Faerie said sarcastically, eyes narrowing. "Now, hand over the artefact, Kacheek, and I'll let your friend go." Carina clenched her paws.

     "Let him go first Mourindyn!" Carina demanded. "Then I'll throw you the pen."

     "Do you think I'm dumb?" Mourindyn spat.

     "And do you think I can escape her without giving you the pen?" Carina snapped. Mourindyn growled at Carina's retort, knowing the logic behind her outburst. With one swift movement she threw Miles against a wall behind Carina. Miles hit the wall hard and slumped to the ground. Carina rushed over to him and quickly undid his bonds. Miles groaned and opened one eye painfully.

     "Don't do it Ca -"

     "Shh, get ready to jump when I say so," Carina whispered into Miles' ear. Miles nodded and winced again. Carina got up and glared at the sneering Dark Faerie with contempt.

     "I believe this is what you want," Carina said loudly at the floating figure. She threw the pen up and Mourindyn caught it in a flash. Mourindyn cackled softly and soon it rose into a full out laugh. Carina only smiled serenely. Miles looked incredulously at his friend. What does she think she's doing?! Mourindyn too noticed Carina's composure and immediately stopped laughing.

     "What are you so happy about, you stupid Kacheek," Mourindyn sneered. She held up the gold pen. "Don't you know I now possess the most powerful artefact Neopia has ever known?" Carina grinned and said two simple words.

     "Do you?"

     The Dark Faerie's eyes narrowed as she looked closer at pen in her hand. It was then that she noticed the pen's surface was rusted and pitted, completely unlike any magical artefact.

     "WHAT?!" Mourindyn bellowed, grasping the pen tightly in her clawed fingers. "YOU DARE TRICK ME WITH AN ILLUSION?!"

     "If it is an illusion then why is it still in your hand?" Carina said calmly. Mourindyn shook with rage. With a great shout she threw the 'illusion' in the air.

     "THERE IS NOTHING IN MY HAND! THIS PEN DOES NOT EXIST! I - what?!" Mourindyn stared at the ceiling, at the pen as it hung in mid-air. The pen's rusted surface cracked, exuded a bright gold glow that steadily became brighter and brighter. "WHAT IS THIS?" Mourindyn screamed just as the brilliant mote of light exploded into millions of tiny specks, sprinkling the floor all around with sparkles. Carina laughed at Mourindyn's twisted face.

     "O' Dark Mourindyn, you have just destroyed the real pen, the source of your power!" Carina shook with mirth. "You realise not everything is an illusion!"

     "You lie, Kacheek!" Mourindyn spat but she could sense the enormous amounts of spent magical energy dissipating around her. Her blood started boiling. "I'll kill you, Kacheek!"

     "No you won't," Carina said coldly, holding her paws behind her back. "For I know what makes you weak, Dark Faerie! Dark and Light may not harm you separately but Dark and Light together will! Behold, Mourindyn, your weakness!" A cold green glow appeared from Carina's back. She swiftly brought her hands forward and held up the Darklight Axe in her paws. Its bright glow, the bane of all dark creatures, spread throughout the warehouse and its intensity slightly blinded the Dark Faerie. And for once in her life Mourindyn felt fear.

     "It can't be," Mourindyn said weakly. "You're a female. You can't wield that blade -"

     "Oh I can't," Carina's voice lowered severely. "But he can. Miles, catch!"

     Mourindyn stared in amazement, her eyes following the path of the spinning axe. She was too preoccupied before and had failed to notice, but now she saw Miles to her left. Miles caught the axe with a swipe of his claw and held it up for a second, the green glow illuminating his face, and his sneer. Mourindyn barely registered Miles using a Haste spell before his yellow blur was next to her. She screamed in agony and surprise as the ghostly axe pierced her black heart. Miles leapt back like a flash of lightning, the axe in his hands slowly dimming, as Mourindyn's anguished scream echoed around the room, hairline cracks spreading over her ghastly form.

     With her last shriek echoing through the warehouse Mourindyn the Dark Faerie vanished in a cloud of green smoke with barely a whisper. The two Neopets stood stunned for a moment, watching as the last wisps of smoke scattered, listening to the lingering echoes of the Dark Faerie. Then they both looked at each other, both faces filled with surprise. Then Carina smiled weakly.

     "We did it, Miles," she said softly. Miles' mouth was still hanging open. Then he shook himself and stared at the weapon in his hand. No, not a weapon. Miles' mouth if possible dropped even further as he stared at the strange metal rod in his hand. Then he looked at Carina, who shrugged.

     "This isn't the Darklight Axe," Miles stated in a clipped tone. Carina nodded tiredly.

     "Yes, indeed that isn't the true Darklight Axe," Carina replied softly. "That rod is an artefact that creates an illusion of any weapon the wielder wishes."

     "But that means Mourindyn isn't -" Carina shook her head.

     "Mourindyn believed that that was the Darklight Axe. She believed in the illusion so much she actually thought it was real. Someone once said 'an illusion can kill if you believe in it hard enough' and that is what destroyed Mourindyn."

     "What about the gold pen?" Miles asked incredulously. Carina shrugged and leaned on the wall.

     "It's gone," Carina said matter-of-factly. "She disbelieved in it and believed it didn't exist and thus destroyed it."

     "How -"

     "I'll explain on the way, Miles," Carina said with a wave of her paw. Suddenly she stumbled and fell face first on the dusty floor. Carina groaned and struggled tiredly to get up. Then Miles' claw appeared in front of her. She smiled and took it. Miles helped Carina up and put her arm around his shoulder, supporting her to the door.

     "Come on, let's go home Carina," Miles said. Carina smiled weakly at Miles.

     "Thanks, friend." The two friends slowly made their way out of the door, leaving the warehouse behind them.

     For Carina though, she wasn't just leaving behind the pen but also all the bad memories that had dogged her for years. There was no past, only the present. And the future. For once in her life since 15 years ago Carina felt happiness, true happiness.

     High above the lands of Neopia Fyora the Faerie Queen leaned back in her winged armchair and smiled along with Carina.

The End

Author’s Note: So what do you think? Feel free to Neomail me with any comments or questions. Thanks too to appaloosa500 for helping review this series. See ya.

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