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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Sleeping, Yr 24
The Neopian Times Week 146 > Short Stories > Danger: Fire Faerie in Training

Danger: Fire Faerie in Training

by precious_katuch14

This is the sequel to the story The Naughtiest Faerie found in issue 137.

It was a sunny day in Neopia. Many would flock to the beach on Mystery Island, spend a quiet time at home, or go on weird and wonderful adventures in diverse places. Just about everyone was having a great time…

      Everyone was enjoying the day except a certain Fire Faerie who needed the proper training in order to have the ability to bless pets.

      In the castle, three faeries sat on large, high-backed chairs, watching a young faerie’s attempt to boil a whole pot of water with only her powers. Raising her hands over her head, Farrah concentrated on making the liquid turn into gas, and rise up before her mentors’ eyes.

     Unfortunately, she only turned a small fraction into steam. The gas dissipated quickly in front of a flustered Fire Faerie and an almost-full pot of water.

     “Farrah, you may have proven to be a good, kind and brave faerie,” began the Faerie Queen, rising from the middle chair and holding a violet clipboard. “But unfortunately, your skills are not in good shape, and you are destined to guide pets everywhere by blessing them with abilities related to your element.”

     “Besides, what’s the fun of being a faerie without knowing how to control your element and anything else connected to it?” added the Uber Fire Faerie, also standing up with an orange notepad in her hand.

     Farrah threw up her hands in frustration. “I’ve been training for days on end, and I just can’t do it! I can’t be a proper spell faerie!”

     The last faerie stood up as well. “Farrah dear, you have the potential to be a wonderful faerie. Perhaps you need practice, and a little break. But we will trust you—do you promise to practice during your break whenever you can?”

     The young faerie nodded in affirmation. “Can’t someone help me?”

     “That’s a very good question,” said the third mysterious faerie, and put down her clipboard, which was covering her face. “Remember me, Farrah?”

     Farrah gazed intently at her, and gasped in awe, shock and excitement. She threw her arms around her third mentor. “Thank you, Liana!”


“Now, we have a few hours to practice. I know you want to take a rest from all those lessons, but if you want to be able to help pets everywhere, you’ll need every single skill we can teach you,” said Liana, scribbling furiously in a notepad. “If you please, get off the cloud so we can proceed…hang on, are you sleeping??”

     Liana shook her young companion. Farrah was dozing soundly on a small cloud just next to the Faerie Queen’s Castle. “Huh…what…have I passed the test yet?” Farrah mumbled as she rubbed her eyes.

     “Shall we begin your training, dear?” asked her mentor calmly. “Your first test is to make a smoke screen. And make sure I can’t see through it! The purpose of a smoke screen is for you to be able to escape your enemies. Go ahead, just try.”

     Farrah raised her hands and whispered some words under her breath. Then she waved her hands in the air—only to find that she only produced a tiny, transparent wisp of smoke.

     She flapped her arms again, producing only a handful of smoke. It wasn’t enough for a screen.

     “I can’t do it,” grumbled Farrah.

     “Don’t worry, these things just take time…we’ll proceed to something else for a while,” assured Liana.


Liana flipped through her notepad. “Let’s try something a little easier,” she said. “Oh, let’s see if you can make a Fiery Gaze. Go on, stare at me, and try to hypnotize me into doing your will.”

     Farrah concentrated…she squinted her eyes at Liana, desperately trying to hypnotize her. Unfortunately her efforts were futile.

     “No offense, but you have to work on that,” Liana said encouragingly. “You have to put me under your spell, not just stare at me without blinking.”

     “That hurt my eyes,” grumbled Farrah. “Can I take a break?”

     Liana nodded. “Besides, at this time, Fuhnah needs my help. I need to run—I mean, fly over to the volcano on Mystery Island,” she answered, and left Farrah on her cloud.


Back on the face of Neopia, a familiar nemesis was lurking about. “Good thing Jasper was able to rent a boat going to Mystery Island,” he whispered to himself. “I hear the faeries are having a meeting right now, and perhaps this’ll give me a chance to snatch more!” He laughed an evil laugh.

     Just above the villain’s hiding place, Liana was flying towards the volcano, where the meeting was to be held. She landed on the crater of the volcano—only to fall into another faerie trap.

     The evil villain reared his ugly head from the bushes. He gave Liana a smirking smile.

     “I remember you very well,” Balthazar snickered. “You escaped from me, but now, you shall escape no more and neither will your friends! He waited patiently, until more snaps and clicks were heard from within the volcano. The evil Lupe had rigged the volcano with heat-resistant traps, and he pulled them up, one by one. Every Fire Faerie had been caught.

