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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Sleeping, Yr 24
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Short Stories > Terama: Thief Friends

Terama: Thief Friends

by articuno_neo

Authors Note: This is an sequel to The Sunshine Violin in Issue 109! You don’t have to read it, but you will understand some parts of the story better!


The shadow moved softly though the house looking for its target, Sunshine. Sunshine was lying on a wooden chair next to the bed of Terama. The Shadow picked it up, but accidentally knocked down a chair, which made a loud bang.

     Terama awakened and saw the Shadow.

     She immediately jumped out of her bed with her strong Zafara feet. Her striped hairs went up, threatening the shady figure.

     "Who are you!?" she shouted as she chased after the Shadow, which ran away.

     The two broke some glasses and pots filled with flowers and water, leaving a trail of sharp glass, water and flowers behind.

     The Shadow ran outside. Terama stood in the doorway, looking around. The shadow was gone in the darkness; she lost it... Terama breathed heavily from the chase, since it was impossible to find them in the night. Terama went inside and saw Lara putting on the lights. She was cleaning the floor.

     "Terama... What was that?" Lara asked, with an upset voice.

     "It... It was a thief..." Terama muttered. "And he took something..."

     Terama ran to the bedroom; she looked where Sunshine was supposed to be.

     She froze and turned white. Her Twisted Roses poster was ripped off the wall, a Snowager plushie and even Sunshine had been stolen. After the concert, this just had to happen...

     She stared angrily at the ground.

     "Terama, if you want to find your violin, we'll have to go search tomorrow," Lara said, while lifting the sad Zafara up. "The thief's clothing was black, so that won't work now..."

     "I'd write a letter to Senny and tell him about it..." Terama muttered, while sitting on a chair.

     "Terama... It’s midnight! Why don't we just get back to sleep?" Lara sighed and sat down on Terama's bed. "We'll go find Sunshine tomorrow, with the dawn."

     "I have to write this letter." Terama stared at Lara with puppy eyes. "Please?"

     "Okay..." Lara sighed, again. "But when you are finished you go to sleep, too!"

     Lara laid down in her bed, closing her eyes... not knowing what was going to happen. Terama finished the letter, but she didn't go to bed. Instead she put on her red cloak, took the keys for her Green Bike and raced off.

     She carefully looked around; she wanted to find Sunshine. Even if it was midnight. Terama raced trough Neopia Central, looking for clues to find the mysterious thief. Half an hour passed, but still no sign of the thief. Terama wanted to go home; she had to. Her legs were tired and she was freezing. The night was cold.

     Then she saw some moving bushes. Terama sneaked to the bush and then jumped through, only to find a band of Aisha Thieves.

     “Woah!” The smallest one jumped back and they all stared at Temara. They weren’t very big, smaller than Terama in fact. Terama was locked in. There was no way out. Size didn’t matter, the Aishas were a lot stronger and more agile then her.

     “What are you doing here, Zafara?” The largest Aisha walked in circles around Terama.

     The big Aisha was Spotted and he looked strong.

     “I want my violin back!” Terama looked around; she wasn’t ready to fight. Her bike was 6 meters away from here and the Aishas could just beat her up.

     “Is that so?” One of the middle-sized Aishas said. “If you really want it, you will have to work for us.”

     “What!?” Terama’s anger rose, but she knew she had no chance. She gave in and asked what she had to do; the smallest Aisha threw a black suit at Terama and she heard what she had to do.

     “You have to steal the Boom Box from that house over there,” The Aishas pointed at a small blue house. “ Our names are Naeki, Neko, Lite and Aiko.” The group pointed at themselves when they said their name.

     “I am the Leader,” Aiko said. “Now, Zafara, you are called Zaf in this mission.”

     Terama sighed; how could she be in this mess?

     “Don’t worry,” Neko stared at her with a smile. “We are professionals."

     Then the team walked off to the house. In the garden, Aiko gave instructions.

     “It may look small, ugly, boring and extraordinary but this is the home of one of the NeoNuts.” Aiko stared at the door. “If you get seen and identified… You can get caught…. And who knows?”

     Terama sighed but decided to just continue. It was a huge risk, but she wanted Sunshine.

     Naeki and Lite had to go inside first; they crawled over the grass while staying as low possible. Terama followed the two Aishas with her eyes. She then caught a glimpse of their color when the moonlight shined upon them – Naeki was Skunk, while Lite was Shadow.

     They noticed Terama’s stare in their back and turned around.

