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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Sleeping, Yr 24
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Short Stories > Young Faeries of Neopia: Fyora

Young Faeries of Neopia: Fyora

by cruzerchic123

It was a peaceful day in the sky high Faerieland. A peaceful, quiet day, where even the Fire and Dark Faeries settled in with peace. The Air Faeries fluttered peacefully in the midsummer breeze, and the laughter of young Faerie Children could be heard within the cloudy streets of Faerieland. The setting comes to a fine Faerie School, with a young Faerie scribbling away with a dazzling Air Faerie Pen, humming small little tunes of music and dance.

      But, this was no ordinary Faerie. She was a cute, petite one, perhaps an Air Faerie and a Light Faerie merged to form one? She had long lavender and Royal violet hair that flowed gracefully in the wind, completed with a small blue tiara that had been given to her at an early age. Her lovely thistle dress flowed in the wind, the ribbons around her arms wrapped firm but not quite tight, and a cheery smile adorned that perfect face of the little one. Pink translucent wings sprouted from her back and gave her agility and admiration.

      The other Faeries took her as a joke, though. They would laugh and stare at the faerie, mocking her when she came into sight. And everyday that young Faerie could never get away from them, desperately trying to hold back the tears that welled up her eyes when they would tease her endlessly.

      Perhaps the description of the little sprite had seemed so confusing to you. Surely this little teased child could have not been the Great Queen Faerie of Faerieland so long ago?


* * * * * * * *

"Fyora!" the Air Faerie Teacher snapped, causing young Fyora to jump up, startled. Unfurling her wings and staring wide-eyed at the teacher, she grinned.

      "Yes, Ms. Alina?" she replied, blinking her petite cut-amethyst eyes. She looked down at her desk. "Oh, oops," she murmured.

      "Yes, oops is right, young Faerie," Ms. Alina snapped. She snapped her fingers, and the pretty markings and ink pens that Fyora used vanished. "I want no more of this, Fyora!" the Air Faerie warned firmly. "You will have to learn things differently, instead of being so carefree and practice more magic! Really!"

      Fyora sighed. "But I never get to do anything I want," she uttered softly. "I already know all my magic, but they keep saying it's not enough." She stood up and headed out the door, preparing for the worst.

* * * * * * * *

"Oh, look," an Air Faerie called out. "Here comes Fyora, petite and so weird!"

      "Here comes Fyora! Here comes Fyora!" everyone chanted, then laughed as the Half-Light and Air Faerie stepped out.

      "Hey, Fyora, what's this?" a Fire Faerie sneered, plucking Fyora's crown off her head.

      Fyora whirled around and faced the Faerie with a startled look. "Give it back!" she commanded, reaching for the crown. The Faeries just laughed as an Earth Faerie pushed poor Fyora to the ground. She looked up, startled.

      "Hey, whaddaya wanna do with this thingy?" the Fire Faerie cackled, holding up the crown over Fyora's head.

      "Let me, Fuhnah!" an Air Faerie called. She whirled around in the Air with her wings spread out three times, then extended her hands towards the small crown.

      "Element Air, obey my command!" she chanted, sending a chilly gust of wind around her. Her blond hair fluttered everywhere as her hands sparkled. "Levitation! Levitation! Levitate that object in Fuhnah's hand!"

      Fuhnah let go of the small crown, which began to sparkle and glow. Suddenly it floated in midair, far from Fyora's reach, who was now wide-eyed with shock.

      "No!" she cried, but the Faeries pinned her down to the ground. A Dark Faerie stepped from the ground, and as a few Faeries backed away, she pointed a finger at the tiara. Fyora gasped.

      "Pure Darkness, surround! Send that puny thing to the ground!" Suddenly the crown stopped floating and hurled to the ground, smashing into tiny pieces.

      "Nice one, Maelstra!" the Air Faerie laughed. "Too bad for you, Fyora, Queen of the Broken Crowns!" And Fuhnah and the rest continued to tackle the Faerie with their insults.

