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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Collecting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Articles > A Petpet Encyclopedia (Volume A - E)

A Petpet Encyclopedia (Volume A - E)

by playmobil_is_my_life

PETPET SHOP– These little creatures help to keep your Neopet entertained and provide them with a life long buddy. Did you know that there are over 250 petpets in Neopia? That includes Aquatic, Desert, Faerie, Medieval, Neopian, Pirate, Robot, Spooky, Tyrannian and Wintery. This article lists every petpet from A-E that that existed in the Month of Relaxing and before:

Abominable Snowball Here’s a great friend, as long as you keep him in the freezer…

Acko This Tyrannian guy likes to rub up against you and purr.

Airax Another Tyrannian petpet that loves to fly and catch worms with its long beak.

Albat Here’s a medieval friend that has two large fake eyes on the top of its head. This is to confuse predators.

Alkenore This cute petpet resides in Faerieland.

Angelpuss Perhaps the most popular petpet? If your pet has one of these, it’s guaranteed to have a new best friend.

Anubis A desert petpet that will be loyal to you for the rest of your life.

Apis Another desert petpet. This one can carry small loads on its back.

Avabot This is the most ideal robot petpet. He never needs to be fed and has the ability to shoots lasers from his eyes when provoked.

Babaa This petpet is the mascot for the game Extreme Herder. (Don’t let Balthazar eat him)!

Babith Babiths are the cousins of Noils, but don’t let their looks fool you! They love to play tricks on you and your Neopet.

Baby Blu These Maraquan petpets resembled baby Blumaroos. But unlike Blumaroos, they are very mischievous!

Baby Fireball It’s said this little ball of flame was once part of the sun… this will be a great petpet, unless your Neopet tries to take him in the bathtub!

Baby Space Fungus Perhaps a small piece of a Giant Space Fungus broke loose and turned into a petpet? Quite possible!

Babyca These petpets can be a handful, despite their cuteness. They are curious and extremely fast.

Baraga What is a Baraga? This spooky petpet is sure to give your pet a scare!

Barbat Some say that Barbats were once Korbats, but transformed under a curse…

Bat Boy Half human, half Korbat.

Batterfly A bat with two sets of wings and butterfly’s feelers. A strange combination, no?

Bearog Run for your life! It’s a three-headed petpet! No, it’s just a Bearog.

Beekadoodle The Beekadoodle sings song all day.

Bilguss The pirate petpet, Bilguss, is always unhappy. Nobody knows how they got this way.

Bleamix Bleamix are yellow Maraquan petpets who will happily scuttle after its Neopet forever.

Bleepallite Wow, a robot petpet! This little guy is a built in satellite. Lost the picture on your TV set? Put Bleepallite on the roof for best results.

Blibble Blibble like to swim in the seas. They are very rare, and only the luckiest pirates can catch them.

Blooky How odd, a cross between a Triffin and an Angelpuss. You have to see this three-eyed creature for yourself.

Bloop Bloop is filled with ink. Don’t let him on your plush carpet!

Bloopy Try not to confuse Bloop with Bloopy. This neopet is always eating, and he will even try to steal your Neopet’s food if they aren’t looking.

Bluna Bluna was first sighted under the ice caps of Tyrannia. Don’t handle them too long or they’ll give you frostbite.

Blurtle Blurtles have washed up on the shore and they love to sun bathe. Having a hard shell and stumpy legs, they are slow moving, but they can carry a large amount of weight on their back.

Bogie These petpets look as if they are made from snot. (Maybe Meuka’s petpet?)

Boween Found in Faerieland, the Boween are chubby and cuddly—the perfect friend.

Bowla Bowlas are the same shape as a Bruce’s bow. They can squirt water up to ten feet.

Bubbles Bubbles sure does come in handy when you can’t find a ball for your neopet to play with. Just inflate Bubbles and he’s a petpet and a toy!

Bubblisaur Try not to confuse Bubblisaur with Bubbles. Bubblisaur can grow a few feet long as it gets older.

Buzzer A swarm of small petpets has pervaded through Neopia. A threat? Nope, just a bunch of Buzzers stretching their wings.

C430 Autobot This petpet would make a great petpet for a messy Neopet. They are ideal housekeepers.

Cadro Cadros are tall petpet with four arms—perfect for cleaning those corners on the ceiling, or getting your favorite candy that your owner tried to hide in that hard-to-reach spot.

Candy Vampire Yes, he looks like a piece of Candy Corn Classic, but he is NOT edible.

Candychan These peppermint-colored petpets look very Christmasy. They are ideal to use for the decoration on the top of your Christmas tree.

Carma Carma is the green Tyrannian petpet that can catch food with its sticky tongue.

Catamara Maraquan petpets, such as Catamara, are very shy. They swim to the surface only when they smell Negg Flakes, their favorite food.

Cheerlub Cheerlub is also a Maraquan petpet. They are fun and lively and screech when excited.

Chezzoom The Chezzoom can cheer up your Neopet when he’s sad.

Cirrus Groups of Cirrus can be seen if you simply look up on a cloudy day! These cloud-petpets come from Faerieland.

Clompkin Due to a large pumpkin atop their head, Clompkin’s have trouble finding their way around, even in the most familiar places.

Cobrall Cobralls can spit Negg juice up to 30 feet.

Combobot The Combobot is an all-in-one petpet. It can make food, do your homework, and protect you too!

Crabby Crabbies lurk in the rock caves in the sea. Be careful not to provoke one. Their claws are sharp!

Crabula A cousin to Crabby, Crabulas enjoy pinching Neopets and other petpets when they aren’t looking.

Crokabek These Pteri-like Medieval petpets can be found perched on the battlement of King Skarl’s castle.

Cubett How can you not love a little guy like Cubett. Unfortunately, they are very smart but they’ll love your Neopet forever.

Cyodrake Cyodrakes are the strongest petpets ever. Some are even stronger than some Neopets.

Deaver Deaver’s are the perfect eavesdroppers. They can hear conversations from up to a mile away!

Diddler Believe it or not, this robot petpet has a wide variety of games to provide hours of entertainment for your Neopet.

Doglefox This adorable little guy loves to dig for treasures, (when he’s not serving as 1 point in Extreme Herder).

Donksaur Tyrannian petpets like these require lots of attention. They also like dark places.

Drackobunny Some kind of cuddly Drackonack. Not really sure how this species evolved…

Drackonack The Drackonack has a rough appearance, but it can be quite sweet once it gets used to your Neopet.

Dribblet The one thing cool about Dribblets is that you can never loose one. They leave a trail of saliva behind them wherever they go.

Droolik They have Korbat-like wings but they can’t fly, a lean body, but can’t run very fast, so all they do is sit and stare at you.

Drugal These spooky petpets are covered in tufts of green hair. If you don’t brush them frequently, you will have a big tangly mess.

Dua A desert petpet that is always hungry.

Eelika Eelikas prefer the cooler water of the sea. They slither in and out of the sea grass, watching other creatures from afar.

Erisim This petpet is like a Cobrall with two thin arms. They make a lot of racket, especially at night when you’re sleeping.

Eustabee Eustabee used to be a beast, but the lab ray turned it into a cute petpet.

Author’s Note: Well, that concludes volume A-E. Look for volumes F-K, L-R and S-Z coming soon!

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