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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Sleeping, Yr 24
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Short Stories > Sisterly Love

Sisterly Love

by shimmering_aurora

Flipping through a copy of I'm Not Angry, a speckled Bruce sat quietly on a pebble bench not far from the Money Tree. He paused to wipe the raindrops off his spectacles and adjust his green and white bow before resuming his attempt to read the smearing ink. He supposed he should return to his Neolodge room, but he so enjoyed the cool air and quiet streets.

     While carefully pulling apart two wet pages, he heard voices nearby him. Tensing up, he waited for their owners to come into view. He flinched in disgust when a couple of bickering young pets in raincoats appeared and sat on the bench across from him. Have they nothing better to do than disturb my peace with their fighting?

     The smaller of the two, a blue Wocky, pulled the hood of her red raincoat over her ears and whined, "Why do we have to sit in the rain, Sakura? I hate getting wet!"

     "It's your fault they kicked us out of the catacombs, Magaxana." The Eyrie wiped the water off her beak with her green paw and pulled her black coat over her tail.

     "My fault? You're the one who spilled your spicy herbal tea all over the floor!"

     "Your tail knocked it out of my hands when you turned around to harass the people behind us, you Meekins. Besides, people spill stuff all the time. It was your singing 'The Mootix Go Marching' at the top of your lungs that made everybody mad."

     "There is nothing wrong with singing!"

     "…Unless the singer has your voice."

     "I sing better than you. The Mootix go marching one by one, hurrah! Hurrah! The Mootix…"

     "Oh, be quiet! You're going to drive everyone within hearing distance insane."

     "There's nobody here except us; everyone else has enough sense to stay out of the rain. When I get home, I'm going to tell Shimmer that you were being mean to me."

     "That's a brilliant idea, genius. I'm sure she would love to hear what happened in the catacombs. Besides, a Bruce is sitting right there, on the other side of the path. You're being so obnoxiously loud he can probably hear you…"

     The Bruce still sat silently on the bench, his book resting in his flippers; however, he had yet to continue reading it since the pets' arrival. Instead he listened to their heated conversation with his head down, occasionally glancing up at the objects of his fascination. The rain had slowed down a bit but still kept falling.

     Magaxana's whining climbed in pitch, "Why are you always so mean to me?"

     Sakura snarled back, "You always start it! Every single time you start it, and I receive the blame."

     "That's not true. Remember that time we were picking vinberries, and you left me alone in the middle of the jungle?"

     "…Because you kept throwing them at me! Then you had the nerve to complain because I had more than you."

     "You didn't have to leave me all by myself. I was lost; I wandered around for hours."

     "You mean it took you fifteen minutes to leave the jungle, and you spent a couple of hours hanging out at the trading post and island marketplace. I know, Xana. I followed you."

     "You did? Still, that was not very nice of you. I was scared."

     "Which is why you kept singing that irritating 'The Mootix Go Marching' song?'"

     "It's not irritating. Everyone sings it. Sakura…'

     The Bruce chuckled softly and buried his feet into the soft mud beneath him. He knew he should avoid eavesdropping, but he had never heard the likes of such a conversation and wanted to continue listening. All he needed to do was to remain as inconspicuous as possible. With the two pet relentlessly arguing, he supposed doing so would be fairly easy.

     "Just stop, Xana," Sakura sighed as she stretched out her legs.

     Rolling her eyes, Magaxana sifted through her raincoat pocket and pulled out a chocolate bar. "Want some?"

     "What's wrong with it?"

     "Nothing. I just bought it today."

     "Sure, then."

     Magaxana unwrapped the bar and broke it down the middle. She handed Sakura the smaller piece; the two started munching on the treat.

     After swallowing a bite, Magaxana looked up at the sky. "It's nearly stopped raining."

     "Yeah, but I don't want to fly home until it stops completely."

     "I guess we're stuck here forever, then."

     "Okay, I'll wait until it slows down to a very fine drizzle. I hate wetting my feathers, though."

     "Maybe it will stop soon."

     "I don't know. I just want to go home and see my little Feroshi."

     "Your Snowbunny is perfectly all right without you. She's probably happy you aren't there."

     "This insult coming from a pet whose Snowbunny hides every time she comes trampling into the room."

     "Sajyrea is just shy. I do not scare her. You're just jealous because she's cuter than Feroshi."

     "What are you talking about? Feroshi is just as cute as Sajyrea, maybe more so."

     "Sajyrea has softer fur, prettier eyes, a pinker nose, longer ears, smaller paws…'

     "Xana, you're crazy! Half the time you can't even tell them apart and have to ask me which one is yours."

     "That's not true!"

     "Yes, it is. Remember that time you entered Sajyrea in the petpet spotlight contest and took Feroshi along with you instead?"

     "That was an honest mistake. I suffered from extreme nervousness. Besides, Feroshi lost the contest."

     "Yes; however, you told me the judges nearly picked her, but then you realized you had brought the wrong Snowbunny and left."

     "If Sajyrea were there, she would have won. She is the cuter of the two."

     "Even if that were true, which it is not, Feroshi is much better behaved than your obnoxious Snowbunny. That little brat is always chewing on the furniture, and you still haven't trained her to stop."

     "She looks so cute doing it!"

     "Just keep her out of my room."

     "Whatever. Look, it has stopped raining."

     "No, it has not. It has simply slowed to a light mist."

     "Will you fly now?"

     "Might as well."

     The Bruce pushed his spectacles back up his beak and looked down at his book, pretending to read it. He lamented the departure of the two, for as an only pet, he found himself unfamiliar with such interactions. He peaked as the Eyrie handed her raincoat to her sister and stretched out her wings.

     After allowing the Wocky to board her back, the Eyrie began to leave. However, in mid-takeoff, she paused. She turned around and started walking towards the Bruce. Flustered, he hastily attacked the mess of ink and paper before him. The Eyrie halted only a foot in front of him and assumed a melodramatically innocent voice,

     "Excuse me, sir. I was just wondering if you had ever considered hiring a reading tutor or taking some classes. Not to be rude or anything, but you've been on that same page the entire time we've been here."

     The Wocky stifled a chortle; a faint grin played along the edges of the Eyrie's beak. Before the Bruce could respond, the Eyrie flew away. A chiding voice floated down from the sky, "That was mean, Sakura. Just plain mean…"

     Hours later, the Bruce still sat quietly on the bench, wondering what it was like.

The End

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