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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Gathering, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Articles > 70 Ways to Annoy the Faerie Queen

70 Ways to Annoy the Faerie Queen

by super_star821

FAERIELAND - This is where you can look at the things that annoy the Faerie Queen. Sometimes she may burst your bubble, but here you can look on how to get back at her! These ideas are brand new and are very good. Remember, feel free to use any of these ideas.


1. Say, “Can I have a quest, can I have a quest, can I...”

2. Deny every other faerie quest you are given

3. Take a brick cheese and throw it at her

4. Start a petition that states, “JHUDORA FOR FAERIE QUEEN!”

5. Walk into the Faerie Food shop and steal all the red foods

6. Go to the Hidden Tower and beg her for an item

7. Draw a picture of her that says BIG FAT MEANIE on it and turn it into the Beauty Contest

8. Cry a lot near her

9. Steal the Snowball Machine from the Hidden Tower and blast them at her from Tyrannia

10. Eat a Faerie Queen Doll

11. Go up and start biting and punching the Hidden Tower

12. Buy a Blue Kau Morphing Potion and go and show it to her but “accidentally” spill it on her

13. Beg, beg, and did I forget, BEG!

14. Throw a rotten tomato at her

15. Reveal to everybody where the Hidden Tower is

16. Go to the Hidden Tower and keep clicking on items you cannot afford

17. Throw garbage all over the Hidden Tower lawn

18. For her birthday give her a dung item

19. Better yet, throw dung items at her

20. Gnaw on the Queen Faerie Doll’s head until it rips off and you create a new item in Neopia called the Ripped Queen Faerie Doll

21. When she kindly gives you a Faerie paintbrush, throw it at her and say you want a Rainbow paintbrush.

22. Throw an Easter Egg at her

23. Take a Mootix and put it down her shirt on April Fools Day (or any day actually)

24. Trap her in a Slorg Play Pen

25. Blindfold her on her birthday and make her Kiss a Mortog

26. Let the cute little 200m Peanut Dash Puppyblew bug her all day long

27. Get Spyro to set her on fire

28. Steal a Faerie Cloud Racer and race it around her head

29. Take a break from annoying her and eat a hotdog

30. Catch her singing in the shower

31. Laugh at her for no reason

32. Be a copycat and repeat things

33. Buy a really stupid thing then be a snot head and show it off

34. Pay Meuka a hotdog if he would go over and sneeze on her

35. Throw a hotdog at her

36. Use a magic wand and make the Turmaculous have wings then hijack the Turmaculous and make it land on the Queen

37. Eat a watermelon then spit the seeds at her

38. Throw Tombola junk at her

39. Sing the “I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerve…” song

40. Stick your tongue out at her

41. Break part of her staff

42. Throw a rock at her

43. Bribe the Paint Devil to steal a Baby paintbrush

44. Loiter around her house

45. Eat something and then stick your tongue out

46. Get a Baby Paintbrush, paint yourself, and then cry around her

47. Go up to her and bite her and run

48. Throw a Brown Snowball at her

49. Tell the Neopets Team to “restyle” her, as in give her a new look, not a good one either, HAHAHA!


51. Act like her

52. Dress up like her and walk around saying for innocent Neopians to get things for you or they will perish

53. Start a "Down with the Faerie Queen" guild and actually get people to join it

54. Laugh at her some more

55. Spill hot coffee on her

56. Throw a Gormball at her

57. Ask her for free stuff

58. Stick bugs in her hair and then pick them out then eat them

59. Bug her like it was your last day in Neopia

60. Go slap her for no reason

61. Ask all the other faeries for quests except her

62. Dump water on her head

63. Say, "Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please..." over and over again

64. Shout in her ear

65. Tell her she looks like a Mynci with a bad sense in style

66. Make "mooing" noises by her

67. Laugh at her just a tiny bit more

68. Call yourself the Faerie Queen

69. Follow her EVERYWHERE

70. Act like her biggest fan and then say "AS IF!"


I am not against the Queen but hey; it makes a funny article, huh? Feel free to neomails me with comments or questions. I have fun writing these articles, but it does take time. I am always working on things like this, so I would be honored if it made it into the Neopian Times! Thank you for reading it!*

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