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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Collecting, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Articles > The Basics of Cave Making

The Basics of Cave Making

by mallrats_ecos

KRAWK ISLAND - Sure, you've tried to get into the Pirate Cave Spotlight, make a really difficult yet fun cave, but it never seams to work. Well, when you want to make a cave you might want to use this handy guide in the process. From the essentials to the finishing touches, once you read this you should be able to make one awesome cave!!!


Before you get started with your cave you have to know how to work the cave maker. Once you open the cave maker you will see a grid with a toolbar full of icons on the right side and below it a table. We'll get into the table in the next paragraph. First you need to know how to get the icons in the toolbar onto the grid. First click on the square on the grid where you want your icon to go. Then double click on the icon in the table and 'poof!' it's on the grid! You can click on one of the squares and drag over to make a large area and then click on the icon, creating a wall of terrain or something like that. Every cave must have a starting point and a door. The starting point is where Hannah will appear when you play your cave. The door, well you can guess what that is. You only need to put one icon that says door on your grid but it will show up in the game using four squares, so watch out for spacing! Anyway, now you can start working on your cave! Read on!!


When you first open the cave maker you see a large grid with a toolbar on the right and a table below. In the table you will see things like 'Terrain' and 'Water Color'. Choose your terrain (all terrains work the same, a certain type will NOT improve your cave's performance. Same with water color). When you submit your cave it automatically makes a border of terrain around your cave. So you don't have to worry about that. Be sure to name your cave, any name is alright. As long as there aren't any apostrophes. You can choose how wide or long your cave is by changing the numbers in the little boxes in the table. It is best to start with the size it is set on automatically and then make it larger as you need to.


Water can make your cave way more difficult but it can also get kind of annoying to make it work just right. In the toolbar on the right side of the page you will find icons of each thing like 'crate' or 'left arrow' etc. Scroll down and you will see the two water options (some of them don't quite work) Water Level and Water Start. Water Level creates a pool that you must swim through, and Water Start creates a flood. Water Start Should be placed somewhere either high up or down low, not in the middle. High Up creates a streak of water going through the cave, but it takes more time to flood the level than low down. With Water Level it gets slightly confusing. Position the Water Level Icon where you want the water to end (as in where the surface meets the water). Everything below that line is water. Terrain doesn't block out water so if you want your level to be half water and half dry, you must have the top half dry and the bottom half water.


Ah the enemies. The Ghost Gelert, Blue Pawkeet, the Mirgle, the classic Glowing Zombie, and that skull type thing. Some of them fly, some of them walk, but all of them are dangerous. The walkers: the Mirgle and the Glowing Zombie. If you place them in Mid-air they will fall down, so position them on something. They can't fall of platforms either. The Fliers: The Ghost Gelert, the Blue Pawkeet, and that skull type thing (works best in water). They will float wherever you put them. All of the enemies can surrvive in water, under boulders, anywhere that Hannah can't. Which really isn't fair. Oh well, they add a great challenge to any cave. If you use secret areas (later paragraph) the enemies can go through them. They can only fly-walk-swim left to right, not up and down or all over the place.


Use secret area in your cave and Hannah will walk through walls! When you use secret area and want to put things in it, you should keep this in mind. When you put an item of an arrow and you bash the arrow crate, the arrow will fly one space and then 'clunk' fall to the ground. So if you want your arrow to fly through a secret area, you will have to remove the secret area in the line where you want your arrow to fly. Secret area can be used to create entire sections, or just a sort of door in a wall. Enemies can get through though. If you use it as a section keep in mind that if you have to jump over something, you will go up one space and then fall down. Be careful! Secret area doors that let you into other sections of the cave are difficult for the player because you don't know where the door is! You just have to jump around and hope you find it! If the door is on the side of a wall, be sure you make the door three secret areas tall. That way when you jump, you can still get in. When it's on top of that section, it doesn't really matter!


What is a cave without some dynamite explosions? Or some arrow booby traps? Arrows and dynamite make caves way more challenging and fun. If you just want to place an arrow, just one, it doesn't matter how you do it. There is always some way around it. But if you want to do a booby trap, you have to work on positioning. Make it so all of the arrows heading one direction line up, and so on. A great way to use arrows is to brake a wall of dynamite by positioning your arrow so that when you bash it, it explodes the wall! Dynamite has two forms, wooden crate and metal crate. Wooden crates can be bashed just by touching them. Where as metal crates need to be hit by an arrow. So they are safe to walk across and such. A great trick is to hide on wooden crate in a line of metal crates so it is hard to tell at first glance that one of them is unstable. One touch and 'boom!!' The entire line explodes in a chain reaction! You can position dynamite anyway you want, because it mysteriously floats, like almost every other type of obstacle. There aren't many difficulties with arrows and dynamite, except for positioning. But they are sure fun in any cave.


Watch out for that boulder about to hit you in the head! Oh, don't fall on the spikes! Spikes and Boulders are two things that work together, like metal dynamite and arrows. Put a boulder in front of some spikes, and roll across them, making it safe to move. Spikes have to kinds, stalagmites and stalactites. One goes on the ceiling and the other on the floor. You'll figure out which one goes where. They can't go sideways. Only up and down. Spikes make any cave difficult since they prevent certain jumps from being done, and create a consequence for falling off platforms and things. They demolish if a boulder hits them, as do most things. Boulders are very interesting. They break anything but enemies. The only destruction device for them are arrows. If an arrow hits a boulder, it's gone. That is one fun thing to do. Create a mountain of boulders and make one wrong move, AVALANCHE!!!!! I did a whole cave made out of boulders, it felt like rock climbing! But anyway, boulders and spikes are two things that are dangerous but fun.


Treasure, platforms and crates are pretty self explanatory. You now know the basics of cavemaking!

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