      Fyora screamed and burst into tears. She dashed away from them, heading home, her wings beating like an Airax.

* * * * * * * *

"I hate them! I hate them all!" Fyora screamed as she kicked open her bedroom door. The tears that streamed down her face fell to her clenched fists. "Why me? Why not someone else, in the name of Thyora?!" She plopped down on her fluffy bed. There was a knock at her door.

      "Fyora? It's me, Cyan," the voice called. Fyora gritted her teeth. Sure, the calm and wise (also fun) Water Faerie tutor and foster sister would seem to help her, but Fyora was not in the mood right now. She sighed and plunked her face in her lace pillow. "Fyora?" the Faerie asked again before opening the door.

      "Go away," she muttered through the pillow filled with White Weewoo feathers.

      Cyan looked worriedly at her student. Fyora did so well in art, in magic and in math when Cyan tested her, so what could be wrong. "Fyora, please tell me why-"

      "I SAID GO AWAY!" Fyora screamed, looking up from her bed. Cyan stared. This was not like Fyora at all. Her hair was a complete mess, her eyes looked of those of a Darkness Faerie's, and her hands were balled up into glowing fists. Cyan managed to recover from shock as a pillow suddenly levitated and hit her in the face.

      "Look, Fyora," Cyan retorted, brushing her blue hair out of her face, "if someone has been picking on you again, why not just ignore them? Besides, they couldn't have done something that bad to hurt you."

      Cyan craned her neck to Fyora, who was staring coldly at her. "Fyora, what happened to that tiara you received from your Faerie grandmum ever since you first came into existence?" she questioned. Suddenly it dawned on the Water Faerie. "Oh, I get it now. They stole the tiara and broke it."

      "Calm down, my friend," Cyan said, managing to cast a water shield, preventing another levitating pillow from bombarding her in the face again. "Look, I can help you. Ever since I saw you, I couldn't help but take care of you. I know that your mom has vanished from existence, and that your Faerie grandmum has no time to be with you, but no matter what, Fyora, oh Fyora, I feel your pain. Just tell me what happened, like we were actually real sisters."

      Fyora suddenly burst into fresh tears, and through sobs told her about her whole story, how she felt, and what should she do. Cyan told her everything she knew, good advice, even some stories about her past. "Why, even the Water Faeries asked why I had blue hair and weird wings!" she recalled. "Almost like you, Fyora. But then 'weird' can also be 'unique', remember that now."

      "In fact, I have a special gift for you," Cyan said. She reached out and uttered a small spell. Suddenly a strange potion appeared in Fyora's hands, along with a Sword and a small apple that sparkled in the light. Fyora immediately questioned the strange and pretty items.

      "This," Cyan said, holding the purple potion, "is Slumberberry, the finest berry you could find in Faerieland. Only the strong minded can pick it, weak minded would fall asleep at the one whiff of the sweet fruit." She pointed inside the bottle. "This bottle contains the finest Slumberberry, and when opened can make anyone fall to the ground in a dream. See? You can even see little blue Z's in the purple liquid!"

      "Cool!" Fyora giggled. "What about this pretty apple?" she said, taking a bite. Her eyes lit up and a sparkle came to her eyes. "Mmm, what's this? Hey, wait! The apple returned to normal, Cyan! What happened!"

      "That is an Everlasting Apple," the Water Faerie said. "No matter how many bites you take out of this, even if you swallowed the whole thing, it would never disappear. It can also heal. And this," the Faerie said, holding the Sword, "is the Air Faerie's Sword. Only the greatest can wield this sword, and its hurricane power is astonishing! Fyora, do you know why I have given you these items? So you may be respected once more! With items like this, you will be famous, and never picked on! You will become rich and wealthy, young Fyora! And no one would pick on you ever!"

* * * * * * * *

"Hey, you guys, Fyora's here!" Fuhnah mocked. The Faeries turned to see little Fyora. She was dancing and singing a splendid song, her hair and her dress fluttering slightly in the breeze. Her new tiara had a soft glow, and a new sky blue choker embroidered her neck.

