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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Sleeping, Yr 24
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Short Stories > NeoCrunch Cereal Tour

NeoCrunch Cereal Tour

by gingerooo216

Michelle, the blue Aisha was very bored. She let out a yawn and finally found an idea. She watched as a big, green Blumaroo on the street with a pass to tour all of Neopia, including the moon as it hopped by. Michelle ran and went inside her giant NeoHome. She was so excited to find the offer on just the back of a NeoCrunch cereal box.

     “Five boxes? How can I eat that much NeoCrunch cereal?” Michelle asked herself. Her mother came in to see what she was doing. She noticed that Michelle was staring at the cereal box with wide, wide eyes. Michelle still didn’t know how it was possible to eat that much cereal. Then she realized that she could tear the tops right off the boxes. So that was what she did. Then she mailed the tops and waited on the porch.

     “Wait, it doesn’t come right away!” she remembered. Michelle went inside to occupy herself, but it was just way too hard to get her mind off the trip. She tried Usuki dolls, doing her makeup, everything. She just couldn’t stop thinking about the tour. It was only five days away, including the time for the mail to get sent and then come back. Finally Michelle finally remembered her love for Petpets, and ran straight to the Petpet shop just for fun. Of course, that worked. Petpets were her favorite thing in the world.

     She came home and sat in a big Kau Print Chair. Soon enough she heard the squish of the jelly door being knocked on. Michelle got up and answered it. And standing there was a red Shoyru taking his pet Puppyblew for a walk.

     “Do you want to help me, Michelle?” he asked. It was Jake, one of her best friends.

     Michelle replied, “Sure. I have nothing else to do.” So the two walked away and Michelle told Jake all about the trip. Then she noticed that there was a bakery nearby. Jake, Michelle, and the Puppyblew named Fred walked up to the bakery. Michelle enjoyed a Pink Sprinkle Doughnut. Jake decided on the same thing. Michelle spotted her best friend, Kate, a blue Acara and walked over, still eating the Pink Sprinkle doughnut.

     “Hi Kate,” she said with a mouthful of doughnut.

     “You could swallow now, Michelle,” commented Kate. Michelle apologized and sat down. She invited Jake to sit with them.

     “Guys, I’m going to tour all of Neopia, and I get to bring 2 friends. Each friend can bring the maximum of 1 guest, so Jake, bring Fred,” Michelle explained. Kate’s eyes glittered.

     “You mean we get to go to Faerieland? Oh, wow! I’ve never been there. I’ve always wanted to, though,” She was obviously excited. All Jake wanted to see was the Space Station and the moon. He was way into things about space. That was his only chance to actually see the place, so he agreed to come and bring Fred. A few days later Michelle received the response to her letter. She had to pack up and get ready because the trip would be more than three days long and started tomorrow!

     “Michelle! Time for dinner!” her mom called to her. She ran inside and opened the squishy jelly door quickly.

     “Guess what? I’m going on that trip tomorrow,” Michelle said calmly, containing as much excitement as she could. But she couldn’t handle it. How could one little Aisha hold in this much energy? She tried her best but instead she started jumping around screaming YAHOO!!! or HOORAY!!!

     “Shelly, that’s ENOUGH!” her mother demanded. Michelle quickly sat in her chair and stayed there for a long time, eating a Healthy Grass Hot Dog, because her mom was a strict vegetarian. Michelle, on the other hand, loved meat. Sometimes her friends would bring her food so she wouldn’t have to eat the icky food all the time. Michelle finished very quickly and although she did not like it, she did not want to comment this time. Just then there was a giant Spyder in her way.

     “Eew, a Spyder!” she screamed. Her Angelpuss, Angela, started scratching at her.

     “Come on, Angela,” Michelle said. “Let’s get away from this Spyder.” She picked up Angela and went straight up to her room in her NeoHome. Michelle decided to jump up and down. Another burst of energy from being excited came and went. After the burst of energy went away Michelle had to get ready to go to sleep. There was a big day tomorrow, and it had to be perfect!


The next day, Michelle quickly woke up and got dressed. She quickly brushed her hair. Then she did everything to look good, including makeup, and then went out to meet her friends. Fortunately, they were all on time for the tour. The small boat was not crowded at all, because there were only five others on it. The first stop was Meridell. The first thing they could see was, of course, the castle, but the girls were more interested in meeting Illusen for an interview, which they had brought a piece of paper with a pencil for. And then of course Jake ran off to the Darigan Citadel. And as Kate and Shelly walked in, there was Illusen, just sitting there. If they didn’t know any better, Kate and Michelle would say she looked… well, bored. As they walked in, Illusen asked them who they were.

     “I’m Kate, and I’m an Acara as you can see.

     “And I’m Michelle, or Shelly, an Aisha. I really looked forward to coming here to interview you. So, I was wondering if Kate and I could ask you a few questions,” Michelle said.

     “Well, alright,” Illusen agreed. Michelle and Kate were so excited! When they had their questions answered, it was time to go to the next destination. Michelle, Jake, Fred, and Kate all had to start walking again. It was fun visiting Terror Mountain, which was very, very cold, Tyrannia, which was just plain boring, and Krawk Island. The next destination was Faerieland. Kate loved it there. And she got to spin the Wheel of Excitement… only this time, for real. They watched the Poogles race each other, and #3, their favorite, ended up winning. That made Jake upset, because he liked Poogle #1. The girls gave a high-five and went to do something else. As they approached Jhudora’s cloud, it started to get darker and darker, considering she was a Dark Faerie. They didn’t want to go inside, but knew they had to for the interview.

     “What do YOU want?” asked Jhudora. Total silence filled the room. They hesitated. Before Kate opened her mouth, Jhudora yelled,

     “WELL?” then Kate opened her mouth and finally said what she needed to. So Jhudora calmed down somehow and answered the questions for the interview. Then it was time to go to the NEXT destination. It was not the Haunted Woods, because it was too late and since there were children on the trip they would have nightmares. Instead they went to the Lost Desert. It was very hot there. Jake played at the Fruit Machine while Kate played tug-o-war with Shelly. Jake, Shelly and Kate tried on some desert outfits and also remembered to buy one for Fred. Then Kate visited the Pottery store. All of it was too expensive to buy or too heavy to carry, so Osiri’s Pottery lost another customer. Kate suggested that they lowered the prices and made the pottery less heavy. That was how she got kicked out.

     Next, it was time to visit the Space Station. It was very fun, however, soon they had to get back on the small boat. Finally they all returned to their Neohomes and Michelle kept thinking about the wonderful time she had. The three friends would remember this day for the rest of their lives.

The End

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