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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 10th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Articles > Corporate Domination: The JCK Dilemna

Corporate Domination: The JCK Dilemna

by rambodike

NEODAQ - It seems that it’s been a while since we've seen the infamous JCK below 100. It’s been over the 500 mark for almost 3 months now, an unprecedented mark for a stock. While many shareholders have dumped their coveted shares of this NP cow, some desperate day traders still dawdle with its unstable chance for some quick NP, (maybe needed for a codestone, needed to pay for Training School) JCK's run dominating the Neodaq Index may soon be over.

For those who don't know, JCK stands for Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd., which is the dominant Neopet paintbrush business in Neopia. Neopian investors who invested in this stock long ago are now reaping the benefits of their decision, with JCK never going below 100 since the month of Storing last year! That seems so amazing because no one has ever held such a position for so long on the charts. To the casual observer, it may seem like a usual occurrence, but not for those who follow the Neodaq trends. It’s almost an anomaly.

JCK probably isn't highlighted as much for its work on Neopet Paintbrushes as it is for it's potent domination of the Neodaq Index. When you are painting your beloved Poogle with a vibrant Checkered Paintbrush, you have JCK to thank. On the contrary, when you are I was searching on the Shop Wizard for a nice Christmas Paintbrush for my Eyrie, a lot of refreshing set me back a pretty 80,000 NP! I thought, "Who is responsible for this travesty?"

Now I know. I can thank JCK.

But, I need not complain about the steep price for a paintbrush, because I think that, even in the summer, Christmas looks great on my Eyrie. (Especially in contrast to Red) Thanks to the extravagant tastes of the average Neopian, the paintbrush business is a big one. Big Prices. Big Demand. Big Share Price.

Can you really call wanting to make your pet look less boring and more cunning (unless you get a Plushie or Baby Paintbrush) extravagant though? Its all in the NP, my friends. It would less of a luxury if the average price of a Neopet Paintbrush was around 4000 NP.

Its not all about the stock that will go down in Neodaq history as the most profitable, (at least for a time) though. Its also about the cornering of the paintbrush market. JCK happens to be the only Paintbrush Company in Neopia meaning they handle Neopet Paintbrushes AND Petpet Paintbrushes. The sales are great, which bolstered JCK early in its publicly traded days, and the shareholders helped it along. Paintbrushes, being one of the most expensive and rare items in Neopia eschewing the Hidden Tower items, bring in much for JCK and Petpet Paintbrushes, not always being in existence, have helped even more. But, many people who buy paintbrushes and other items regularly are people who invest in Neopian companies heavily. After the bankruptcy of BOOM!, SSGS, and others, much hard-earned invested money was lost. Easy equation here: Less money from stocks = Less sales of paintbrushes. Easy, right? This is the first bad sign for JCK.

As always, hindsight is 20/20. While many lucky Neopians have bought and furnished entire Neohomes (probably with gold walls) with their earnings from this giant, many, such as me, have to settle for substantially smaller gains. The investor/corporate relationship may be as important as the company’s success with their merchandise. Since the stock went over 500 most of the thousands of shareholders sold everything they had of it and put it in the bank or behind training or what have you. This breaks the investor/corporate relationship, therefore taking what could possibly be BILLIONS of NP out of this company's coffers. The effects of this can certainly be catastrophic. . The company may maintain its price for a while, but it WILL fall as a result. Sometimes, it will tank and we'll lose it all together. Good example: SSGS.

The instability of a company with such a high share price and shareholders who are selling at an astronomical rate is inevitable. With the miracle of the stock rising to almost the 600 mark comes the consequence of its unsightly demise. The systematic decimation of Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd. may not seem exactly imminent, but it is going to happen.

Is this a sure-fire sign of the company falling down into the abyss to join the ill-fated BODA? Or, is it just a little drop, in which it may maintain (or you could say regain) the confidence of Neopian day traders? Only time will tell The company is bracing for a day in which the stock loses 200 NP a share. Many things could happen. If the acquisition of a new CEO in the company occurs, that may send them in a completely different direction than the one in which they are currently going. (It seems to be working pretty well) A scandal. Day traders growing intensely wary. The whole thing could go up in a BOOM! (Pun intended) JCK has dipped below 500 in this month of Relaxing. Just like that, the whole company could be brought to its knees and back into competition with its main competitor, Kacheek and Sons Landscaping, or KSON, which is currently trading at only 12 NP a share. They don’t play the paintbrush game, but are in the same category. That way the rivalry will be more even, and, as they say, may the better Neopian Company win!

Could this hard evidence and more flimsy theory be of the company falling down into the abyss to join the ill-fated BODA? Or, is it just a little drop, in which it may maintain (or you could say regain) the confidence of Neopian day traders? Only time will tell. And time is fickle.

So, in closing, two old sayings that seem to haunt lumbering giants everywhere (especially the latter):

"What goes up, must come down!” and “The bigger they are, the harder they fall”

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