     “Somebody help!!!” screamed Liana, as Balthazar boarded his boat and headed back to Neopia Central.

     Back on Farrah’s cloud, the young Fire Faerie was busy trying to create smoke screens and boil water from the pot in front of her. She made a smoke screen that was only slightly smaller than her head, and boiled only a quarter of the water.

     “This totally stinks,” she grumbled. “I wish Liana was still here to help…” Suddenly, the screams and yells of the faeries captured by Balthazar reached her ears. Farrah forgot about the upcoming test, and flew down in order to follow the notorious Lupe.

     “Here we go again," she muttered, trying not to lose the boat with the trapped Fire Faeries in it.

     Farrah tailed the boat as quietly as she could, and whenever Balthazar would look behind himself, she would immediately duck behind a nearby cloud. Soon, the boat had stopped at the harbor of Neopia Central. Humming a little tune, the Lupe made his way back to the hideout. The young faerie followed as well.

     Unfortunately, since the little hut was filled with so many traps that Balthazar often used in faerie hunting, Farrah accidentally triggered one—and caught the Lupe’s attention.

     “Another one? This is my lucky day!” He rushed at her with a net, ready to capture her.

     Farrah desperately tried to summon a smoke screen. She still only made tiny wisps of smoke that made Balthazar laugh as he advanced on her. Concentrating as hard as she could without getting a headache, she focused on making a larger smoke screen in order to let her slip away unseen.

     Much to Liana’s surprise, the young faerie finally conjured up a large smoke screen that made the faeries’ captor cough, and Farrah managed to escape. However, Balthazar waved the cloud away easily.

     “Nice try, puny faerie,” he growled. He lunged at her—only to get hit by one of Farrah’s fireballs.

     This time, the Lupe was hopping mad, and all the Fire Faeries were watching intently, especially Liana. “Farrah, be careful!” she yelled.

     The young faerie dodged every blow Balthazar aimed at her…but after a few moments, she was finally cornered. He tried to punch her, and accidentally hit the shelf over Farrah, which was holding a cup of water. She immediately looked up, and raised her hands. The water had been evaporated in a flash. Then Farrah slipped through his hind legs, flying towards the other Fire Faeries.

     “You pesky little faerie!” yelled Balthazar. He chased Farrah, attempting to catch her in his net.

     “I can’t watch,” whispered Liana, covering her eyes with her hands.

     “I think you can! Look at what she’s doing!” said Fuhnah, pointing at Farrah. Liana opened her eyes—and she was met with a spectacular sight.

     The villainous Lupe was standing there, wearing a blank stare. Farrah was hovering in front of him, using the Fiery Gaze.

     “Now,” she commanded, “you are in my power. Free the rest of the faeries, or else feel my wrath!” Balthazar did as he was told, still wearing the creepy stare. One by one, he let loose all of the faeries. “The deed is done, mistress,” he droned in a monotonous voice.

     “Thank you,” replied Farrah. “Come on, let’s get out of here!” The Fire Faeries need not be told twice. Every one of them—including Farrah—spread their wings and flew through an open window, Balthazar still staring blankly into space.


“You’re late for your test, Farrah,” scolded Fyora as Fuhnah, Liana and Farrah appeared before her later that afternoon. “But you should be lucky that I’m not angry with you. Now, are you ready for your test?”

     Fuhnah and Liana looked at the Faerie Queen skeptically. “She needs no test, Your Majesty. You see, we were captured by Balthazar during the meeting…”

     “He did?” asked Fyora. “But how did you all escape?”

     Liana and Fuhnah both pointed at Farrah. “When she was the only Fire Faerie left, she was able to practice on her powers, and use them for good at the same time! In fact, she was wonderful out there!” Liana declared.

     “I have seen it with my own eyes,” added Fuhnah. “She did a very outstanding job on her powers, and on saving us Fire Faeries there.”

     Fyora rubbed her chin thoughtfully. “Okay, then.” She made a cup of water appear before Farrah.

     “Boil all of the water, then produce a smoke screen before me, to make sure that you are ready to become a regular faerie,” the queen ordered.

     Farrah closed her eyes and concentrated on the water. After a moment of concentration, she finally succeeded in evaporating every single drop. Then she produced a large smoke screen before Fyora, shot a fireball through the window, and hypnotized Liana with her Fiery Gaze.

     The Faerie Queen’s jaw dropped. As Fuhnah shook Liana awake, Fyora declared, “I hereby declare you an official Fire Faerie capable of blessing pets all over the surface of Neopia!”

     Everyone cheered as Farrah received a small badge that was clipped onto her chest. “This is the happiest day of my life!” she squealed happily.

     And in the crowd, Liana was waving, a big smile upon her face.

The End

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