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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Sleeping, Yr 24
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Short Stories > Not Just Another Faerie Tale: Lightened

Not Just Another Faerie Tale: Lightened

by tennisblondie16

I sat miserably in the Faerie Academy, anticipating the time when I would be free from the clutches of Faria, my light Faerie teacher. She hates me; there is no other word for it. But it's not because of my flaws, for I have few. It is because I am everything she wants to be-pretty, popular, smart…well, in most classes. The one class I am failing is hers, my faerie language class.

     I am Hadaerea, the Light Faerie--one of the most popular faeries here at the Faerie Academy. As old as it may be, this school taught Fyora, the current faerie queen, which makes it quite admired. To be popular here, at one of the most famous faerie schools there is, is an honor. I pretty much am guaranteed a great job, for my schoolwork is fabulous; except for maybe my faerie language class. My mother teaches me night and day the old language, and I understand it perfectly. That is, until I get to Miss Faria's class (note, it's Miss, not Mrs.). She prefers to torture and torment me, and gets away with it because none of my friends are in that class.

     It is the advanced class, and last year my friends barely scraped a C+. I, of course, got an A, which is how I got here in the first place. Now I'm starting to dread being smart…

     "Rea, can you please state this sentence in faerie: 'I am an over-popular snob.'" I saw the smirk on her demented face; she was evil!

     "Yes, Miss Faria." I saw her beady black eyes glare at me as I said the sentence. No one but her dared to laugh when I had finished. They all knew who I was, and knew popular faeries have friends.

     "Why, Rea, I think the sentence does describe yourself, don't you think?" Miss Faria asked with a smile that showed her stained, yellow teeth.

     "My name is Hadaerea, if you please. And I just thought of the perfect sentence for you: 'I am a reject light faerie, '" I said in faerie language. The class roared in laughter. I saw faint color rush in Faria's cheeks now--I was in trouble. "Office, now. When you're done talking with Mrs. Felicity, stay in your dorm room," Faria said, fuming. I thought of dragging my feet on my way to the office, but thought better of it when I saw my best friend Vivica flying towards me.

* * * * *

Hadaerea opened her eyes and stretched. She saw Vivica, her roommate, still asleep. She closed the door to the bathroom behind her, and looked in the mirror. Her slightly glowing porcelain skin was soft, her long, golden hair smooth. It wasn't, however, shimmering like it always did, which meant she had to take a bath. She stripped off her 'I Love Light Faeries' pajamas, and slipped into the warm water. She sighed, for the water was so relaxing and calming.

      She started lathering up her special faerie shampoo (called 'Glow' and made by a famous light faerie, Sierra). When she was done, her hair glowed and shined a golden-yellow. If she moved her head ever so slightly, she saw her hair catch the light. She was looking at herself in the mirror when Vivica banged on the door.

      "Some faeries actually have to get to school early, you know." Hadaerea grinned as she walked out with a towel tied around her. "Sorry." She decided to wear her tight, yellow halter top with her matching yellow skirt. She strapped on her sparkly sandals that tied up around her leg, and combed her hair. She put some of it up in a hair clip, the rest just flowing down like a cascade of gold. Grabbing her backpack out from behind the chair, she put all the supplies she would need in her backpack.

      By the time she was fixing breakfast, Vivica was out of the shower and dressed. Hadaerea just gave her a look when Vivica turned out to be wearing her orange halter-top and skirt-at least she wasn't wearing sandals. Vivica was wearing her matching orange boots, with red fire at the bottom to show she was a fire faerie (and a little hot-headed, too). The two faeries ate in silence. Hadaerea, finishing first, cleaned up her mess, put her back pack on her shoulder and walked out the door.

      When she got to school-with Vivica five steps behind her-the faeries weren't in their classes, but scattered throughout the hallway, chattering nervously and anxiously. A group of faeries, probably around six, immediately ran up to Hadaerea and Vivica. "Did you hear?"

      "Oh my gosh, its so horrible!"

      "I can't believe this is happening!"

      "What are we going to do?"

      "Pirates! Can u believe it; pirates!" Hadaerea raised her eyebrows. "Please, one at a time! What is going on here?"