     Terama sighed as the Aishas continued until they reached an window. The Aishas made a amazingly high jump to the nearest window.

     “Why did you send that little Aisha inside?” Terama asked Aiko.

     “Naeki and Lite are the Anti-Trappers,” Aiko explained to Terama. “In a house, there may be traps to catch Thieves… Like petpets, or Robot Chias, or any of those.”

     “Oh, wow very nice…” Terama muttered. “Also a very nice name… Anti-Trappers…”

     “It’s not that bad.” Aiko smiled at Terama. “As soon as you get used to it.”

     Soon, an alarm was heard and Naeki and Lite jumped out of the building, using the window they had used to get in. Neko caught Naeki, Lite jumped after and landed on Neko with a thud, which resulted in launching Naeki up in the air.

     A piece of Neko’s suit was ripped open and you could see his color too.

     Terama pondered – the Aishas probably had stolen some Paintbrushes in order to paint themselves an camouflaging color. But Terama wasn’t too sure if this color would camouflage Neko. Neko was painted Pirate, although most of the Pirate stuff was covered by his Aisha Suit.

     “Get off!” Neko shouted, while pushing Lite away. Lite stood up and ran away.

     “Run!” Aiko yelled and the team retreated. Lights went on in the house and Number Six was in the opening door, ready with a Red Frost Cannon.

     Terama gasped, she ran faster than she ever had. She didn’t want to be caught! Then she did something, something that wasn’t very smart… She turned around and approached Number Six, allowing the Aisha Thieves to escape.

     “So, you are the thief!” He stood eye to eye with Terama. “You, Aisha Thief!”

     Terama groaned and turned around to see if the Aishas were gone. Then she knew she had a bond with the Aisha Thieves. And that Number Six thought she was a Aisha instead of a Zafara, which came in very handy.

     “I am Zaf,” Terama said, trying to sound brave, but it came out as an high pitched squeak.. “And you will not get my friends.”

     Then, the same shadow she had seen before swiftly ran up to them and Terama got dragged away, away from Number Six. Terama looked back. Number Six was chasing them, but soon he disappeared from vision. Suddenly, Terama and one of the Aishas flew through the air and landed on the floor.

     “Are you okay?” Neko asked, looking at Terama.

     Terama looked around and saw where she was. A house, made out of wood.

     “Yeah, I’m fine…” Terama answered, but she wasn’t really listening to the Aishas.

     “Thank you for saving us…” Naeki said. “Here, take this!”

     Lite handed Terama her violin, Sunshine.

     “Why?” Terama asked. “I failed the mission!”

     “Zaf, you have rescued us, we reward you.” Aiko pushed the Violin into Terama’s hands. “Just take it you… Girl….”

     “Yeah! You go girl!” Neko put 2 thumbs up. “You are always welcome with the Aishafara Thieves!”

     They all laughed and had ended with a new friend. Then they heard a voice; it was Number Six.

     “Oh… Spooooooky!” Zaf whispered. After that Terama and the Aisha Thieves remained silent, until Number Six was gone.

     “Let's drink Neocola for this nice night!” Neko suggested. Everyone agreed and they partied almost the whole night.

     “You know, Zaf…” Lite smiled. “Every evening we are here, so visit us when you have time!” Lite smiled. “Or we’ll invite you.” He winked and chuckled to himself. ”We have to get you home now…”

     The Aishas waved goodbye. Lite brought Terama home.

     “Take this!” Lite offered her a box. “You will need it to get inside!”

     “Errr… Thanks I guess…” Terama replied shyly.

     “Good luck!” Terama waved to the Aisha and watched Lite run away.

     She had watched closely how the two Aisha Thieves had sneaked in the house. Now it was time for Terama to do that too. But how? She jumped, but she could never reach the window.

     Then she decided to take a peek in the box. It contained Zafara Springs.

     Terama smiled and tried to reach the window. Now she could jump 20 meters with ease. It took at least three more tries until Terama finally reached the window. She looked at the place of the scars, but ignored them. Terama pushed the window. It opened to her surprise.

     “Maybe Lara thought nobody could jump so high.” Terama giggled at the thought of seeing such a little Aisha jump twenty meters high.

     She snuck in, threw off her black suit. Terama then noticed the big “A” on the back of the suit. She hid it in the box and shoved it beneath her bed. She laid Sunshine down and she fell asleep.

     And Lara never noticed that she was gone. Or did she?

The End

Authors note: I would like to thank Fantasy_Scifi for helping me with this story ^_^ Thanks a lot!

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