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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Storing, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Continuing Series > Mr. Fix-It, I Presume?: Part Four

Mr. Fix-It, I Presume?: Part Four

by appaloosa500

The Alien Aisha gal continued, saying all the words I'd known I'd have to hear sometime and hating the facts. "We would enjoy having you back in our ranks, Derek Sonix, though your mind could be in need of realignment. Nothing our scientists can't fix."

     "Oh, by Fyora's crown-" I began.

     "For Jierdana's sake, agent, you've even picked up their lingo!"

     For some horribly stupid reason, my fear was beginning to be overwhelmed by anger. Well, maybe not quite anger, but a definite annoyance. The idea of being returned to the Alien Aishas absolutely terrified me, but I was beginning to remember why I could never really fit in with them, regardless of trying. Maybe my blood was Alien (as some rather extensive and painful procedures had proved to my parents), but a Neopian viewpoint on things governed my personality, heart and mind.

     I burst against my will. "What part of 'I'm a Neopian now and won't work for you' do you not understand!?" I shouted.

     The Alien Aisha suddenly twitched her ears, noticing the sound that I'd been listening to for quite a while, that perhaps was the real reason for my sudden bravery.

     "Faerie racers!" she screeched. "Everyone get un-"

     *SMASH* Before she could even finish, a sky-blue cloud racer burst through the wall, closely followed by four similar racers in varying shades of the rainbow.

     As the faeries climbed off their racers, I smirked at the Electric Buzz. "Told ya I wouldn't work for you!" His eyes flickered back and forth as I continued. "I don't know how you originally came up with your idea or how you got my private information, but I'll bet anything you didn't know I'm on the Faerie Protection Program!"

     The Uber Fire Faerie, Head of the FPP, pulled out a piece of cardboard and folded it into a makeshift megaphone. "Turn around slowly with your paws/claws/feet/whatever in the air! Step away from the ray and allow DeSoni to come over here by me. Don't try anything or I and my sister faeries will be forced to take drastic measures to protect our charge."

     Unfortunately, but naturally, these sort of evil people don't give in as nice an' easy as we wish they would.

     Ms. Alien flipped around before I had even moved and kicked me viciously in the stomach, knocking the air straight out of my lungs. As I lay there gasping, Electric Buzz grabbed me around my middle and yanked a box out of his pocket.

     A hush fell over the faeries and myself as we noticed it wasn't just a box, but a small pyramid, an Aisha Myriad.

     "Now, DeSoni," began the Electric Buzz, waving the Myriad in my face. "You know what this thing does to faeries. You should, since you helped design the originals Fyora secreted away. Fix the ray, or your friends here lose their magic. A faerie without magic is as good a dead. A human with useless wings and no heart for anything."

     I couldn't even struggle. The faeries had done so much to help me get settled in Neopia Central.

     "Now DeSoni, or the faeries turn gray!" He threw me on the ground so hard I slid several feet towards the ray's console.

     I looked at the faeries, looking beautiful next to their racers in all their differing colors. I remembered Fyora, while prepping me for life in Neopia, telling me that even captivity in a bottle is preferable next to turning gray. And I couldn't risk it.

     Stiffly and angrily, I stood up and walked towards the ray itself, picking an octagonal shaped screwdriver off the console on the way. Ms. Alien stood behind me to make sure I didn't try anything, not that she knew enough to even be able to tell if she did. It was clear to me that she was nothing more than a simple ambassador.

     I dismantled the head of the ray and pulled it off. As the Alien gal carefully watched my every move, I reached in with my small right paw and pulled a large congealed glob of the magic-invincibility paint out. Next, I reconnected a few wires the glob had knocked lose. All the while, I was hatching a plan and only half paying attention to the operation that I could've done in my sleep.

     She held out a tube of sealant, which I took, handing her the odd-looking screwdriver and the glob, which she looked at disgustingly and put on the floor. Next, I carefully and painstakingly sealed the hole in the conversion chamber from which the paint had spilled. Taking the screwdriver back, I reassembled the head and got ready for action.

     "There," I said, turning toward the Buzz and his Myriad. "Happy now? Now put the Myriad down."

     "What, and let these creatures stop me? First we have to test the ray anyway. Princess? Can you get one of our minions for us?"

     She laughed wickedly. "Actually, I have a much better idea." She shoved me into the ray's path and smirked as I stumbled. "Let's just hope, for your sake, that you did this right." She slammed the go button before I could leap out of the way.

     A swirling, colorful beam shot out of the ray and hit me in the chest, slowly expanding to cover my whole body. It felt like the last time I had made a mistake and annoyed a Dark Faerie too much, and she had blasted me with some sort of energy-draining magic beam. Just as that time, I couldn't move a muscle. And this time there were no Water Faeries to step in with the antidote. Then the falling and the swirls abruptly ended and I knew what I had to do.