      Tilly spoke up first. "Well, you know how pirates over the years have tried to conquer this academy (it was on the ground near Meridell)? Yet they've never made it because Fyora has this whole place guarded with powerful spells? The pirates have found a way to get past the barrier and southern gate, which is the side directly next to us! Already they have kidnapped twenty faeries and put them in bottles to sell. They mean to capture every faerie and take all of our goods!"

      Hadaerea gasped. "How did they get past the barrier? And where are they right now?"

      "We still have to figure out how they got past, but we know where they are, despite their invisibility spells. They are directly outside our gate…they got past the barrier, and remain at the gates. Faeries are sending spells at them, and doing all they can to make the gate unbreakable. But because they broke the barrier, all they have to do is get past the western, northern, and southern gates, and they've got control over this academy. They already got past the southern one. There is no school today, but we have to stay here at school since it is the safest place we have. There is no doubt, of course, that our faeries fending off the pirates will succeed. But I'm not so sure because it is rumored they have a new weapon. A strong one it is, and made with magic," Tilly informed them.

      "B-but, that means they have faeries working for them. Everyone knows pirates cannot do magic," Vivica stuttered.

      Tilly nodded gravely. At that same moment a large bangs went off. The building shook under the pressure, but held. There were screams outside the academy walls-faeries were flying in all directions. As the group of faeries looked outside a nearby window, they saw three black balls racing towards the structure. They were not bombs, however, for bombs were heavier. These soared over the high gates, and started to drop over the academy, when a light, air, fire, and earth faerie put their magic together, and sent them hurling back towards it's origin.

      An explosion came, with fire and smoke billowing towards the red sky; water sprayed up and around the ship, and it sank. Yells from the other pirate ships came, and although Hadaerea could not hear what they were yelling, knew it couldn't be good…and it wasn't. Nine of the little black balls came towards the academy this time-three from each ship. The faeries inside gasped and screamed. They held onto each other, thinking this was the end. The harmless-looking black balls seemed to take ages to curve over the high gate and descend; the faeries outside all raced on the roof of the academy, all nine balls coming. The air faeries put their magic together, and created a strong and powerful wind.

      It kept the balls in the air long enough for the fire faeries to shoot fire at them. The Earth Faeries called upon the vines from the garden, which wrapped themselves around the flaming balls. The Light Faeries sent a ball of light at the balls, sending them back over the academy gate. The Water Faeries appeared from under the water, and shot blasts of water at the flaming, vine-covered balls, aiming them at the ships. Three ships were hit, and had the same fate as the first one.

      Cheers came from within the school walls…they were saved. At least, until even more pirate ships came from a cove, with catapults ready. The black balls were coming again, but the faeries couldn't stop them. Using all the magic they had before, the balls came closer and closer to the school until they were some two hundred feet above it. Hadaerea's eyes widened in horror, and stood shaking. She didn't know what came over her, but she broke through the window, and flew herself to the roof.

      Everyone in the building held their breath-they were worried about the fate of their friend. A couple people followed suit, clasping hands with Hadaerea. Soon practically the whole school was outside, all of them intertwined with their magic. Hadaerea, sucking in all of their power, held a shimmering glow in her hands. She played with it, tossing it around lightly, until it grew. It was the shade of pure white-the faerie color of hope and togetherness.

      It seemed the pirates stood no chance. Before Hadaerea even hit the balls with the ever-growing spell, back up faeries rushed out to aide their comrades. They fought off the weapons. But as the pirates readied themselves for yet another attack, Hadaerea's ball of white light of magic and hope was sent towards the sea. The water faeries rushed to shore as it exploded, creating a huge, monstrous looking cyclone. Yells and screams of fright came from the ships as the cyclone crashed through each and every ship.

      Where the last and biggest ship had sunk, bubbles formed. A whirlwind of water raised a dark faerie from within the crimson waters. Dark magic glowed around her, her blacker than night hair rising upwards. With purple and black dragon wings, her pale complexion, and midnight colored dress, her black sandals that hiked up her legs with thin straps…this faerie was no ordinary faerie. It was the faerie queen of pirates, Xenia. A long time ago, the pirates had needed help, since they couldn't defeat faeries without a faerie of their own.

