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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Hiding, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Continuing Series > The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part Two

The Rebellion of the Alien Aishas II: Part Two

by nindail

NEOPIA, SOMEWHERE IN NEOPIA'S ORBIT, 5:22 AM- "Sir? Sir!" Xelqued could hear a voice. "Wake up sir!" Xelqued double-took and opened his eyes. Norbekk just woke him from his slumber. "Sir, we're in Neopian Orbit. We have the coordinates where we need to place the Probes. We're in range for Probe 1."

     Xelqued wiped his eyes and said, "Right. Fire Probe 1." Higola tapped at her controls and picked up a microphone. "Bridge to Missile Pods, fire Probe 1." Higola shouted over the microphone. A slight rumble shook the ship and a small ball floated into Neopia's orbit.

      The same thing was with two other probes. In range, fire probe, rumble, ball floating. The ship raced on. Xelqued was just glad that this mission was half over. "Coordinates in range!"

     Kiglbrog shouted. "Roger that. Fire Probe… WHAT IS THAT THING???" Xelqued shouted as everyone on bridge looked into the window. Outside loomed a giant metal ball with a big "V" on it in red. It had six spikes around it and menacingly hung in orbit. Everyone on bridge looked at the giant metal object. "Do you think it'll attack us?" asked Jublgurp.

MEANWHILE, IN THE SPACE STATION- "What is THAT thing?" asked a small Blue Grundo. He pointed to his scanner, which showed a large, Flying Saucer-like object. A nearby Starry Grundo looked at his scanner. "Wow… Admiral, look at this!" shouted the Starry Grundo.

      A large Mutant Grundo walked up to the scanner. "What the… That's doesn't look like Sloth's OR the Neopian technology." The Blue Grundo looked up to the Admiral. "Orders sir?"

      "Shoot it down."

BACK AT THE FRIGATE- Everyone was sitting at the window, looking at the space station. "Higola… Get our shields up…" Xelqued said slowly as Higola rushed to the controls, tapped a few times, and instantly created an oval shield that surrounded the Frigate. "Okay.. Get back to your posts… and let's see if we can-" Xelqued was abruptly interrupted by a giant stream of light as a Laser shot from the space station. The shields shimmered as the shock rumbled the Frigate. He tapped on his seat controls and a large hologram appeared in the center of the bridge. The hologram read "Shield Power: 88%. Status: RECHARGING AT 2%/MIN".

      "HIGOLA!" Xelqued shouted as another laser struck the Frigate. "FIRE TEN STARFLARE MISSILES!" An extra rumble accompanied the shock of the laser as the streaks of light shot out of the Frigate and slammed right into the hull of the station. The explosion flared wildly as the bridge crew sighed, but yet again, was interrupted by yet another laser strike to the shield.

      Xelqued had enough. He looked at the shield power: 53%. Those lasers were beating up their shields, and fast. "Fire one D.E.W. Drop!" Xelqued shouted as the crew looked at him for a milli-second, then returned back to trying to survive. The ship rumbled as a stream of steam shot out of the ship. Ten seconds later, the Drop collided into the hull of the ship. The explosion was humongous as flames seared through a chunk of the station. Debris flew everywhere. The crew sighed once again, thinking this would be it. But they were wrong.

      There was a long minute of silence where neither Frigate nor Station fired. Then, Xelqued saw a gleam in the ship. A second later, he saw it: Missiles inbound. "Higola, scan those missiles!" He ordered as he waited ten seconds and then got his report "Looks like simple N.E.T. Missiles (N.E.T. stands for Nirglite Energy Torpedoes, but in Neopia, they'd be Neopium Energy Torpedoes.). Time until impact: thirty seconds." Slow, thought Xelqued. "Put in 20% power to the shields Jublgurp!" Xelqued yelled. He watched as instead of the Recharge rate being "2%/MIN", it rose to "10%/MIN". "Missiles inbound: will strike in ten seconds and take probably 20% of the shields," Higola shouted.

     Xelqued hopped back into his seat and yelled "Brace for impact!" as several missiles hit the shields, which rattled the ship. He looked at the shields: 36%. He was just about to mutter a curse when several beams struck the ship, taking down the entire shield. The ship rattled even more as a laser struck the hull. Xelqued began to panic.

     "Higola, charge Anti-Matter cannons and fire forty Starflare Missiles NOW! Randomize Coordinate Vector! Norbekk, charge the Hyperspace Drive! Jublgurp, put 30% into Hyperdrive Systems and 30% into shields, STAT! Evade as much as you can! Randomise vector 20837! Go!" Xelqued ordered as the ship strafed several times, avoiding some missiles and lasers, and taking damage from the weapons that didn't miss. Xelqued wondered why this steel brick hadn't fallen apart yet. He sat in the 'Hot Seat', which is the Captain's seat. The chair is called the Hot Seat due to the fact that the Captain has to give orders to the entire ship, and things can get 'hot' sometimes, as Lieutenants normally say.

     The Nova Blight shuttered again as a laser blast hit the hull. "Sir, the ship can't take too much! And the Hyperdrive and Shields are still not fully charged!" shouted Jublgurp. Xelqued had to agree, this was going to get too much. He tapped at his controls and brought up a new hologram, which read, "Hyperdrive Power: 80%" Almost there… Xelqued thought.. "We'll make-" Xelqued was just about to encourage his crew when a blast hit the ship. The hologram changed completely. Xelqued looked at it and almost screamed: "Hyperdrive Systems: NOT RESPONDING!" Everyone in the bridge looked at the hologram, and Xelqued could almost hear someone mutter a curse.

