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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Hunting, Yr 24
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Articles > 50 Things To Do With Dung

50 Things To Do With Dung

by flotsams_elephantes

TYRANNIA- If you came down here to Tyrannia and walked up to any Tyrannian citizen and asked him/her what dung was, they would probably tell you to follow them and they'd show you their dung furniture. Everyone in Tyrannia is familiar with dung and they have found numerous things to do with the stuff. Then what happens when you are tired of the same old dung stuff? The dung couch and the dung reclining chair get pretty boring after a while. Then what do you do with all that extra dung? That is why this article was made. Now you don't have to worry about all that dung laying around. So put everything down and read!

Before we continue, please note that some pets think that dung is very disgusting and gross. Therefore, I advise that you do not let them see your dung items. Maybe you should disguise your dung couch but do not let your pet know that it's dung!

#50. Hold a snowball fight and have dung balls prepared in advance. No one will know what hit them! Or at least not until they smell it.

#49. Invite all your neofriends over for a party! Make a dung cake and have dung party favors!

#48. Make a dung pit and jump in it. Then go to the Tyrannian Concert Hall for a free concert! None of the security guards will want to stop you

#47. When your aunt comes to visit put dung on your cheeks. Maybe then she won't want to pinch them

#46. Accept one of Illusen's quests. When she asks why you brought her dung, mold it into the shape of the object she asked for and say 'I didn't bring you dung, here's your deluxe pink toothbrush.' Then leave before she tests it out

#45. Throw it at your opponent in the battledome. They'll faint from the smell and you will be able to do anything to them and win the fight!

#44. When your pen runs out of ink, fill it with dung instead. Your neofriends will love that!

#43. Put it over one of your teeth to make it look like you have a gold tooth. Or you might look like you didn't brush your teeth after that dung cream sandwich.

#42. Make a Fyora sculpture with the dung. Maybe Fyora will like it so much she'll trade you a hidden tower item for it! But I highly doubt that : )

#41. Instead of buying a neohome you can make a neohome! If you want your neohome to smell like you couldn't afford a toilet, that is.

#40. Bribe your pet to pretend to be addicted to dung. Have him roll around in it and drool. Maybe some writer will pay you to let them write an article about it!

#39. Feed it to your pets. They will most likely run rabid and when they do blame it on the dung. The Neopets Staff will therefore make dung illegal and you'll have it off your hands!

#38. If you do have dung on your hands wash it off in the dung sink. Then make a dung towel to dry your hands off!

#37. Instead of buying everything just make it out of dung! Nobody will know the difference. It's fool proof!

#36. Pile it up in your backyard until your neighbors complain. Then they will write a petition for everyone to sign to get you kicked out of the neighborhood. Then you won't have to worry about your neighbors' pets doing their business in your yard!

#35. Make a dung notebook and write an article about dung on it. When you send in to be published in the Neopian Times the Staff will think it's so creative that they will have to publish it!

#34. Make dung pants, a dung shirt and dung sunglasses. Then get your neopets to start a band with you. You can be called the Dungles! You'll be rich and you can pass out dung at all your concerts until it's all gone. Then fake a breakup so you don't have to get more dung to bring to the concerts.

#33. In the middle of the night bring your to your neighbor's house and hide it in their neohome. They'll find it in a couple days but by that time you will have moved away and changed your name!

#32. Put it all in your shop. People will be so amazed by how much dung you have that they will flock to your shop to buy it. Hey, the reason they're buying it is so you won't be the center of attention anymore!

#31. Buy an orchard, buy a stick and an old soggy box. Lay the box out flat and write Pik Yor Ohn on it. Hide all of your dung in the orchard and Neopians will think the sign says Pick Your Own so they will pay you to "pick their own" and all they will find is dung!

#30. When everyone asks why you only have dung in your orchard, send your rabid neopets to chase them away. They won't think of ever coming back again! If your pets aren't rabid, feed them dung, then they will be!

#29. Donate it all to the money tree.

#28. Make a guild that is dedicated to dung. Make the newbie packs dung and all the contest prizes dung. Whoever said that your pets are like the gift that keep on giving, they were right!

#27. Transform your orchard into a golf course. Use dung balls instead of golf balls and let everyone keep it after they are done with their game.

#26. Make a hat out of dung and let your pet wear it to neoschool. After a few days of wearing it all the other pets will want one too! You can sell them. That way you will be making neopoints and be getting rid of dung at the same time!

#25. Make an article on what to do with dung and use all of your tips!

#24. Find Neopians who sell dung in their shop. Neomail them and tell them that you can supply them with all their dung.

#23. Put all your pets on the liquids and jelly diet. There won't ever be a pile of dung again! Unless your pets sneak a piece of pizza

#22. Put it in a box and send it to some random neopian.

#21. Feed it to your rabid pets, they'll be hooked on it after the first bite!

#20. Feed it to your neighbors' pets. That way you can hire them to do things for you too!

#19. When your enemies go into the snowager throw some dung in after them. The snowager will wake up from the stench and they will attack your enemy! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!

#18. Mold it into the shape of a tooth. Hide it under your pillow. The tooth faerie will take it and leave you neopoints!

#17. When your pet's toys break, stick the broken pieces back together with dung!

#16. Stick it on the 10,000 neopoint triangle on the wheel of fortune. That way, when the spinner gets to that triangle the dung will make it stop and you will win 10,000 neopoints!

#15. Make award winning sculptures with your dung. People will pay you to sculpt your dung, your dung will be gone in no time!

#14. Fertilize your garden with dung

#13. Write a book on how tragic your life is. People will feel so sorry for you that they will offer to take away your dung!

#12. Trade all your dung for a different junk item.

#11. Just don't feed your pets! If nothing goes in, nothing comes out! (This tip is not recommended)

#10. When you take your pets to a concert take along dung to plug your ears. Your pet's musical taste is so hard to understand

#9. Make yarn out of your dung and knit socks with it. Give them to the poor and needy. Those socks will never wear out!

#8. When Judorah asks you to repaint her cloud for a quest, paint it with dung! Just find a good place to hide for the rest of your life if she doesn't like it.

#7. Paint your pets dung! You'll look like you're rich, when you really aren't!

#6. Have people pay you to paint their pets dung.

#5. Make a world famous dung food shop

#4. Give people dung for Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate. No one will be mean enough to return your gift!

#3. Make a dung plushie. No particular reason, it would be so cool though!

#2. Find a cure, using dung, for an un-cureable sickness. You'll be rich and famous because of your dung!

#1. Use all these tips to get rid of your dung!

Now you know what to do with that icky, smelly pile of dung that you have been stuck with. Now, go out and use these tips to get rid of it!

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