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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 10th day of Eating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Articles > How To Tame Your Darigan Pet!

How To Tame Your Darigan Pet!

by tatiana17363

DARIGAN CITADEL - Of the millions of pet owners in Neopia, some were lucky enough to paint their pet Darigan. The brush is one good thing Darigan made, but it’s just plain expensive. No longer sold in the hidden tower, this sought after brush is worth more than a million neopoints. More than just pocket change, huh? Some of you new to Neopets wonder,” What’s a Darigan pet?” Darigan pets are usually purple with wings and claws. Not to mention sinister looking. They get a lot of attention because they’re not as common as the other paintbrush colors. Be especially careful in Meridell because of the two wars that happened in the past there. (Don’t make the peasants rowdy or they might start a riot.) Owners who paint their pet Darigan claim that their pet becomes violent and a bit rowdy after being painted, claiming that the brush’s evil gets inside their heads. Others claim that they no longer listen to their owners and seek solitude in the shadows, only coming out to eat. But those were just stories, but I found out that it was quite true.

One day, my blue eyrie, Griffie and I were walking around Neopia and all of a sudden, a beautiful faerie came to us. She wanted me to do a quest for her. I knew at once she was the water faerie and quickly did her quest. She thanked me kindly and said to visit her at the magical fountain where she lived. I got there and noticed the water was rainbow. My eyrie stepped into the water and he was turned into a Darigan eyrie. I was overjoyed and went back to Neopia. After a couple hours, Griffie was acting strangely. He concealed himself in dark places and acted aggressively to other neopets. I had to apologize to the owners and decided to have a word with my pet. He ignored me the whole time and refused to do what I say. It made me a bit angry. I then thought, “I could probably try to “tame” him to being a good eyrie”. After looking up info at the Neopia bookstore, I was ready. It took me a week or two, but in the end, my eyrie was a little angel.

You may know a few differences in your pet. (Other than its looks.) You may notice that your pet may have increased appetite. Make sure you feed him/her when hungry. Go to the health food shop. Places such as the chocolate factory should only be used as treats. Eating too much junk food results in weight gain. The smoothie shop is a must because it serves delicious, but healthy treats. But whatever you do, don’t bring your pet to the coffee shop. Too much sugar and caffeine will make your pet hyper. Your pet may also have mood swings. Sometimes its best to leave your pet be for a little while.

Below are steps to take to tame your Darigan pet. (Other than eyries too) There are also steps to keep him or her busy. But be warned, it takes hard work and a lot of patience. Taming your Darigan pets is more than a walk in Faerieland!


1.Try bribing. Buy treats from the bakery and the chocolate factory. Don’t bribe too much, or he/she will be spoiled. Bribing it into being a good pet. Award him/her if he/she does a good job.

2.Buy a nice sturdy chair and a sticky hand of your choice. These shall be used if your pet gets aggressive. Use these items to tame your pet, like you’re a lion tamer or something.

3.Time outs are effective. About 10 minutes.

4.Take walks with your pet. Walks are soothing and relaxing. I recommend Neopia. Anything but the Haunted Woods. Darigan pets like shadowy places. If your pet gets free, it’ll be hard to find him/her. Use a sturdy leash.

5.Play games with your pet. Games are fun! Games are for everyone!!

6.Soothing music. You know what they say, music soothes the beast.

7.Praise your pet when he/she is good.

8.Go shopping. It will get the Darigan thoughts out of its head. It’s also good to spend the day together.

9.If you have other pets, encourage it to play with them, but don’t let your Darigan pet roughhouse with them. Remember, they get a little rowdy.

10. Have your pet fight in the Battledome. Sooner or later his/her energy will run out. That’s a good time to give him/her a nap.

11.If your pet is really good, you can send him/her to a hotel to stay a couple nights. It will be a real treat!

12.Grooming items are great. My eyrie loves the kougra-scratching comb to brush his fur and the kougra soap and shampoo to take a bath. Lots of neopets like taking a bath.

13.Darigan pets love to fly! If your pet has wings, you can tell him/her to fly you to places. By doing things your pet likes, it will be good.

14.If things get out of hand, you can use the trusty water bottle. Sometimes neopets don’t like to get squirted. All it takes is one squirt and your Darigan pet will be forced to stop scratching your expensive couch in your neohome. (Or whatever else it is doing.)

15.It doesn’t hurt to give a spank every once in a while. But be careful!

16.Take a long hike up Terror Mountain. Another good way to tire your pet.

17.Go to the movies with your pet. Everyone loves going to the movies! Just make sure the movie does not have too much action in it.

18.Lots of pets love playing in cardboard boxes. Stop by the rubbish dump or something. It’s nice and dark in there, perfect for Darigan pets.

19.Swim at the beach at Mystery Island.

20.Visit Faerieland. It’s a really nice place.

And there you have it. I find these tips to be effective. In no time, your pet will be the angel it always was. Good luck on taming your pet!

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