     "Well, we're done for…" muttered Glibrop. Nobody on the bridge could really disagree with him. Xelqued thought over the moments of his life, wondering how long until the Nova Blight will finally implode on itself and end this nightmare… Then it hit him… A perfect plan…

     "Jublgurp, change power to engines. Norbekk, how far can we push the main engines?" Xelqued asked.

     "Around, say 65% after all this damage, but only for ten minutes. We'd never leave the range," Norbekk replied.

     "Push it to 110%," Xelqued said. The bridge looked at him, puzzled. "Do it," Xelqued said. "Jublgurp, push 60% into Shields Kiglbrog, put us into a course through coordinated -31.67382, 667.2289"

     "But sir, if we leave it like this for over two minutes already, the ship's core will overload and explode!" Jublgurp protested.

     Kiglbrog interrupted, blurting out, "Sir, the coordinates you asked for are INSIDE the Station!"

     "Perfect," Xelqued replied. Everyone looked at him with an odd look. "I'm initiating Protocol Beta: We can't stand our ground and we need to abandon ship."

     Norbekk replied, "But sir, why push our power over the limit?"

     "Norbekk, we push the ship to 110%, overloading the core and getting it ready to burst. We evacuate and let the shields take the damage. Once the ship collides into the station, the shields will burst. The ship will collide and explode. The overloaded engines will just add to the fireworks.." Everyone looked at him, then smiled.

     Xelqued picked up his microphone and shouted over the ship "All crew, report to lifepods and evacuate! EVERYONE! Were abandoning the Blight. Good luck. Xelqued out." He put his microphone down and got up along with everyone else. "Let's move out!" he yelled.

     The ship stuttered as the Blight took another hit to her hull. Xelqued and everyone else rushed to the bottom of the ship, where two Escape Pods were sitting.

     [Escape Pods: There are two types of Escape Pods: Eggpods and Lifeboats. Frigates are equipped with Eggpods, while larger ships tend to use both, but Lifeboats more. Eggpods hold nine people each. They are very cramped, but tend to do smoother landings than Lifeboats. Lifeboats tend to be longer than Eggpods and seat ten people in passenger seats, one pilot, and three standing seats.]

     The entire crew wasted no time as they jumped into the small pods and strapped themselves in. The first pod to close it's doors was the pod that held four people. The next one was Xelqued's, which was completely full. Everyone held tight as the seals locked and Xelqued's "Launch" button lit up. He hit it and was the first pod to leave, followed closely by the second pod. Both pods exploded out of the doomed Frigate as it slammed into the station and debris shot out. Both pods were hit severely by the debris.

     Everyone in Xelqued's pod crossed their fingers or closed their eyes. Xelqued did neither as he needed to monitor the speed and when to be safe to ready the landing gears. The debris struck the pod, spinning it and damaging it. He held tightly to his straps. One of the crew was muttering while closing his eyes. Xelqued didn't blame him: Eggpods, although efficient, have been known to burn up in the atmosphere of planets if their course is even slightly changed.

     Xelqued watched his data display. He had another 10,000 feet before he could initiate landing procedure, and at 100 feet a second, it would be very soon. He watched as the number quickly shot to 5000, and he hit the "Landing Gear" button. He heard the landing gears open, but they didn't stop falling insanely fast. He looked on his display and read the bright red words "Parachute Systems: NOT RESPONDING!" Déjà vu all over again… thought Xelqued.

     Xelqued unstrapped himself from his seat and felt the true force of the plummeting pod. He jittered wildly as he grabbed the ceiling hatch and opened it. The parachute was right there, folded up. He pulled it out and looked at the hatch: jammed by a piece of debris. He flicked it off and was almost sucked out of the pod by the sudden amount of wind from the speed of descent as he let go of the parachute. The wind stopped as the parachute slowly drifted down their ship to the surface.

SEVERAL MINUTES LATER- "This ship is a WRECK!" Xelqued shouted in the morning light. He stood on the grassy plains of Neopia Central and looked at the two pods. It wouldn't be nice to call them 'Smoldering piles of burnt trash'. No. It would be an insult to the Smoldering piles of burnt trash out there.

     The ships were blackened by the rapid descent. The hulls were mangled and beaten. The escape pod that held four people was lucky to still be in one piece. The systems were failing in one, and the other system said that the entire ship was offline. The radar looked more like a mangled pie plate with a bent fork stuck in it than a radar. Jublgurp was fiddling with the radar that wasn't broken off and currently in orbit around Neopia.

     "No signal Captain. She won't even read anything within a mile of here," Jublgurp eventually said.

     Xelqued sighed and hit his head on the hull of the escape pod. It creaked loudly, and collapsed into a pile of wreckage and smoldering pieces. Pieces of debris hit the second pod and it did the same. The crew groaned as they watched the last puffs of gas float away. But Xelqued noticed something: Norbekk's very loud grumbling wasn't there. He looked over his shoulder and saw him standing on a hill, looking at the sunset.

     "What is it Norbekk?" asked Xelqued.

     Norbekk waited a minuted before saying "Faeries…"

To be continued...

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