     "Excellent!" laughed Electric Buzz. While he and Ms. Alien were occupied cheering for themselves, I leaped at them. You already know that I knew nothing about fighting, but I was the distraction the faeries needed. And they couldn't accidentally hurt me either.

     All together, the faeries blasted the three of us, who were so entangled it wouldn't have been possible to pick and choose targets. I didn't feel anything but a warm wave and a slight prickle of my fur. It was over and I opened my eyes, expecting the worst.

     The Alien Aisha and the Electric Buzz were surprisingly not dead. I had to laugh as indignant croaks surrounded me. They'd been turned to Mortogs!

     As they angrily continued to fill the air with croaking, the Uber Fire Faerie came up to me. "It's not permanent. They'll be themselves to stand trial and living proof to Fyora that some Alien groups have broken the agreement code. But, DeSoni, about what they've done to you…"

     I shook my head sadly. "No, there's no way to remove or even counteract the magic-invincibility paint. I was with the team that designed the original formula."

     She looked down at me, then knelt so she didn't have to look quite so directly straight down. She put her hand on my shoulder and I took a deep breath.

     "You realize this makes you a danger to us faeries? You were a risk before, with your background and all, but now…? Some people would use you as a tool or shield, especially if they found out your past and unique talents, even for an Alien Aisha, as the Electric Buzz did."

     My earstalks drooped sadly in my face. "I-I was kinda hoping you could trust me enough… That's why I didn't fight it. I figured if I fixed it so it worked they would naturally test it on me, and what did happen would ensue. If I had fixed it so it would be forever damaged, I felt those two would hurt you gals, and they could've always found someone else with enough knowledge to fix the ray. I was just handily available and, they thought, vulnerable."

     I avoided the Fire Faerie's brown eyes, along with her surprised expression that I had thought that all out myself, and resigned myself to whatever would happen. I wouldn't cry, but all the fears I'd had before I first met with Fyora bubbled up. "Please don't make me leave…" I whispered.

     The Uber Fire Faerie fingered my ears, where I suppose the bruises were beginning to show through. " That stinkin' Buzz will pay for this!" she exclaimed furiously.

     My eyes popped up to her kind brown one's in shock, and I was just in time to see her motion a water Faerie over.

     The sweet mermaid-like faerie flew over and examined my earstalks. "Ouch," she commented and waved her hand absentmindedly over them. Nothing happened, except a slight glow lit over them for a second. She blushed. "Whoops."

     Thinking, she commented, "Well, that guck shouldn't have warped your insides," and magically created a Dewberry Reviver.

     She handed it to me and I smiled thanks as I popped the cork and drank the lot. In a few seconds my two tall ears were erect and perfectly yellow, and my disposition itself had turned an almost 180 degree turn for the better. I proudly felt my earstalks and smiled up at the faeries hopefully.

     "So I can keep my shop?"

     All the faeries, who had surrounded me as I healed, giggled cheerfully. "Of course!" chuckled the Uber Fire Faerie.

     Then she sobered up a bit, but still smiled happily. "But you are in a very dangerous situation, and we can't keep an eye on you 24/7. How do you fancy an owner?"

     I frowned. "I haven't done very well with humans. The last three you tried me on ended up, respectively, starving me, gambling away my store-savings, and pretending I didn't really exist-always talking about this place called earth."

     She smiled. "Oh, this one's different. She's a rights activist for Petpets, a science teacher at a local Neoschool, an inventor for the Space Station Space Faerie, and her hobbies include scientific experiments and reading."

     I groaned. "She sounds like a downright boring goody-goody. I mean, a teacher?"

     The faerie smirked mischievously. "Some people call her that. But she and her Neopet have done some specialized work for us and we know better. I've actually heard some rather rude dung-related comments come out of her mouth when she's stressed. Anyway, she's known for coping with unusual people very well."

     I lifted one of my pencil-thin eyebrows. "How?"

     "Well, for starters, her first and currently only Neopet is an investigator and advanced student at the Mystery Island Training School. When you get there you'll probably notice that Wocky leaving a lot. Curiously, one of her favorite hangouts is a club-bar, but that's a professional secret, so don't let on you know. Also, this owner's best friend is a total airhead-slacker, fun-loving teenage blonde. The blonde's got two cliché pets-a snobby Uni and a sweet Zafara-and one total klutz of a Shoyru that's an ex-gangster and known for positively drawing trouble of every possible kind."

     I blinked. "That, umm, doesn't sound like a calm, normal life…"

     "I thought you didn't want a calm, normal life."

     "I don't."

     "That's settled then. We'll tell your Scorchio friends for you."

     "Well, okay."

     The Uber-faerie laughed delightedly and added, "Her official name is appaloosa500, but she goes by Kay. She'll introduce you to the rest."

To be continued...

Author's Note: Yah, I know it could end here, but I couldn't just end it without telling you how DeSoni fits in with his new family, now could I? Please read the next part!

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