      At the time, Xenia was a power hungry faerie, and would do just about anything to be queen. She saw this as her perfect chance. So she made a deal with the pirates she would help them, and once they had signed the contract, took over the ship. No one stood up to her for she was one dangerous dark faerie. She called over some of her other faerie friends (It wasn't much, though, everyone detested her, and the ones who joined her did it out of fear) to help enslave the pirates, until they were under her complete control. Which is also why they attacked the Faerie Academy often-it wasn't their own choice.

      The other dark faeries who had sank, did not rise like Xenia. Her cackling laugh sent shivers down the faeries' spine. The water was unnaturally still, seeing that a cyclone had just gotten rid of numerous pirate ships, and Xenia had just risen out of the water on a whirlwind. It was still a crimson color, for the blood that had been spilled (the pirates had tried anything to get away from the cyclone, and they got hit with missing pieces of broken ships), and there seemed to be no form of life inside.

      The Water Faeries, afraid to go in the murky waters, stayed on the shore, watching Xenia in horror. Xenia still stood partially inside the whirlwind of red and blue, staring at Hadaerea. Hadaerea chose to meet her gaze; she was not afraid of this excuse for a faerie. "You are not afraid of me, child?" Xenia finally said.

      "And why should I be?" Hadaerea replied with an innocent look on her face. Tilly, who was a couple steps behind her groaned-apparently, Hadaerea was ready to get in a fight, for her choice of words were not exactly smart.

      "Why should you be afraid of me? You joke! Do you not know who I am? I consider it a personal insult if you do and say you do not fear me," Xenia said, glaring at Hadaerea. She thought for a moment, deciding whether or not she would be nice, then retorted, "Of course I know who you are! But I still do not see why I should be afraid of you. You're just a disgraceful, psychopath faerie who wants to take over the world. Show me something new, will you please?" Xenia shook with rage at these words.

      "You stupid Light Faerie! IF YOU DO NOT FEAR ME NOW, YOU WILL SOON!" Xenia flew out of her whirlwind and sent it spinning towards Hadaerea. Any faeries next to her backed away; showing Hadaerea she was all on her own on this one. But she didn't care. She closed her eyes and brought the white ball of light she had once wielded into her memory. She saw herself clearly maneuvering the pure glow, and concentrated so much on that one memory it came to her hands.

      She sent it at the whirlwind. At first, when it hit it, nothing happened. Everyone seemed to hold their breath as the two powerful spells combined, and exploded. Both Xenia and Hadaerea were knocked to their feet. Xenia, too weak to conjure up another spell, punched Hadaerea. But all she had to do was call the ball of white to her, and send it to Xenia. And when she did, it hit Xenia with so much force and intensity it turned the gray, cloudy skies to pure daytime. Sunlight streamed and burst through the clouds, until everything was filled with so much bright light. Xenia screamed, and fell into the waters, where it hissed. Xenia withered away into the crimson, acid waters, which turned back to it's right blue once she was gone. The ships dissolved, and the underwater creatures came back.

      Tilly yelled out in fright. All the faeries turned their eyes upon her. "What is it?" they demanded. Tilly pointed to Hadaerea. "She's dead!" At this, the faeries rushed to her aid. When they reached Hadaerea, her usually sparkling porcelain skin was dead white. Tilly put her arms around the dead Hadaerea, and cried. The friends of Hadaerea did the same, their tears running along Hadaerea's limp body. They almost dropped her when she suddenly opened her eyes. "Hadaerea! You're alive!" Her skin got back its usually wonderful glow, her hair glowing radiant once more.

      A bright, pure light grew around Hadaerea, and it lifted her to her feet. She smiled, and the faeries turned to look. There stood the magnificent Fyora, in all her glory. They gasped as she spoke-her words chimed beautifully.

      "Hadaerea, I allowed your friend's tears to save you for one reason--I want you to come join me with a quest--a quest to find a faerie queen. I only take the best faeries of pure hearts, which you proved to me when you conjured the ball of white. Will you accept my request?"

      "Of course, your majesty!" Hadaerea replied, bowing low. Cheers echoed throughout the campus; Hadaerea now had the chance of a lifetime. The two faeries flew off in the brilliant sunlight, with cheers still heard miles from the grounds. Hadaerea smiled at Fyora, who winked, and they entered the purple tower. Hadaerea knew this was just the beginning.

The End

Author's Note: I finished this story a while back, but I wasn't satisfied with it so I touched it up a little. Hope you like it! Feel free to Neomail me if you have any questions/comments!

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