      "Cut it out, Fyora! You dance horribly!" the Air Faerie from before snapped.

      "Yeah, you should take dancing lessons!" Fuhnah sneered. Fyora ignored them and danced into Magic and Spells class.

      Inside the Earth Faerie teacher greeted them with a warm welcome. "Has anyone learned anything new today?" she asked. Suddenly she stopped and frowned. "Please be quiet like Flouds when I leave for a few moments," she said, and vanished in a puff of green smoke.

      "Hey, I know a good trick!" Maelstra cackled. She aimed a finger at Fyora, and suddenly Fyora fell down from her seat. Everyone laughed as Fyora stood up, her fists clenched.

      "I know one too," she retorted hastily. "Get lost!"

      "Oh, you're so mean, Fyora! Yeah, right!"

      Fyora finally lost her patience with them. "Enough!" she shrieked, and suddenly the floor turned from fluffy to Grey, then turned purple and black. Thunder boomed, and Faeries shrieked. "I will NOT have any of this happening to me anymore, you hear me?" she commanded. "If you do, I'll, I'll turn you into a Pile of Dung!"

      For a moment there was silence, except for the thunder that continued to boom from below. Finally Fuhnah spoke up, her voice jittery.

      "H-h-how in Neopia did you do that?" she stammered.

      Fyora's eyes suddenly widened. "I don't know!" she said, nervous. "I-I never tried anything like THAT in my life before! It's-it's really strange! I don't know why, though!"

      The Air Faerie spoke up. "Okay, this is getting a bit too weird," she retorted. "You, a little pathetic sprite, caused thunder and lightning?!"

      At that everyone dropped to the ground, laughing and shrieking like mad. Tears rolled down their cheeks as a bunch of whomps and hardeharhars filled the air. Fyora was steamed.

      Suddenly the Earth Faerie appeared again, but her pace was extremely pale. "F-Fyora," she stammered, "did you cause the storm?"

      "Me?" she squeaked.

      "Yes, uh, you. Your Faerie Grandmum wanted me to tell you something. She, erm, well, she told me that she needed to go soon."

      "What?" Soft tears welled up Fyora's violet eyes. "But what else?"

      "Well, she also kept the other thing a weird message. 'Thou Royal Throne have been passed upon thy young Faerie'. Do you know what it means, Fyora?"

      For a moment Fyora couldn't speak. The tears that filled her eyes vanished. Everyone stared at her, while deep silence hung in the Faerieland air. It was soon broken.

      Suddenly her face turned completely deadshot white. An earsplitting shriek filled the air and stayed there. "I'M THE NEXT FAERIE QUEEN?!?!?!?!?" she screeched loudly.

* * * * * * * *

After that moment, nobody had picked on her again. They were too surprised. She was famous for all she had done, especially when she banished the Darkest Faerie away. To this day, when she was discovered as Faerie Queen, she wasn't known anymore as Fyora, but her full name from now and forever is Fyora the Queen of Faeries.

      What had she done to those items when she found out the truth? She started a secret stash to place her items in, and has been collecting rare items since. Her life was devoted as Faerie Queen.

      But what had happened to the other Faeries? Fuhnah, Maelstra, the Air Faerie, an Earth Faerie and a Light Faerie had become her loyal friends, swearing never to hurt or mock her anymore, and to punish all those who would destroy her. They would help her get special rare items for the Queen. They were known as the Uber Faeries. Interesting to the fact that Queen Fyora could have banished them from Faerieland instead.

      And loyal Cyan? She became the Uber Water Faerie, of course. Eventually she became a Loyal Faerie guardian instead, and her child Nereid took over as Uber Water Faerie (you can also see her at the Healing Springs).

      So if you think of picking on some little helpless Neopet, think wisely: Are you sure this Neopet's future will be much more surprising than what you had in mind?


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